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A Life Of Traveling ( 4 ) Empty A Life Of Traveling ( 4 )

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Chapter Four

The moon shines facing the waves-like surface of a small lake, surrounded by a few rocks, taken as seat by some fellows. A big rock on top of them, shaped like a tail, has a slight line of water riding it down nicely to the lake, no sound can be heard from it. I haven't realized there is someone playing guitar by a fire, people gathered around him. The palm trees around this mystical place adds a touch of magic. I wouldn't mind living the rest of my days here, but there is still so much to see, I cannot stop here for ever. I'll eventually have to go. The long green grass surrounding the area with the white sand are inviting me for a walk around, but Kaline has an other idea. Pointing me a small house, a smile on her face, I get her point. We start walking to their as everyone around smiles, waves or bows happily to her.

-You seam pretty popular around here Kaline. Are you hosting all of them here?
-Oh no, you see, this is a little paradise a few friends found some years ago. They built and house and invited people to join them. Now, we are a small community living around this heaven.
-Everyone sleeps in that house?
-Yes and no, most of the times we sleep outside, at the great view of the stars. This house is more to protect us from rain and our precious things from being stole.
-This is such a great way of living. A tight group like this one, living day by days, I could get used to this.
-You are welcome if you want to stay.
-I would, but I haven't see what I want to see.
-And what it is that you are seeking?
-I want to see the world. Meet the greatest persons, eat the most uncommon food, hear the beliefs of the world. I want, no end to life, as there is no end to this world.
-That is a very interesting goal you have.
-It'll be even more interesting in a few years, when I’ll actually have seen all of what I just said.

Once inside, she drops her hare on the floor and it jumps happily away from us while other animals comes and goes in every directions. I don't want to ask, it seams pretty obvious they are all pet, but it makes my hunger coming back. My stomach gives me the usual growl, which gets me a smile from my new friend. I smile back to her, a paw on my belly, trying to think of something else then food. That's in fact pretty hard to do when you haven't eat in a long while. Those berries weren't so great at keeping me filled.

-So, what do you think, asks Kaline.

I take the time too look everywhere. There isn't much details in the structure itself, but the wood seams to have been chosen wisely. I'm saying, but its not like I know a lot on the subject. I know what my dad said.

-It looks really good in here. This house is friendly, if you ask me.
-That's what I just did silly, I asked you.

We both exchange a good laugh before my stomach growls again. I look down at it and grins to her. I cannot help myself, being surrounded by so many preys at the same time, I have to eat something. Even if I know well enough they aren't preys here, they still look tasty for me.

-Don't worry Dakes, I got food for you. Follow me if you want, its near the alcohol.
-Alright. Thank you so much, by the way.
-Don't thank me, you are the one who found Hank . Take it as a thanks.
-I won't argue with you my friend.

As I walk further in, I try not to walk on all those pets, running everywhere, freely. I don't blame them, i'm free now, and i'm close to running everywhere as well. Though, I wouldn't try to get under a much bigger person then me... like they're doing right now. I walk a few steps further in and they finally pushes themselves away. I think they just got scared of me, but it might just be my imagination.

Kaline walks up farther from me and turns in a room. I lay my back on a wall, squeezing my backpack and I look at all those foes. As always, I shove my paws in my pockets and I sing in my head. Time goes on and she finally returns with an old bottle with a brown-like liquid inside. She smiles to me and hands it over with a few energy bars. I smile her back, waging my tail and I take them gently from her paws. I'd like to drink some of it right away, but i'll enjoy it more in a meaning full time, because, right now, I don't feel like I deserve this bottle of whiskey. I take my bag off my back and places the bottle in it. Now I just need to be even more careful with that precious bag.

My friend pads up to me, still smiling. I look at her, getting myself up, my bag's strap between my fingers. I wag my tail happily just as she takes my arms tenderly and pulls it somewhere. I follow her, not saying a thing, while we get deeper in the house. We walk upstairs and turn a corner, she opens a door and we get outside. I look at the sky, while she pulls me closer to the guardrail and lays her arms on it. I finally look back down and do the same. Some deep breath later, after feeling the wind in my dark grey hair, I come say something;

-This is a really nice view.
-Dakes.. their... is.. something I’d like to talk to you about, she say, her voice trembling a bit.
-Of course my friend, anything for you.
-Do..do you have.. a...

She turns her face to mine. Looking at her paws, she approaches me, coming to an inch of my lips.

-I.. Dakes... I.. Do.. you...

She takes a pause, backing up a bit, blushing. I would like to think about something else, but I fear what will happen. It didn't happened to me often, but, every time it did, it hurted me and my friends.

As fast as light, she jumps on me, her paws on my cheeks, her eyes wide open, already kissing my lips. Without any rudeness I push her behind and wipes my lips, looking somewhere else, thinking of what I should say. After a few seconds, my heart tells me to be direct, and from the look of her eyes, I think she'll like it better ended quickly.

-Kaline, i'll be honest with you, I can only be friend with you for a lot of important reasons. The more important one is, I don't like girls.

Her ears goes down on her head, as I see a tear running down her cheek.

-Wha..what do you mean?
-I mean, you could be the nicest girl on earth, with the biggest will of living, I couldn't be with you...
-B..but.. you don't like me ...at all?
-Its..not that..see... I... Kaline,.. i'm gay..

Sobs fills my ears as she lets herself fall in tears. I can only wrap my arms around her and rub her arms slowly. I know this is though. It really is for me. Its hard for me to see my friends like this. I try to calm her down, as one of my own tear runs on my cheek. I wipe it out rubbing her hair with my cheek. We stay like this for.. I don't really know... time can be really tricky sometimes.. seams to me like it was hours, but I don't think the moon even bugged. She then decides to push herself away from me, looking at the sky she takes a deep breath and tells me;

-Do you.. like me, Dakes?

As I walk closer to her again, taking her shoulders in my paws, I tell her;

-Of course I like you, silly. Aren't you my friend? To my eyes, you're a pearl and I like you so much for who you are.

The few moonlights on her face shows a grin and she hugs me tightly. I hug are back and we stay like this for a few seconds. Wind stopped blowing, and the sky is getting darker. It's going to rain anytime soon. My dad could have said how much rain, from where its going to fall, and approximately how long it will last, but i'm not my old man, and just to know it will rain works enough for me. I tap her back a few times and she lets me go, smiling. I take a look at my bag.

-You're not planning on staying, its obvious. You should wait for tomorrow to come tho, she says.
-Nah, I like walking at night. And its not a little rain that will stop me, I say while grabbing my backpack.
-Rain? Well, no matter, I should have guessed. After all, travelers never stops for anything.
-That isn't true my friend. I will always hold my way for my friends. Always.
-Maybe you're right. But.. will you come back?

Already walking my way to the door, I stop, looking at the floor, then around me. I will miss this place. I am already. I look up my shoulder, in her eyes.

-You can never know what life holds in its paws.

I smile to her and nods, putting my paws in my pockets, climbing down the stairs. She stays up their, maybe, not to face me. Once on the ground level, I walk between the pets, they seam to understand I’m going. I hear a slow piano playing in the back of my head. Its my imagination, but it would fit so well right now. You may think I’m a dreamer, Kaline, but I’m not the only one. I know you are living yours, that is why I didn't asked you to follow me. Mine is still ahead, and I need to keep on walking if I want to live it too.

Her house now behind me, I look at the sky and decide of the direction to take. I wave once, to the ones behind me. There is no need to look back, I am sure someone is watching me. Am I sad for her, or is it because is I because I don't know if i'll come back? Feelings can be so unpredictable.

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