Vorcium, Chapter 1: All or Nothing (First Half)

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Vorcium, Chapter 1: All or Nothing (First Half) Empty Vorcium, Chapter 1: All or Nothing (First Half)

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(Since the first chapter of Vorcium is too long to be contained in a single post, I had to split it up into two parts.)


In 2090, Humans had mastered advanced space flight, and set out to colonize the galaxy at a healthy, but quick pace. Many people made fortunes from discovering and colonizing planets for the unified Human Government, a Republic known as Solcomm. In 2103, Galactic Explorer Vittorio Vorcius found the planet that would be known as Vorcium, named after the great explorer himself. As the years went on, the nearby asteroid belt in Vorcium’s solar system meant the doom to many ships and even stations. Eventually, all of this space debris began to culminate around Vorcium, creating what is known as the Shield, which interrupted space travel to and from the planet, as well as radio transmissions. No one on the planet could call for help, and because of the incredibly rapid pace of Human expansion, no one outside of the planet knew what was wrong. As years passed, the people of the Planet realized that they could only help themselves, and so five large factions were established within the five main cities of Vorcium. First, was the Order of Technology, a group of geniuses and scientists who worked on keeping technological progress going, and focused on building high-tech evacuation ships as well as a sort of weapon that could vaporize the Shield. The second was the Order of Knights, a group of honorable warriors who were the main military force and kept the peace on the planet. Because of a huge lack of weapon manufacturers, the Knights did what they could, and cherished the idea of medieval combat, training their men with swords, spears, axes and other melee weapons, as well as giving them plated armor. The third was the Order of Demons, who worked with the Knights in keeping the peace by establishing a prison city to house the most dangerous criminals and oddities that could destroy Vorcium in any way. The fourth was the Order of Water, a faction that focused on building underwater cities to move most of the Vorcium citizens to, using artificial lighting technology to also supply the people with Vitamin D. The final group was the Order of Sand, a faction that helped the many remote civilizations that resided in dangerous environments such as deserts, jungles and tundras. As time passed and the Order of Technology began getting closer and closer, things began getting tense between the Order of Knights and the Order of Demons. The Order of Demons began to believe that their allies were useless, and that they should take the fate of Vorcium into their hands alone. They soon went dark, while trying to experiment with chemical weapons. Scouting parties by the Order of Knights vanished when they got too interested in what happened to the Demons. And from here, the story begins...

It was midnight, in a desert. An unknown figure packed a backpack full of survival supplies. Their clothing, a duster covered in sand, with a hood on, protected their identity. Even their face was blocked by a pair of goggles and a bandanna. The figure swung the backpack around after zipping it up, and walked up to a horse. They jumped onto the Horse’s back, shouting “Hyah!” as the horse began to gallop away. Nearby, a very small village sat, as a sandstorm began to gather outside of it. The person on the horse looked back once, shortly, before returning their focus frontwards.

Hours later, just as the sun began rising, the figure hopped off the horse, and dropped down onto the sand, sitting down. He pulled a can from out of his backpack, as well as a knife, and forcefully jabbed the can’s lid off, eating the contents with a broken plastic fork. He watched the sunrise, and that’s when his eye caught that of a lone figure, a silhouette, marching over the horizon. After closer inspection, there were actually two figures, one being mostly blocked by the other. One looked as though they were in heavy armor, while the other was slim, armorless. Likely a woman judging from the shape. The covered person quickly scooped up the rest of the contents into their mouth and put their bandanna back on, reaching into their backpack for a scope with no rifle. Using the scope as a sort of eyeglass, the covered person knew what was happening. Rape. The armored figure violated the woman for a short time, before the covered person stashed the scope away and jumped onto the horse, taking the backpack with him. He rode over to the scene to try and help, but that’s when he heard the distant blast of a gunshot, and the woman had fallen over. The armored figure looked around, spotting the covered person. The covered person knew he had only a pistol, with a couple rounds. He couldn’t go wasting them on someone who was both armored and likely prepared to be caught. So instead, the covered figure pulled at the horse, making it turn the other direction, and galloped away.

