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Post by Z!FF on Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:10 pm

Chapter one

-Can you please change the song mister?
-Huh? Of course kid.
-So what's your story?
-I mean, its obvious you are not from around here, so why not telling me a bit about yourself?
-What makes you think that way?
-Well, you are drinking whiskey, which is far from being the thing people look for around here. You're dress like it's 104 degrees out their and its 40, plus, you ask me to change the song on the jukebox while its the most popular one these days. You're lucky this place is empty, or you'd have to deal with some other punks.
-Okay..so..what do you wanna know?
-What specie are you, kid? Where 'you from? Whats cha doing in here? The whole story of course! Do I look occupied?
-Okay, fine. So, I’m an Alaskan Malamute. I'm 18 and I came in here for no reason. I'm a traveler.
-That's it?

Ugh. Seams to me like I won't have the choice but to tell him the whole thing. Or I could just pay and continue walking my way to the next town. We're right at the middle of the day, and this sun is pretty hot around here. I guess a lil story isn't gonna be so bad.

-Okay okay, quit asking. I was born in one of the coldest place on this earth. But I never founded it that cold, just, okay..i guess. My childhood was pretty fun. I didn't had a lot of friends...one to be exact. My father. I have no idea what happened to my mom, I never saw or, or at least I have no memories of her. I didn't stayed in Alaska for so long, 'cause as far as I can remember, my dad was always working on his boat. A real ship. A ship he made with his own paws, with real wood. Don't ask me how he had those, I have no idea, we were living near water and their wasn't any trees around. I don't even think there is trees in this whole freezer...Anyway, while the other puppies were going to school and doing all sort of stuff, I, was helping my dad building his dream. It took us six years, but we finally did it. By the time I’ve already learned to hunt and do some other stuff. He always said only the reals hunts their food. I didn't knew what he meant until I came on land. I have to admit, I learned everything on my own. My father never really helped me, but I don't mind, I think he did that only so I learn life by myself...or something like that...who knows really the truth?

-You sound like you tell this story everyday.
-Its almost true, haha. Where was I again? Oh right.. so, we finally putted the boat on water and took sail a few days later. The first weeks dad and I stayed near land. Their was always so modification, some reparation, things he forgot to do. I took that time to learn how to fish. After those weeks, that passed like a few days, my old guy told me it was time to go. I smiled and we went far. Really far from land. At first, I was a bit scared of all this, but when I was looking at the old man, I knew it was just gonna be great. Took us a year to see land again, but I have no idea what or where it was. Dad board the ship to a dock an told me to stay in, so I did. A few hours later he came back with a lot of people chasing him. That's when he said ''go go go..move it boy or we're doomed! '' I prepared the whole thing and dad jumped on the deck. Next thing I knew we were off at sea again. My old man stole some food and some money to...i dunno.. I forgot that part... the important thing is, I started working out, being tougher and stronger bit by bit.

-Wait a sec...so you are a theft?
-Of course not! My dad stole once, and I never stole anything!
-I knew it, you don't look like a theft.
-...The years passed like dust in the wind. My father and I were one. It was such a great feeling I never felt since. In all those years, we stood on land... I don't know... a week? A whole week if we put all those times in one. But, even with all the fun and happiness, I was still sad. I wanted to travel on ground, see people, meet them, make friends, and maybe, maybe even have a house and live happy. Then one night, as we were approaching an island on a strong sea, a big wave threw me on the steering wheel strong enough to broke it. Dad wasn't sad, or angry, or anything, he just, gave me an order to go outside and watch for rocks while he was repairing it. It didn't took him an hour, but then clouds appeared, so has thunder, lighting, and a very strong wind. The island was very close to us...

-Yes? Yes? Don't stop their kid!
-That's when my dad told me why we were close to that island. I knew it had to be something very important, because we were full on supplies. My dad looked at me, smiled and gave me a backpack. I took the bag without any idea of what I should do with it. My old man gave me a hug and told me it was my chance of living my life. If I wasn't gonna take it right now, I wouldn't have any opportunities later. So I smiled and kissed his cheek just before I jump in the cold water. I swam to the island without looking back. I never even look back once I was on the island.
-Are you talking about Tikitiki peak?
-Myea, that's the place.
-It's not so far away from here.
-I know, its just a week in boat and a month to walk.
-So your journey just started?
-Yup. And I’m very happy about it.
-What did you do for renting a boat?
-I didn't rent a boat. I made a friend their. A nice girl named Asaka. She holds a small restaurant and I helped her cooking for a bit, then she presented me to a friend of her. That other girl had a boat, so, I climbed up with her and she crossed me on this country.
-Kid, in all this, you didn't told me your name.
-Would you mind giving me an other glass before I do that?
-I'll give you the whole bottle.
-Fine by me, sir.
-So what's your name, stranger?
-Dakes. Liro.


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