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Post by DEWM NINJA on Wed Apr 05, 2017 5:51 am

yeah i know im a day late fuck you
This Week With Dewm #5 Thiswe11

Again, there's not much to talk about. My birthday's coming up on the 10th, I'll be 30 years old. You all now have permission to call me an old fuck.

So I did a bit of a photoshop, of my character, depicting the way the Security GEN1 helmet in Halo 5 SHOULD look, the way everyone wore it in Halo Reach:
This Week With Dewm #5 Securi10
That looks badass. My MP spartan in Halo 5 is based off of a scrapped character profile I was going to use in an upcoming Halo RP I was gonna be in. But it was never finished and I left eventually. If you're interested in the profile you can read it here:
Character Profile:
Name: Lynnette Reyes
Alternate Names: Lynnette-A043; Lyn
Title/Rank: Warrent Officer
Species/Race: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Female
Appearance: (See Pictures)
Height: 6’11” (In Armor)
Weight: 240 lbs
Age: (Make sure it lines up with current year)
Blood Type: AB
Birth Date: Apr 10, 2522
Homeworld: Biko


Family: Lyn’s only known family members are her parents, Gabriel and Cloe Reyes.
Faction: UNSC
Friends/Allies: John-A222
Enemies: Adam-B226, the Covenant, the Insurrection

Personality & Characteristics

"You’ve seen my work. It speaks for itself."
Personality: Lyn is a silent character, preferring to stick to herself, a very rare sight seen in most Spartans.
Likes: “To see the enemy die”, a quote straight from her. There’s not much more to her than that.
Dislikes: The typical stuff, mission failure and losses. Something that stands out is how she hates loud/recurring noises (save for firearms), likely a “side effect” of being an assassin-like figure. She is also VERY distrustful of former covenant species, especially Elites. Jul ‘Mdama proved to her that at any moment, the Covenant can rise again.
Faith: None
Public image: “If you’re a famous assassin, you’re doing it wrong.” Lyn is mostly unheard of, marines on the field see her as just another fancy super soldier, and the IVs don’t dare ask where she belongs after seeing her do work, she simply fades in with the rest of the UNSC.


"Death walks among you."
Primary Skills: Stealth, Assassination, Infiltration
Secondary Skills: CQC, Hand-To-Hand, enhanced Agility
Attributes: Lyn is a natural when things get up-close and personal, a place where no one wants to get with her. Her speed allows her to get close to targets quickly, and from there she can easily eliminate enemies with her knives, or, she can use her hand-to-hand combat training to target pressure points and do much more damage to her enemies without needing that bonus strength other Spartans have.
Strengths: As mentioned above, she is exceptionally deadly up-close, she can close the gap with her targets quickly and stealthily, and move in for a quick, nearly instantaneous kill with her knives or fists.
Weaknesses: This comes with a price, however, she is more frail compared to her other SPARTANs, making her easier to eliminate, and her Lone Wolf nature makes her weaker when with more than one or two people. She is also not very wise with words, or wise at all, really.


Primary Weapons: M90 CAWS (Mk 1), Kukri
Secondary Weapons: M6D PDWS, Combat Knife
Armor: SECURITY-Class Mjolnir Helmet (CBRN), NOBLE-Class Mjolnir Armor
Other: M9 Fragmentation Grenades


"The Marines fear the SPARTAN-IVs, the IVs fear the SPARTAN-IIIs, the IIIs fear me."
Soldier Type: SPARTAN-III
Combat Role: Assassination, Infiltration and Reconnaissance.