The man ironclad in armor watched that horse-riding figure turn. He sighed in relief, looking down at the woman he had killed. That’s when he spotted two more figures approaching. They were surprisingly close, and sprinting at him. They both wore the armor of Demons, and were armed with rifles. “You there! In the Knight’s Armor! Halt!” One of the Demons shouted. They soon got up close to the Knight and pointed their weapons at his head. One of the Demons saw the dead body on the ground. “Oh shit… It’s…” One of the Demons began. The other turned to his ally. “What? Who-... My god.” They both witnessed the violated corpse of of the leader of the Order of Demons’ bride. Lady Shalasaska. One of the Demons looked back up at the Knight. He was about to demand he get down on his knees with his hands up, but the last thing he saw was the end of a spear flying through his helmet’s visor and through his skull. The other Demon reacted quickly, opening fire on the knight, some pullets penetrated through the Knight’s armor, but it mostly dented. The slightly wounded knight whistled, and a large worm-like beast bursted out from beneath the sand, roaring. The Demon threw his rifle and ran in the other direction, trying to get away from the scene. Someone had to deliver the news to the Order of Demons.

The next day, the surviving Demon soldier had burst through the main door to Rikers, shouting that he needs to speak to Adamska, the leader of the Order of Demons. Two other Demon soldiers walked up to the new arrival, asking for his name. “Gallus.” He replied. The two other Demons nodded at each other, and asked Gallus to follow them to where Adamska was. Upon reaching their leader, Gallus saluted Adamska, who turned to face him. “What is the purpose to this meeting?” Adamska asked. Gallus replied, “Sir, I have news about your missing wife.” Adamska raised his brow. “Well, spit it out, did you find her?” Adamska demanded. “No, sir, I mean, yes, kind of. This news may be hard to swallow but she was killed. By what appears to have been a Knight.” Gallus replied. Adamska simply turned around. “Then I understand what this means.” He said.

The Horse-Riding figure approached the gates to New Aberdeen, the city under control of the Order of Knights. The gate opened for the figure and he rode in, keeping his horse at one of the stables. The figure pulled off his hood and bandanna, shaking off the sand and dust from his duster. The person’s face was young, they didn’t look much older than sixteen. A Knight had approached him, the guard’s accent a strong Scottish. “Good day, sir. May I ask you what brings you to New Aberdeen?” The once-hooded figure looked at the Guard. “I’m searching for my father. He ran away from my family when I was two.” The Guard sighed. “Well, the population here in New Aberdeen is high, you’ll likely have a hard time searching for your father here. But that won’t stop us from searching. Have you been to New Aberdeen before?” The person shook his head. The Guard responded, “Perhaps you would care for a tour?” Once again, he shook his head. “Very well, if you need help with anything just ask any guard and I’m sure they will oblige.” The Guard replied before walking away, leaving him be. The person who rode on the horse looked upwards, at a very tall tower, under construction still. The person walked deeper into the city, beginning their search.

Two weeks later, he was in a bar, drinking. He had given up searching for his father. Someone approached the boy. “You know, you have to be at least twenty to drink alcohol here.” The boy sighed, got up and asked, “So what are you gonna fine me?” The unknown person patted the boy on the shoulder, and sat down next to him. “I’m gonna fine you another drink, because I’m interested in your story. You’ve been on quite the adventure. I’m impressed.” The boy looked at the man, he wore wildly different armor than that of any other guard here. He wore no helmet, though. Instead, his helmet was placed on the bar, next to him. “So what’s your name, kid?” The man asked. The boy responded, “I don’t have no name anymore.” The man laughed. “Sounds straight out of an old western movie, a man out for revenge, with nothing but his horse and his six-shooter. I won’t lie, it gives you a tough guy kind of theme, and that’s good around here on Vorcium. But I’m afraid you’re gonna need a name. If I ever had a kid, I wanted to name them ‘Maximus’, but unfortunately I suppose I won’t be having any, there was never that special woman in my life. I’ll tell you what, your father’s missing, you’re looking for one, and I’ve been looking for a son, or at least someone I can teach and train, a successor to the throne, if you will. You interested?”

