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A Life Of Traveling ( 2 ) Empty A Life Of Traveling ( 2 )

Post by Z!FF on Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:11 pm

Chapter Two

As i put my newest acquisition in my bag, still smiling, I shake his paw. My tail is waging a bit. Sit in this dark bar right in the middle of the day, the two of us take a pause. Its like the time is stopped. The dust is falling down slowly, the rare sunshades seams to have a hard time passing threw. I hear a very loud noise, ruining this perfect moment. The bartender, now cleaning my glass looks at the door. I don't, I don't need to. My eyes are nowhere, I just wait in silence, but I smell three persons. The wind blows inside the bar. As they close the door, one of them yells for a drink, walking inside. Sir looks a bit scared. While he puts my glass down, turning around to make a drink to the others, I guess. The three men walks in silence all the way to me. All I can hear is their paws on the wood of the floor, and the drinks flowing in some glasses. One of the intruders sits next to me, the other two are still standing behind him.

Their alcohol served, they drink in silence, until;
-Who's the brat? Ask one of the guy still standing.
-A traveler. Leave him alone.

His voice is shaking. I wonder why. Are those bad guys?

-We'll do what we want old man, says an other one.

They don't have to be rude to him, sir is polite with them. I don't like those persons, who ever they are. I give an eye in their direction. The only thing I have time to see is a glass, thrown on the wall. At the same time, the sitting guy grabs mister by the neck and gets him on the counter.

-Who are you to tell us what to do, says the dark voiced guy as he punches mister in the face. I don't make a sound, I don't even move an inch. Next thing I know, the nice mister is throw on the wall and a lot of bottles brakes. What a waste. So many odors and colors. Its somewhat beautiful, but still a huge waste. No one should ever waste food.

-I'm bored, lets play with that kid.

What do they want? Its not like I’ve done anything. Wait...what am I doing on the floor. Oh, I see, I just got punched. Is that so... I get my butt back on my seat and ask for some water.

-This isn't a playground you little jackass, its a bar, go ask water to your mom while you still can, its a man's place in here.

My glass already served, I get up and walks away from them. All looking to me. Time itself is slowing. I keep my eyes on my paw, I really don't want to waist that precious water. I sit myself on the other seat. Now I’m on the next seat to their left.

-Stop joking around kid. I ain't gonna tell you twice.

I look strait to the guy sitting next to me, a smile on my green furry face.

-Water is better for you. You should try, how about right now?

This. This bar. This, isn't a bar. Its now a saloon. We aren't in a forest, but in a desert. There is no sheriff in town but a kid lost in his imagination. I already imagine the music of the best westerns. Time sure takes is time. My galls of water is taking for ever to hit the grey guy. This isn't a fight, its an old school duel. Too bad I don't have a revolver. And a hat. I think I need a hat. Do I? Naah, I’d look idiot.

Now would be the time for a funny piano song. His face all wet, his eyes closes as a reflex, I grab the other seat on my left and I smash it on is head. He falls on the floor and I punch him quickly before jumping away. Is two friends looks stupefied. I keep my usual smile and grab one of them by the shirt. I pull him to me and throws him on a table.

-Sorry sir, but I might destroy some stuff in here.

Now I hear it. Its not a piano song, but it haves a good western rhythm. Makes me wanna keep it up. Of course this is all in my head, but who cares? My smiles gets bigger as I run to the other guy. I jump in the air and give him my elbow in his face. Blood flows and I punch him again with my other paw. Then I grab him by the shoulders and throw him in the air. Dam, he is heavy. Doesn't matter. Once in the air, I kick him higher and pull him back on the floor. The first guy is up and runs to me with a broken bottle. I turn around and he misses me. That was a close one. I grab his arm and I jump behind him. I try to choke him, but I get a claw in my stomach. I growl a bit then I let his arm go. I kick is back and jump backward. I fall on the floor and get up almost immediately. One guy grabs me from behind. The first is running to me. I stomp on the paws of the one behind and jumps away. I destroy an other table and a set of chairs. While I’m their, I grab one and throws it in their way. One the them gets knocked. Its a one on one now. I run to him, he does so. I jump on the floor and slide. I kick is legs off the floor and get up. I don't exactly know how, but I get is neck between my arm and my forearm. Putting all my strength in this one, I throw him on the floor, his head first in line to taste the wood.

Glad not to see him trying to get up, I get him by the bar with his two friends. I sit next to them. I look at out I trashed this place, I look at mister then to those three peeps.

-Hum..sorry about all that... how can I repay you?
-Don't be sorry. I should be the one paying you kid.
-Indeed, you just beat the Okij gang.
-...O..kay... so?
-Never mind. You don't need to hear that. They are just a bunch of guys who keeps everyone here scared. But you defeated them. What can I offer you Dakes?

What is all this... those three mans are tough guys? Maybe they weren't feeling good today... that explains how I defeated them. Oh well... it wasn't fun, but at least it helped a friend.

-Nothing. Nothing at all friend. Lets say, its for the whiskey.
-I should give you an other bottle then.
-Naah, I’m fine with one. Besides, two wouldn't be convenient. I'll help you clean this place and i'll go.
-Don't be silly. You did mo... I cut him to say;
-Stop that friend. I want to help. I'm glad to help.

A few hours later, we finally are done with all this. Of course there is a few chairs missing and two tables...and lots of alcohol, but its clean. Laws officers came and took the gang while we were cleaning. I think the bartender called them. Then sun is fading away at the horizon. That's my time to go.

-Well, sorry for all the trouble sir.
-Don't mention it Dakes.
-See you around someday.
-You are leaving already?
-Yup, I wanna see other places, other villages, other persons, other friends.
-I can't hold you here, can I?
-Nope. Well, I wish you good times. Bye.

I quickly wave, turning my back to him. I take a breath of fresh air while walking outside the village. All the houses are white, and the shops are blue. There is a lot of people in the streets. They all look so happy. They make me happy too. Haaw, and their begins my trip to..to...wait.. I still don't know...oh well, I’ll figure it out on the way. Sunset behind me, wind blowing a bit, my grey mohawk waving slowly, shirt as well. This fresh air on my chest feels just right. Smiling, paws in my pockets, off my go to my grand journey on land.

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