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This Week With Dewm #6 Empty This Week With Dewm #6

Post by DEWM NINJA on Tue Apr 11, 2017 6:01 am

Dude I like NEED to dab right now. For the record that was a stupid joke. Me and my friend, Morgan, are taking the piss out of everything that was stupid and cringy last year.
This Week With Dewm #6 Thiswe11
Yesterday was my birthday. None of you showed up. How dare you.
But it was still pretty cool. Got some money from my girl. As a birthday present. Can't go wrong with that. Especially when it buys you R6S Elite armors.


Moving on, Vorcium is coming along, slowly but surely. We're passed the halfway point. I'd say there are about 4 main sections of the story to do before it's complete. Currently, it's at 11 pages, 7384 words and 40478 characters. If I were to give an estimate as to when it'd be finished and I'll release it, I'd say it's gonna release some time before the end of the month. Hopefully. Idk. I'm gonna try to get it finished by the end of the month is my point.


So I picked up  a number of Guitar Hero games today as well. Specifically 2, 3 and Metallica. What sucks, though, is that the Metallica game doesn't work without a USB Microphone, that's right, you NEED to sing the lyrics. And I don't feel like singing the lyrics. So fuck that game, I'll just turn it in for something else. Maybe I'll dab or something idk.

Nintendo Switch? That reminds me of a game me and my Uncle used to play. What you'd do is you'd put one of your index fingers in your mouth, and you put the other in your asshole. Then when he says go you switch fingers.

Finally, we've reached our last message of the day. Instead of any news, or updates, I'm going to give you a paragraph from the Vorcium book, free to read early. It's really early in the book but not the first part. So here you go:

Maximus woke up in his quarters. He was quick to slip into his armor, a hand-me-down set from his foster father. He grabbed his sword, sheathed it, and stepped out of his quarters, walking down a short hallway into a central room with a table in it. Mac, one of the other three High Generals of the Order of Knights was sitting lazily at the table. “Well look who’s finally up.” he said. “I had a rough night yesterday.” Maximus replied. “And by rough night you mean getting Seras to ‘polish your sword’?” Mac asked. “I have no clue who thought it was a good idea to make YOU of all people a High General.” Maximus angrily replied as he sat down at the table. “Where’s Yuri?” Maximus asked. “Well when he’s not burning things alive like the psychopath he is, he’s taking his sweet time in the bathroom.” Mac said, stressing the last part as he knocked on a nearby door. “I heard that!” Yuri said from behind the door. “You were supposed to.” Mac said. “When he gets out I’m gonna need an evaluation about how our war with the Demons is going.” Maximus said. Yuri pushed the door open and sat down. “I’m here now, alright?!” Yuri asked. “Good, let’s get this under way, have we finished counting fatalities from the battle last week at the Dawn’s River?” Maximus asked. “Yes, approximately 3,261 on the Demon’s side, and 3,211 on ours.” Mac said. “Fucking Christ.” Maximus said. “Most of our men were killed by that Hell Walker of theirs, the Dragon.” Yuri said. “Alright, do we have any reports on Demon movement anywhere in our territory?” Maximus asked. Yuri and Mac looked at each other. “Actually… Cliffburn is under siege now.” Mac said. Maximus bursted out of his chair and stood up. “What?! Then what the hell are we doing here let’s go!” Maximus said as he grabbed a rifle and pressed the button for the elevator. “I was going to go there myself but if I went there you would’ve woken up to realize that we left without you, and I wouldn’t dare try to wake you up after what happened last time. Also that elevator hardly works anymore, it’d be faster to take the stairs.” Mac said as he grabbed his pistol, Pinaka, and Yuri grabbed his Flamethrower. Maximus nodded at Mac and began rushing down sets of stairs. “Yuri, Demon soldiers are designed to withstand fire, if you’re joining us in the battle you’d best grab a different weapon.” Mac said. “I’ll never let my flamethrower go, as a matter of fact, I’ll stay here to prepare reinforcements if we need some, or to prepare against a Demon counterattack afterwards. It couldn’t hurt. I’m still heading to the bottom level with you, though.” Yuri said. After a lot of climbing down stairs, the three reached the bottom level, Mac and Maximus exited through the front door while Yuri walked up to a Knight, “Can we get a drone into the air to monitor the battle at Cliffburn?” Yuri asked the Knight. “Uh, yes sir, we can, it’ll take a while though.” The Knight responded. “Do it, now.”

So, I hope that was interesting. Those of you that read the second chapter of Vorcium from the RP comm pretty much know what this is pointing towards. The book will follow the community fairly faithfully, but will change some aspects I didn't like and add some more stuff. Such as non story-based RPs that still featured our main cast.
So, that' essentially it for now. I gotta go dab real quick so I'm gonna end this here. I seriously have to dab RIGHT NOW. I have to dab, I NEED TO DAB

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