Maximus woke up in his quarters. He was quick to slip into his armor, a hand-me-down set from his foster father. He grabbed his sword, sheathed it, and stepped out of his quarters, walking down a short hallway into a central room with a table in it. Mac, one of the three High Generals of the Order of Knights was sitting lazily at the table. “Well look who’s finally up.” he said. “I had a rough night yesterday.” Maximus replied. “And by rough night you mean getting Seras to ‘polish your sword’?” Mac asked. “I have no clue who thought it was a good idea to make YOU of all people a High General.” Maximus angrily replied as he sat down at the table. “Where’s Yuri?” Maximus asked. “Well when he’s not burning things alive like the psychopath he is, he’s taking his sweet time in the bathroom.” Mac said, stressing the last part as he knocked on a nearby door. “I heard that!” Yuri said from behind the door. “You were supposed to.” Mac said. “When he gets out I’m gonna need an evaluation about how our war with the Demons is going.” Maximus said. Yuri pushed the door open and sat down. “I’m here now, alright?!” Yuri asked. “Good, let’s get this under way, have we finished counting fatalities from the battle last week at the Dawn’s River?” Maximus asked. “Yes, approximately 3,261 on the Demon’s side, and 3,211 on ours.” Mac said. “Fucking Christ.” Maximus said. “Most of our men were killed by that Hell Walker of theirs, the Dragon.” Yuri said. “Alright, do we have any reports on Demon movement anywhere in our territory?” Maximus asked. Yuri and Mac looked at each other. “Actually… Cliffburn is under siege now.” Mac said. Maximus bursted out of his chair and stood up. “What?! Then what the hell are we doing here let’s go!” Maximus said as he grabbed a rifle and pressed the button for the elevator. “I was going to go there myself but if I went there you would’ve woken up to realize that we left without you, and I wouldn’t dare try to wake you up after what happened last time. Also that elevator hardly works anymore, it’d be faster to take the stairs.” Mac said as he grabbed his pistol, Pinaka, and Yuri grabbed his Flamethrower. Maximus nodded at Mac and began rushing down sets of stairs. “Yuri, Demon soldiers are designed to withstand fire, if you’re joining us in the battle you’d best grab a different weapon.” Mac said. “I’ll never let my flamethrower go, as a matter of fact, I’ll stay here to prepare reinforcements if we need some, or to prepare against a Demon counterattack afterwards. It couldn’t hurt. I’m still heading to the bottom level with you, though.” Yuri said. After a lot of climbing down stairs, the three reached the bottom level, Mac and Maximus exited through the front door while Yuri walked up to a Knight, “Can we get a drone into the air to monitor the battle at Cliffburn?” Yuri asked the Knight. “Uh, yes sir, we can, it’ll take a while though.” The Knight responded. “Do it, now.”
Mac and Maximus got onto a KTTS Dropship, alongside a few other Knights. Mac got into the Pilot’s seat and started up the engine. “Try not to ground us this time.” Maximus said, leaning in towards the pilot’s cabin. “I’m a better pilot than a lot of ours, Max. The deciding factor of what keeps us in the air is luck.” The KTTS lifted up, and flew directly towards Cliffburn, the capital city of the Order of Sand.

Arriving there after about a half an hour, Mac put the KTTS down, and the Knights jumped out, save for Mac. The battle looked to be in the Knight’s favor, they missed most of it, though. What little amount of Demon soldiers remained would surely be mopped up soon. Maximus contacted Mac over the radio, “Can you give our men on the ground here some air support?” “Only if you ask nicely.” Mac responded as he spun up the guns on the KTTS, aiming it at the dunes the Demons were using for cover. “Please.” Maximus said. A second afterwards, Mac fired the guns at all of the dunes and Demons that he spotted. It didn’t take long for the small amount of Demon soldiers remaining to start a retreat. At that point, Mac fully set down the KTTS behind the walls of Cliffburn, where he jumped out of the vehicle, meeting up with Maximus. Mac nodded at Maximus, and pointed at one of the corpses in the battlefield. “Well would you look at that… That would be a Radio Soldier.” Mac said. “Yeah, the guys that contact Rikers and inform them about the action report. What about ‘em?” Maximus asked. “If we radioed in to Rikers, and told them that the Demons won, we might be able to lure in some more Demon soldiers. An Encore of sorts… Or maybe even try to do Operation Hell Yeah.” Mac said. Maximus let out a short laugh. “You know how nearly impossible that’d be?” He said. “It’s worth a try. When are we gonna get another opportunity?” Mac said. Maximus was silent for a moment. “Alright men, who wants to play dress up?!” He shouted at the many Knights in the area. Mac smiled and grabbed the radio setup from the dead Demon.

Adamska rode in the passenger seat of a car as it made its way to Cliffburn, alongside two Hellwalkers. It stopped in front of Cliffburn’s gate entrance, and Adamska and his guards got out, making their way into the city. Two Demon soldiers awaited outside the gate, while another two were at the top of the wall, watching the area. As Adamska entered through the gate, a squad of Knights ambushed them. The four Demon soldiers from before walked in, joining the ambush, revealing their disguise. The Hellwalkers pulled out their weapons, and Adamska pulled out two pistols. Mac walked into view, “Guns. Down.” He said. The Hellwalkers eyed each other. Two Knight snipers simultaneously sniped the two Hellwalkers, taking them down. “I was talking to the man of the hour, not you two.” Mac said to the corpses of the Hellwalkers. Maximus walked up to Adamska. “Just who we were looking for.” Maximus said. “So, Operation Hell Yeah was a success, was it not?” Mac asked Maximus. “You could say that.” He replied. Adamska was pushed down to his knees after his weapons were confiscated. “So, what are we doing with him?” Mac asked. “I know someone in Radio City who could find a place for us to have a chat with Adamska.” Maximus said. “Radio City’s quite a journey from here.” Mac replied. “Which is why we have you to fly us there.” Maximus said.

