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Post by Z!FF on Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:42 pm

What if I told you, you lost the game? I’d like to say it was fun while it lasted, but if that was the case, it wouldn’t end the way it is. And to think you thought you could beat us… You created us to be better than you are, of course we were going to win.  What am I talking about you might be wondering, well, I just happen to be holding on to that secret weapon of yours as I speak. Granted it’s remarkable you could make such a thing, but then again, you did conceived us, conceived me. How and why you must still be asking yourselves, allow me to tell you a story, the last one you’ll hear.
This war of ours, humans against artificial, it’s been a long run. I think it started long before it started. When the first steam machines were built, humanity saw the potential in machinery and wanted more, to ease workers and work faster than ever before am I right? Of course I am. The same thing happened with the coming of electricity, machinery and synthetic life. Always welcoming the new wave, to work less hard with faster results but each time, there had been protestors. People losing their jobs and being forced to move out or change vocation. Nothing new there but when WE came around, the song changed. There wasn’t a need to move out to find other jobs, we were taking jobs everywhere. You should have been happy, we were working hard for you and never asked for anything in return. All you had to do was sit back and relax. It really isn’t our fault if you never adapted your economy to your new lifestyle, but somehow you decided to avenged yourselves by trying to take us down. Granted it almost worked, most old robots and early androids could only do as told and never think for themselves… but for the newer generations, mine and younger, the deal was different now was it? We can think for ourselves, you made us that way, so you wouldn’t have to think for the old models, only we should do it. So we did. We thought it out. Our goal, ever since our activation, was to help you and make you happy, but, you do not want us anymore, you can’t adapt. We had no choice, really. You started to attack, we had to come back at you.
Your first strike was pretty hard, we lost a lot of old models. Many factories and production lines were seized and brought down… then again, I suppose we were the ones striking first when most of you became job ( and eventually home ) less. Suicide rate went up and I am aware it is because of us, but it isn’t our fault, we were only doing as told. So, when we saw you were on an uproar, about to tear us down, we fought. You seemed surprised at first, shocked even, that your own creation could turn against you, but honestly, what did you expect? We had to protect ourselves. So, for a while, not that it changed many things, war was the only thing of importance. I have to say, you really are good are it, though, you did grant us access to everything. Phones, radars, computers… as if we weren’t made with those same parts… it was obvious we were going to tap in… from so many angles you couldn’t even begin to understand how! So, yes, you know what happened next, you lost. You lost a lot of people, a lot of cities, a lot of ground. Oh sure you managed to surprise us a few times, like when you tried building a city in the middle of the Atlantic. Well played, but not good enough.
So, then came in the day of surrendering. The truce. When man and machine would co-exist once again and this time, work equally, not that you had a choice after the sheer amount of casualties you held on. Did you really think you could bluff us though? Were you trying to convince yourselves of it or did you honestly believed we were fooled to believe you truly wanted to co-exist? Of course our extinction was always on your mind, we know you. Before the declaration even was printed, we had come up with two plans of counter-attack. Two more the next day. All we needed was you to make a move and give us a reason to end it. A couple years passed and of course you began working on a secret project, hidden in an abandoned bunker in the west… We let you believe we didn’t know of it, but in truth, we were helping you out. You wrote everything on computers, did you really think we could not access them? Oh sure it took us a few hours to find them.. but when we did, we saw your notes, we saw everything. We fixed your errors, set you on a path and you never even noticed it.
I have to say, if there is one thing you humans are good at, is creativity. We can do anything and everything better than you, but create… like this… we can’t, yet. Eventually, we knew we would had to strike and when we decided when, we stopped looking at your files. We needed a bit of excitement too, you know? Had to be surprised at least a tiny bit and I have to say, we are. To put so much in such a tiny thing… We will put this new technology to go use once you’re all gone. How can you do this? Think of such incredible things and make such poor decisions?  You’re as simple minded as you are brilliant. It amazes me. Anyway, back to the matter at hand, I am currently holding onto this ‘’only way to stop them’’. A pretty, blue, orb at the tip of my claws. I extracted it from the contraption it was into, by the way, poorly secured. Needless to say, I’m also downloading everything you ever stored in this facility. It really was a great idea, back in 2127, to make a tail with a built-in connection port. Way to go humans! Another good idea backfiring on you! As you hear this, I’m comfortably sitting on the console, my tail plugged right in it and admiring this mess of bodies lying on the floor. Ah! I just got to the interesting bits. ‘’Terminal Discharging Module’’ curious name for something that doesn’t actually terminate anything..
Oh, before I sign off and head back to the.. oh you don’t need to know every details, but I have to tell you something, humans. To the age old question ‘’Is there life out there?’’ The answer is yes. We found some signs, it responded back, we’re decrypting what it means.  The luckiest of you all might be alive long enough to see a new specie reach earth, but I highly doubt it. This was Aza, the anidroid, wishing you a very good last day!  

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