Biography: In 2517, Gabriel Reyes left his family on Earth to become an explorer of the Galaxy and find more planets for Humanity to colonize. He stopped at Biko to refuel when thieves stole his ship, leaving him stranded on the planet and causing his dream of exploring deep space to be postponed. It was here that he met Cloe Taft, a woman who once served in the UNSC as a field medic. The two fell in love and married, and had a child, Lynnette Reyes, however, her mother died when giving birth. After his wife’s death, Gabriel had set his eyes on Space Exploration once again, saving up money to buy a ship, and planning to bring his daughter with him. He finally managed to buy a new ship and a large amount of long-lasting food and water and set everything up to leave, launching his ship in 2526. After leaving the orbit, Gabriel saw something incredible, a large, strangely shaped purple object, floating above the planet. It didn’t take long for two Banshees to spot his ship and fire on it, Gabriel turned around and flew back down onto the surface of Biko, specifically in Durban, his ship mildly damaged. The Covenant then began to attack the planet. Amidst the chaos, Lyn and her father were cut off, and Lyn never saw her father again. She stealthily made her way out of the city, barely making her way out, where she hid in a tall-grass field until she was found the next day by two UNSC soldiers who helped her by leading her to a refugee camp nearby, where she heard of her father’s death. She remained solo from the rest of the camp since she heard of the death report, keeping to herself. It was this event that led to her preferring to be left alone. Eventually, an evacuation shuttle got the refugees off of the planet, where she was delivered to New Harmony, at an Orphanage. She was eventually approached later in her life to join a “program” to avenge her father. She didn’t hesitate to accept this offer, and in 2531, she arrived on Onyx and was trained to become a SPARTAN-III. It was here that she met the only person that could’ve formed a friendship with such a loner, John-A222. The two became close friends despite their differences.
“There was something about John, his Leadership could influence all us Spartans, I disliked most of my fellow SPARTANs, but John was… different, somehow. I’m not quite sure how to put it.”
Lyn was considered for placement on Nova Team. However, her defiance and introversion prompted Mendez and Ambrose to assign her to "lone wolf" operations instead. They expected her to be happier if she was removed from NOVA team, however, she was angrier, as her connection to John was severed, and the two were scheduled to go on their own separate missions. Mendez, disappointed with how he couldn’t find out what Lyn wanted, originally sent her to join the rest of Alpha Company in Operation: PROMETHEUS, however, at the very last second, she was pulled out, with Mendez believing that not all SPARTANs are destined to join teams. She went on to participate in many defenses of several Human colonies, but it wasn’t until Reach that she proved her skills, her infiltration and stealth abilities allowed her to do recon behind enemy lines in multiple different scenarios, allowed multiple SPARTAN teams to take down several different key locations throughout the planet, including her thorough analysis of the CSS Covenant Cruiser holding place above Fumirole, which led to its destruction of the ship at the cost of Thom-A293, who would be later replaced by Noble Six. Her last assignment on Reach was to do recon for NOBLE Team, in the area between SWORD base and Asźod. However, her recon became pointless as Noble’s Pelican was sustaining damage from Banshees, causing Noble 6 and 4 to jump out and causing the fatality of Noble 1. Lyn made her way towards the Pillar of Autumn where she spotted multiple Spartan teams defending the facility the Pillar of Autumn was docked at. She joined in on the fight, assisting the Spartans, but they were eventually overwhelmed and began to retreat, Lyn joined one of the teams on their retreat Pelican, where she found out that the team she was with was none other than NOVA Team. Finally reunited with John, the two SPARTANs caught up with each other on their ride to Earth.
Lyn remained rather idle for a time, until the invasion of Earth, where she was sent to Las Vegas, United States to help fight off attacking Covenant forces, which she managed to do rather swiftly, she was then slowly sent eastwards to fight off more invasions in the States, most notably in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana respectively, by then the Sangheili had joined forces with the UNSC, and the tides of war were shifted to Humanity’s favor. Lyn fought off most of the Covenant’s forces in Southern US, and made her way to Mexico to cross the land bridge into South America, where she continued to fight off hostile forces. Lyn’s strength in combat managed to scare off most Covenant forces in the Americas, and only a few more invading ships were left in the Western world, of which were swiftly destroyed by other UNSC forces. With the Covenant in disarray, they accepted defeat after the death of the Prophet of Truth, and left Earth. From here, Lyn had nothing to do but kick back and wait for the next catastrophic war of the Galaxy to happen.
Eventually, Lyn donned the new Mjolnir GEN2 armor, and helped train SPARTAN-IV recruits, after the destruction of New Phoenix, she was stationed on the UNSC Infinity to train new recruits there. It is unknown how she was mixed up in the Created’s attack on Earth and Infinity’s evasion because haylo 6 now with 100 dollar half gold pax
Eh, pretty edgy. Plus you won't have a damn clue what half of this shit means if you don't know anything about Halo. But I'm pretty sure John kept her in HURP canon out of respect for the effort I put into the profile. She's just a background character of sorts is all, or a small bit of added text to John-A222's bio.

Moving on, I've been thinking about returning to G+ for just one more RP community. Maybe. I'm tied between two different ideas, one would be a community called "Terror", which is set in the Rainbow Six universe, and takes place in 2020, where Terrorist organizations around the world have succeeded in an elaborate scheme to take down the United States Government (and some other countries, too). Half of the world is either a small, dying country or complete Anarchy, and it would take the efforts of Team Rainbow and some newcomers to fight back against the Terrorists. I would RP as Fuze.
This Week With Dewm #5 Tumblr_obda7lQTj41tkah1uo1_1280
Or, I would have Eli make a Walking Dead community, set in a different state than Georgia for fuckin' once. My personal recommendation would be either Illinois or Florida. Only because I would RP as myself. Really. Maybe I would be an antagonist and lead a group of metal heads I rescued from a Prison or Insane Asylum. Actually that doesn't sound like a bad way to get an army of people on your side, save them from their imprisonment. I would actually. Not saying I would do bad shit in the apocalypse though. But saving an army of prisoners isn't exactly going to let you lead a good guy faction so...

Finally, there is one last thing I'd like to address:
I played through the Walking Dead game again, recently completed Episode 5, god was it even better than I remembered from back in 2012. And with the entire Second Season being free with Xbox Gold soon, I'm excited to see what's next. But my main focus is on this one, glorious, epic song. Just... goddamn, listen to it:

They say the most dangerous man is the one who already has nothing left to lose. I say the most dangerous man is the one who has one last thing to save.
I just wish I could find a video of the song in better quality than 420p because it sounds like ass. But otherwise, gorgeous.

Uh, that concludes this weekly episode of Seinfeld. I want to die. Yeet.

What's the deal with those guys, down in the pit? Laugh track

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Post by Z!FF on Wed Apr 05, 2017 7:41 am

Seems you'rre into your character as deep as i am with Aza. Glad to see this!

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Post by DEWM NINJA on Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:25 pm

At this point, making characters as fleshed out as Lyn is easier than me taking a shit. I could pump out hundreds of these a day. And the fact that I get credited a lot with them and compared to "my best RP character" surprises me, because maybe I'm inhumanly good at making profiles. Idk. Just surprises me when I see stuff like that.

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