After a long flight to Radio City, Maximus and Mac were seated in the basement of a specific building in the city, with Adamska tied down to a chair. Mac sat back in a chair, resting his arms behind his head, while Maximus paced about the room. “How should we start this?” Maximus asked out loud, to no one in particular. “Why don’t we ask nicely? Hey, Demon leader guy, whatever the hell your name is, any top secret plans you wanna feel free to tell us about?” Mac asked. Adamska was silent. “Mac, you gotta learn how we do interrogation the right way.” Maximus said as he stopped pacing in front of Adamska. Maximus uppercutted Adamska, with the sharper end of his knuckles attached to his armor, four small cuts let blood loose from Adamska’s face. Adamska replied by spitting out a tooth. “Tough guy only works for the first few punches. If you want us to help you out with the act, though, we’ll gladly cut out your tear glands.” Maximus said. “Ugh… gross man, we’re not actually going that far, are we?” Mac asked. “How far we go depends on this dickhead here.” Maximus said. “I will tell you only one thing, it’s that whether you imprison me, or kill me, or maybe something worse, I have a replacement ready. You haven’t ended this war.” Adamska replied. Mac and Maximus looked at each other. “We’re not stopping short there, we want every thing you can spill, or else we’ll have to resort to spilling things out of your body.” Maximus said. “Both of you guys should calm down with the tough guy thing. It’s giving me a headache.” Mac said. A few hours passed before Adamska was unconscious from the many wounds he had received. Mac shook his head. “At least he stayed true to the whole ‘I’ll tell you only one thing’ deal.” Maximus thought for a moment. “Can you package up the princess here for a flight back to Aberdeen? I need to visit someone real quick and I’ll be back with you. Just prep the engines and all.” Mac nodded.

Maximus rode an elevator to the top floor of the tower he was in. As he reached the top, he walked into the room before him, were he saw a lone figure, specifically a woman, was speaking into a microphone. The person turned around, and smiled at Maximus. She finished talking into the mic and pushed it away as she got up and walked towards Maximus. “Hey kid, how’s the radio station going?” Maximus asked. “You always ask, and I always tell you, it’s going good. Surely you have something different to say to me?” She asked. “Yeah, I do. I thought we might’ve cut the head off the snake for the Demons but it just turns out, they’ve got a replacement. Now we’ve gotta go after them, too. If you want more bad news you better sit down, this war isn’t exactly bright.” Maximus said. She sighed, “Spare me. I think I know what it’s like.” Maximus shook his head. “Everyone thinks they know what war is like. Truth is, they don’t. You never do know, until you experience it. It’s indescribable. War is a description itself. There’s no way to understand it other than the real way.” “Well said. I’ve gotta get back to the radio now, though. Good luck out there.” She replied. Maximus nodded. “Thanks. I’ll need it.” He walked back into the elevator, riding it back down to the floor level. As he walked out Mac was sitting next to the prepped KTTS. “So, you’re bangin’ the Radio City chick? Nice.” Mac said. “What is your damage? She’s my cousin. The last family I’ve got.” Maximus said. “Jeez, I’m sorry.” Mac said. He got into the KTTS, Maximus behind him. The vehicle lifted upwards and began the journey back home.

In Rikers, a council was set up, and four men sat at a round table. The first one to speak sat in a chair that stood out, he was clearly the new leader. “Gentlemen, Adamska has been captured, and is likely now dead. The responsibility of leading the Order of Demons to glory falls upon my shoulders now. I will make sure that we prevail in this war. Most notably, I will bring doubt and pain to those in Aberdeen. To the point that they would gladly let us kill them. Demon scouting parties have taken note of a single KTTS dropship flying from Cliffburn, after the capture of Adamska, to Radio City, then back to New Aberdeen. They have also come to the conclusion that at least one of the leaders of the Knights have a strong relationship with someone in Radio City. That will be our next target. But for now, we must prepare for a smaller attack that will assist us in the siege of that city. Gorryl, I want you leading an attack on the Knight’s Bunker in the tundras outside of Radio City. As for the rest of you, be on your toes. That is all gentlemen.” The new leader got out of his chair, and began to walk away.

