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A Life Of Traveling ( 3 ) Empty A Life Of Traveling ( 3 )

Post by Z!FF on Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:12 pm

Chapter Three

Orange, green, brown, yellow and lots of dark blue sky. I like this forest. It feels great to be surrounded by those gigantic trees, those sleepy birds, the nicest sky with the most beautiful moon and most of the weirdest odors I smelled in my life. In here, my paws moving silently feels many different types of ground, its greater then a wood floor. I finally feel free. Free of going where I want, doing what I like, and meeting people as I see them. Without any wind in this huge forest, anyone could say its easy to pick someone's scent, but not me. Everything is new to me. Leaves under my paws, dry air, and noise other then water hitting the boat... well its music to my ears. I'm surprised I haven't see someone yet. As I stop walking to stretch out a bit, I take a few seconds to look at the multiple paw prints all around me.

Looks like its a popular part of the forest. I wonder if it will drive me to the next village, or if its just a walk to a certain place I dunno anything about. Oh well, in any case, I’ll find it out soon or later. Well at least I know I’m moving east. Noise. I hear noise in front of me. A few foots ahead. Curiosity if kicking my butt to go see what could it be. As I make a step further, a non-speaking hare jumps in front of me. Before he.. or maybe she... runs away, I grab ...hum...lets say it until i'm fixed on that... I grab it by the ears and pulls it to my muzzle. Its shaking, a lot. I'd do the same if a giant dog was to take me like and look at me like I was food. Judging by the scent, it must be a guy. I don't know a lot of stuff, but small preys like that, I know enough to eat only the males. One of my ears tilts on its side as he starts making weird sounds.

-Common buddy. Don't be scared, you know that’s how it happens in life. I haven't eat in a... full day and two nights.
Seeing him like that got me an idea.
-Okay, here's the deal. I'll walk for a while again, with you, until my stomach groans. Might take a few minutes, or a few hours. Who knows? I'd like to have a talk with you about this... buuuuut you can't talk... and that’s why you will serve my appetite.

Walking once again, I decide to take off my shirt and put the hare in it so he won't be that scared. Besides, its really hot in this part of the world. I put my lil buddy on the ground and place a paw over him, trying not to crush him. I never thought removing a shirt could be that hard and that hare really wants his life. I have to admit, I’d do the same if I was him. A bit more struggling later, he's finally in the ''bag'' and on my shoulder. Maybe I should rub him slowly to calm him? As I try to rub it gently, it slowly stops moving around. Hey, good. While i'm petting his head, well I think its the hare's head, a girl scent comes to my muzzle. Really? Here? A quick look around proves me i'm in the middle of nowhere. Could she be an other traveler? That'd be great! She's running my way. Who would I be to start running away? I would have loved to meet a guy, but i'm still happy to meet someone here.

-What have you done with my pet!? She yells to me.

That is a bit rude to yell to someone you haven't met yet. Even worst, a person you haven't seen yet. I start walking her way, a paw in a pocket, following her scent. She suddenly shows up in my face, right behind a tree and falls on me. I have just the time to hold the hare away. It'd be disgusting to crush it under me, I have more respect than this to lil creatures like him.

-Where his my pet? What have you done to him? You better not have eaten him, she says, tears rolling down her cute light brown fur.
-I assure you madame, I haven't done anything with your pet. I haven't seen him either. Wait a sec.... whats a pet anyway?
-Where is him?
-Where is what?
-My hare. My pet!

Her hare? Really? I never thought a prey could be someone's prey... Maybe its the one I have in my shirt. As I show her my shirt and tries to let this little friend free, I ask her if it wouldn't be this one.

-Oh thank the moon i've found you, she says taking it in her paws.
-I'm sorry I took your prey, i'd never have done it if....
-Its not a prey, its a pet.
-Isn't he a hare?
-Yea, but its my pet.
-What's a pet?
-Its a friend.
-So.. this meal is your friend until you eat it?
-I won't eat him, he's my cute little hare. I find him food, toys, and I play with him, and take care of him.
-What for?
-Because its fun, she says.
-Never play with your food Miss.
-Hank is NOT food.
-Who is Hank? This hare?
-Yes. Look, hank is a friend, you mustn't be from here, so i'll explain you all this. A pet is a non-talker you like. You play with it, give it food, treats and what not. In exchange, you have a friend for life, and they are all so cute.

I think I get it, but what is the point in all this? This is a bit of a weird belief, but if that's what she likes, well its good for me too.

-Okay, okay. Well, i'm glad I helped you found your pet, I say rubbing his head. Bye bye now Miss.
-Please, don't go so quickly, I can give you something for bringing him back.
-Oh, no thank you. This is not necessary. I'm happy you are, that is fine enough.
-No, no, no, no. I would be happy to give you a little something. Would you like a new shirt? Some alcohol? A collar?
-If you insist. A fine bottle of whiskey would make me happy, if you have any. Oh, i'm so rude, my name is Dakes Liro.
-Glad to meet you Dakes, i'm Kaline Shena.
-Pleasure is mine Miss Kaline.
-Oh please Dakes, just call me Kaline.

A smile later, we are walking in the forest in direction of her home. The closer we get, the more people and scent we meet. It makes me wonder, was I lost earlier? Or is this home of her just deep into the wild nature? My paws behind my head, I stretch out while walking. This seams like a nice place, i'm pretty sure she isn't living here alone. We stop behind a big bush, she crouches and walks forward. Judging be the amount of people I saw around, and all those scents, i'm pretty sure her home is just on the other side of that bush. I do was she just did and I put a paw in front of my eyes. While advancing in the bushes I can see her tail just in front of me. That's about the only thing I can see. A long, white, fluffy tail. I always wondered why females have longer tails then males. Aah, the secrets of life. Those questions are amazing when you start to think of it, but this is not the time for that. I see light already. A few steps forward and I get to see this spectacular place hidden in the middle of nowhere, well, maybe there is stuff around, but I don't want to know. This is just too beautiful.

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