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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:21 pm

You can never truly guess a person by its look. Just as much as you can never take someone's title for who they really are. You should always get to know someone before judging, but humanity had issues doing that for centuries and this new era of ours will not change it. It's sad, really. Someone should do something about it...

Someone is doing something. Someone is rising above the rest, above government and its twisted one sided vision. Someone began to work, for us, with us, to create the dream all of us had been searching for so long. Don't you know about the King?

The King? Elvis is back? Only took him... three hundred years or so, but what is he going to do for us? How did he came back, even?

Tsk, no silly. The Cyber King. Some guy is tapping into the networks and burning them from the inside. He's getting rid of the black suit plague, he's cleansing the fraud in the government branches, he's exposing the truth about so many things! How can you not know the Digital King?

Oh i guess i was too busy working on my next album. I didn't really checked the news in a while... Well, it's getting late, i should get going. Was fun seeing you!

Sure thing. Have fun Chelsea!


A tall blonde exited a dance studio late at night. Her green eyes were about the only features noticeable on her face. Everything else was covered by the specially molded mask she wear constantly. More then a piece of fashion equipment, the mask also freshened and filtered the polluted air before it could enter her lungs.

The dancer walked down the dark streets of the young city. Her face was partially covered by a white, pink stripped, orange topped hood fashioned in cat ears forms. Under the cat-like hood was a black, flat cap with a music note imprinted on it. Her black top was fitted right under her breasts and went up to the middle of her neck as well as covered both her arms all the way to the wrists. Shoulder pads added to the fashion statement while protecting her when break dancing. Her black shorts were indeed very short and fixed to inner garnets which were sewed on long black stockings. She was a very attractive young woman wearing adventurous clothing.

Listening music through the cat ears' headphones, Chelsea raised her arms above her head and followed the beat. She began dancing, alone and for herself only to enjoy, on the sidewalk, under the moonlight. While dancing, two red disks appeared, floating the same height as her head and only a few inches away from it. As she danced, the disks shaped themselves with a hollow center and began following her gestures. From time to time, one or both of them became brighter, other times they were dimmer, duller.

Once the song was over, and the dancer was finished, she resumed her walk, naturally. The holographic circles followed her and she began tapping their holes. A few minutes later, instead of following the path to her apartment, the woman turned left and went down a dark alleyway. She checked behind her a few times and ultimately entered a secret door.

Once inside, the door closed and the two circles moved passed the young blonde to make a virtual, red version of her. The woman turned on the lights and removed her mask. Many monitors, screens, televisions and holograms began to light up while she chose a song on her music device. The beat only began when the woman spread her arms open, her digital self doing the same and all the screens opened up. It felt as if a digital world had just opened. The internet brought to life.

To the digital life!

At those words, the red hologram twisted its shape in the form of a big, masculine, masked red knight.

First stop tonight.. FBI.

Every screen froze for a second. The room turned black, then letters began to appear, one after the other. Words, sentences began to show. Files opened up, one after the other, until the red knight hit a barricade.

Password? Oh are they silly... They think they can.. but no one, stops the Cyber King!


I fucked up somewhere but i kinda like it anyway.

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