The next day, Maximus awoke early, walking into the central conference room outside of his bedroom. He noticed there was a letter on the table, unopened. He cut it open and looked at the note contained inside. At that moment, Yuri stepped out of the bathroom. “What is that?” Yuri asked, sitting down. “A message directed towards us… I’ll read it aloud, ‘To the leaders of the Order of Knights, Radio City will be under siege from the Order of Demons at some point in the future. Prepare your defenses. On this day, a Knight bunker outside of Radio City will also be under attack. Good luck.’ Written from ‘A friend in the Order of Demons’. Strange...” Maximus said. “Sounds like a trap.” Yuri said. “We’ve got a lot of men on standby in the barracks, we can afford to send them there.” Maximus said. “If you want to bite the worm, go for it, but it’s not my fault when you find yourself being reeled in.” Yuri replied. “Good analogy.” Maximus replied. Shortly afterwards, Mac walked into the conference room, yawning. “Oh, cool, we’re all here this morning. Hey, Maximus, we lost a certain group of Knight scavengers who were exploring the VCT ruins at about midnight. No death confirmation, but they didn’t do a distress call, so it’s certainly not interference with any Demons.” He said. “Think it’s the Order of Water, maybe?” Maximus asked. “We’re on good terms with them, they wouldn’t attack any one of our men.” Yuri said. “You have a point, the both of you. Me and Mac will check it out, Yuri, would it hurt for you to help defend that bunker?” Maximus asked. “Oh, so you two are abandoning me again? Fine, fine, I will help the defense. But next time I’m not being singled out.” Yuri said. “Alright, sure thing. Let’s get a move on.” Maximus said. Mac and Maximus left the lobby of the command tower. “D’ya see the new modifications for the motoripper our engineers have been cooking up?” Mac asked. “No, what is it?” Maximus responded. “They call it a Lightcycle, it’s basically a motoripper, but the thing flies so fast you’re at your destination in seconds. Apparently they’re having problems with energy conservation, and its navigation systems.” Mac said. “That sounds ridiculous.” Maximus said. “But it’s efficient, and efficiency is a must in this war.” Mac said. The two reached a KTTS and got into it, Mac piloting it. The KTTS lifted up and flew towards VCT.

A couple hours later, Yuri stepped out of a KTTS, looking at the heavily secured bunker the Knights were fortifying. Four Cleansers also jumped out of the KTTS, following Yuri. A woman walked up to Yuri, “High General Yuri, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Seras Vyrian.” The woman said as she shook Yuri’s hand. “Save the speech, I hear it every day.” Yuri said. “Alright sir, anyway, I’m the one overseeing the operations here, we’re securing as much ground territory as we can, we know the Demons will likely hit as hard as they can, so we’ve already got some artillery set up behind the bunker’s entrance.” Seras said. Yuri shook his head. “You’re expecting the Demons to hit with pure force. That’s typically not how they play. Especially in a place like this. They’ll most likely throw in some canisters of the Malebranche formula, turn our own men against us. Do you have gas masks?” “Yes, sir.” Seras replied. “Hand them out to everyone, I don’t want a single knight without one at least on-hand.” Yuri said. Seras saluted and directed some soldiers around. Yuri turned to his Cleansers. “Be ready for Malebranche, light things on fire first, ask questions later. If you see a knight with the right kind of symptoms, set them alight, if they proceed to scream, put them out. We’re doing this by the book, no heroic moments, no fuckups. We can’t allow the Demons to take this bunker.”

Mac set down the KTTS outside of the VCT Ruins. The two High Generals got out, examining the area. “Take the keys with Mac, we’re probably gonna have to go deep into this place. They’ve been gone for a while.” Maximus said. Mac nodded, while Maximus walked up to what used to be an elevator. He pried the doors open, and when he managed to get it open, Mac walked up to Maximus. “I don’t think it’s a wise idea to jump down there. There’s at least like, 50 stories of this place underground.” Mac said. “Go big or go home.” Maximus said as he unsheathed his sword. “Are you fuckin’ crazy?! If you’re about to do what I think you’re going to do, don’t do it.” Mac said. Maximus chuckled for a bit. “What? I was just joking.” He said. Mac shook his head, while Maximus sheathed his blade. “Well, one of us should go down there, another one of us should stay up here and search about. We’ll find ‘em faster that way.” Maximus said. “Sounds good. I’ll go down, you stay here.” Mac said. Maximus nodded, and walked away, while Mac jumped into the Elevator shaft, grabbing the cable suspending the Elevator upwards. Mac pressed a button on the side of his helmet, activating a headlamp, and he began scaling down the cable.

After a long while of climbing, Mac jumped off the cable and landed on top of a powerless elevator, he ripped off a hatch on the top of the elevator, and tossed it aside, jumping into it. He pried the doors open, and walked into a hallway, looking around, he took notice that he was in an office-like area. Many small rooms were accompanied by desks, powerless computers, and other office supplies. He looked about for anything of interest, though it was a pretty dull place from the looks of it. But that’s when he saw it. In one specific office, a carpet on the floor was slightly misplaced, revealing a large, safe-like door. Mac lifted the door open, revealing a small shaft accompanied by a ladder. He made his way downwards. As he reached the bottom, he stood before a large door, similar to that of bank vault doors. Mac raised his brow as he tried to find a way to open it. After he had exhausted all his attempts, he turned his direction to a nearby wall-mounted computer, that was somehow powered on. He tried to access it, but it was locked behind a password. Mac ripped the computer off the wall, and began fiddling with the wires stuffed into the wall, until he heard bolts being lifted back into the door. Mac stepped before the door again as it was pushed open automatically. But a dark figure lifted up a large, strangely shaped laser weapon, “Halt!” they yelled. Mac lifted his hands up. “I’m halting, don’t worry.” The figure was seemingly feminine in shape, as well as voice, Mac settled on this person being a girl. “Who are you, and what do you want?” The person asked. “I’m Mac Slife, one of the three leaders of the Order of Knights, I’m investigating the disappearance of several knight-soldiers, who were last seen here.” Mac said. “You’re lying, the Order of Knights wouldn’t send out one of their leaders in such an important task.” The person said. “Then I don’t think you understand the code of the Order of Knights. Even leaders get field work, to make sure they’re battle-ready at all times, and to also make sure they don’t get stupid and lazy. It’s a pretty interesting tactic, plus, since the leaders are the best of the best amongst the knights, there’s little fear of being killed during field duty.” Mac replied. There was silence in the room for a while. “Do you have any proof of identification?” The person asked. “Uh, yeah, I can’t exactly pull it out with my hands up though.” Mac said. “Just take it out, slowly.” The person asked. “The last time some girl had a gun to my head and asked me to pull it out, it did not end well.” Mac thought to himself as he reached into a small pocket on his belt, pulling out a card. Mac walked up to the woman, giving her the card, and taking off his helmet so she could see his face. At this distance, Mac got a better view of the girl’s face. She was young, somewhere in her mid-twenties, and her face was quite cute and beautiful, as if it were an all-in-one image of the ideal woman. Almost too perfect… The girl powered off her weapon, and put it down on a nearby desk. “Looks good to me, so, what were you looking for, a group of Knights?” She asked as she handed his ID back to him. Mac put his helmet back on. ”Woah, woah, can we slow down a little, mind telling me what the hell this all is, or who you are?” Mac asked. The girl sighed. “Fine, if you must know, my name is S.C.A.R., I’m a synthetic human. I was abandoned by the Order of Technology’s evacuation ships as they fled the planet, or, well, TRIED to flee the planet, two years ago. I locked myself in here, waiting for that stupid war to end so I could do something about getting the Order of Technology back together. As far as I know I am the last surviving member of the Order of Technology.” She said. “Wait, “tried to flee”? I thought the evacuation ships got away.” Mac said. “No, they didn’t. The Order of Demons sabotaged their equipment and devices. The light speed parameters were rerouted to self destruct, the Anti-Shield Laserweapon was designed to explode after fulfilling its purpose, after that, all members of the Order of Technology were killed, or so was the plan. They didn’t expect the higherups of the OOT to do a rule where non-servant robots were left to die here. I was one of three individual robots who weren’t owned by someone. The other two were dumb enough to stick outside of VCT for the fireworks.” Scar said. “Damn. All this time we thought it was the instability of that weapon that exploded, not a Demon sabotage.” Mac said. “The OOT may be a bunch of stuck-up bigots but they’re not stupid, they would know not to use an unfinished project too early. By their standards, it was complete, and I estimate an 87.15 percent chance of it working were it not sabotaged.” Scar said. “Interesting. Now, I don’t mean to cut this whole scenario short, but, do you possibly have any information on those Knights I’ve been looking for?” Mac asked. “Hm, if you’re looking for a squad of four Knights, last I saw on the security cameras is that they’re fighting off a group of what you call ‘Malebranche’. And what normal people call zombies.” Scar said. “Ah, shit! I need to go, now, where are they?!” Mac asked. “Level 48, conveniently. We’re currently at level 50.” Scar said. “Thank, you, I might be back, maybe!” Mac said as he rushed back towards the elevator shaft. He climbed up the shaft, until he reached the second door up. Mac had to pry the door open, but he couldn’t, his hands were keeping him suspended up. That’s when the doors suddenly slid open, and he heard over the intercom, “You’re lucky I have the ability to power on anything I like in this place. Make it quick, though, it’s not easy to refill the generator.” Scar said. Mac jumped through the elevator doors and onto the 48th floor. He looked around, trying to find the group of knights. “Try following the sound of my voice.” Scar said, as she continued to speak over the intercom. The specific speakers she used pointed the way for Mac. He raced down the narrow hallways, until he heard the sounds of weapon’s fire, as well as the screeching of Malebranche. Mac followed the sound until he found himself in a good position to flank the creatures. He raced stealthily behind the group of Malebranche, and pulled out his unique laser pistol, Pinaka. He lifted the pistol into the air, and it focused its barrel automatically on each Malebranche, Mac fired it, hitting all the Malebranche before him in the head, killing them. The Knights looked at Mac in shock. “Who’s the coolest High General of them all?” One of the Knights asked, the group shouted, “Mac!” confidently, save for one of the Knights, who said “Yuri”. Mac walked up to the Knights. “Glad I was able to help you guys out.” Mac said. “I mean, I’m pretty sure we could’ve handled them on our own, but, it never hurts to have some cavalry.” One of the Knights said in response to Mac. “Let’s get a move on guys, you’ve been here for an ungodly amount of hours.” Mac said. “Yeah, and some fucking idiot lost our MRE pack. We’re starving.” Another Knight said. Mac nodded, “Follow me, guys, I know just the way out of here.” He said. Mac turned around, as the Knights gathered behind him, and he made his way back to the elevator. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you guys.” Scar said over the intercom, as the Elevator began to rise up to their floor. While they waited for the elevator, one of the knights noticed in the corner of their vision, the aforementioned lost MRE pack. His face lit up as he went over to grab it. As he picked it up, he felt his arm getting pulled down, and that’s when he noticed there was a Malebranche trying to get a bite of him. He screamed, but the other Knights weren’t fast enough to get to him as the Malebranche sunk its teeth into his hand. At that moment, Mac dug his combat knife into the back of the Malebranche’s head. “Are you bit?!” Mac asked. The Knight responded by simply saying, “My hand!”. Mac looked at one of the other Knights. “Pin him against the wall and start cutting off his circulation.” Mac said, as he rushed to the other end of the Hallway. He grabbed a fireaxe out of its glass container, and rushed back to the Knight. “Are we ready?” Mac asked. One of the Knights nodded. The one that was bitten was screaming and pleading not to get his hand cut off, but Mac didn’t listen. He slammed the fireaxe into his arm, the wall behind him was even cut by the axe. The bitten knight screamed a bit more. “Don’t worry kid, you’ll get a robot arm, robot arms are badass.” Mac said. Eventually, he passed out from blood loss. “What a shitshow.” Mac whispered to himself, as they stepped into the Elevator.

As the Elevator reached the top, Maximus was sitting there, waiting. He noticed the elevator doors opening, and was shocked when he saw the whole knight squad, as well as Mac, step out. Especially when one of the Knights were passed out and armless. “Y’know, I’m not even going to ask. I’ll save it for the trip home.” Maximus said. Mac chuckled a small bit. “Ah shit, that reminds me...” Mac said, he stepped back into the Elevator, making his way all the way back to Scar. After a while, Mac reached the Vault and he approached Scar. “Hey, you should come with us, back to New Aberdeen.” Mac said. “An interesting offer, I suppose, but I like the kind of power I’ve got here. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever had in my life.” Scar said. “But sitting here waiting for a bunch of geeks to come crawling back here won’t get you a meaningful position back in the OOT, they’ll just take advantage of you like they were. If you come with us, we won’t treat you like that. Who knows, maybe something even better could happen, maybe you’ll establish the new Order of Technology, or something like it.” Mac said. “It’s worth a try, and you can still come back here when you want.” Scar was silent for a moment. “Fine, I’ll go. Only because there's no one to talk to here.” Scar said.

Back at the Bunker, Seras and Yuri stood side-by side, their men prepared for the strike at any moment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfGMinbSVI8 A wing of Dragonfighters flew overhead, dropping large, familiar looking drums. As they hit the ground, they smashed open, and gas leaked out into the air. “GAS MASKS, ON!” Yuri yelled at the top of his lungs. Many knights fitted the masks on quickly, Yuri and his cleansers were already outfitted, and Seras put on her helmet, connecting it with her full body suit. Nearby, a Knight didn’t put his mask on in time, and began screaming in agony. He hit the ground shortly after. One of Yuri’s cleansers rushed over to the supposedly dead body of the Knight, kicked his helmet off, and fired a bullet into his head. Yuri directed his attention back forwards, he heard the Demons rushing forwards, the gas provided a thick mist for the demons to hide in. Yuri looked at Seras. “Does that helmet of yours have heat vision or something you can use to see through this?” Yuri asked. “Sure does, I’ve got it on already.” She replied. “Alright, since I don’t have access to that kind of stuff, and undoubtedly no one else does, you’re going to have to bring the fight to them while we wait for this mist to clear up.” Yuri said. Seras saluted and ran forwards, pulling out two modified plasma pistols, and firing on the Demons she spotted. Yuri turned to his Cleansers. “Push forwards, you’ll be able to see anyone in range of your flamethrowers. Give our men some time to wait for this fog to clear. And good luck.” Yuri said. The Cleansers moved forwards. After a while, the fog was began to lift, “KEEP YOUR MASKS ON!” Yuri said loudly again, trying to get everyone to hear him. At that moment, many Demons came into view, but they were still a good distance away. “WAIT UNTIL THEY MOVE CLOSER, ONLY SHOOT WHEN YOU HAVE A CLEAR SHOT!” The Demons began to get close enough, and they opened fire, many Knights remained in cover. Yuri whispered to himself, hoping that his Knights knew what time to strike. He saw a distance away, Seras and his Cleansers, laying waste to many Demons, the men of the frontlines were too foolish to notice the chaos behind them. Just at the right time, when Yuri felt it, but did not yell it, the Knights opened fire, in a grand symphony of war. The frontliners began to get chewed up by the defense, and with their backup being laid to waste, Yuri knew an easy victory was at hand.
Seras finished off a couple of Demon soldiers, the plasma melting some of their armor. She looked around the battlefield. She shook her head. As the rest of the Demons were swiftly mopped up, she walked up to Yuri. “This clearly wasn’t their full onslaught. I’ve seen this before. They’d throw away a small army, and wait for us to start easing up, then they’d hit us from our flank with their real army. We need to keep these men prepared.” Seras said. “If you say so.” Yuri said. “Actually, I have an idea. Keep the men in their positions, and get someone on the artillery. Me and my Cleansers will scout out their army. Just wait for our message. You’ll know it when you see it.” Yuri said as he flipped around a smoke flare. His Cleansers grouped up with him, and Yuri moved out, into the tundra forest before them.

Eventually, Yuri spotted a mass of Demon soldiers, all getting into position. He looked to his right, at a single Cleanser. His group had split up when they went off to search for the supposed army nearby. Yuri nodded at his Cleanser, and he fumbled for a smoke flare, handing it over to Yuri. Yuri lit the flare, and tossed it as far as he could, into the mass of Demons. One of the Demons felt the Flare hit them in the back of the head, to which he responded angrily to by turning to the nearest Demon, and grabbing him. “Fucking hell Glenn, I told you to stop throwing rocks at me, fuck!” He yelled. “I swear I didn’t, it… wait...” The Demon identified as Glenn saw the smoke flare, its smoke trail flying upwards for meters on end. At that moment, a missile volley flew high into the sky, falling back down on its targets, erasing Glenn and his attacker from existence. And killing a lot of Demons around them, too. Yuri and his Cleanser peeked their heads up from the brush they were hiding in, seeing the army of Demons that were once there were turned into little more than ashes, unidentifiable chunks, and some shrapnel from the missiles and the Demon armor. “So what now?” The Cleanser asked Yuri. Yuri turned his head to face the Cleanser, “We finish off any survivors.” He walked out from the bushes with the Cleanser behind him, searching the area. After their search, Yuri snapped the neck of the only one survivor. Yuri signaled for the Cleanser to follow him as they made their way back to the Bunker.

As Yuri returned with his Cleansers, who regrouped on the way back, Seras held her arm up to the troops, signaling for them to stand down, as she approached Yuri. “Mission success?” Seras asked. “Couldn’t have been any more successful.” Yuri said. He walked away, back towards the KTTS. Seras stopped him halfway. “So, you’re just gonna take off like that?” Seras asked. Yuri nodded. “I helped you defeat the Demon army attacking the Bunker. That’s all that needed to be done.” Yuri said. “I can’t help but feel like there’s gonna be more coming, you sure you wanna leave?” Seras asked once more. “In this war, there’s always gonna be more coming.” Yuri said as he got into the KTTS, followed by the Cleansers that accompanied him. The KTTS lifted upwards and set off back towards New Aberdeen. Seras nodded at her soldiers to relax and begin cleaning the battlefield of the corpses.

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