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A Life Of Traveling ( Final ( Unfinished )) Empty A Life Of Traveling ( Final ( Unfinished ))

Post by Z!FF on Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:16 pm

Chapter 5

Its been hours now since I left Paradise. Dark sky upon me, raining just like in a black hell. I never seen such intense gusts. My right arm in front of me, my shirt hitting my fur so hard it's starting to hurt, my bag seems to weigh a ton and the ground seams fragile under me. Each step takes a life out of me. Nothing gets in my sight, I can not open my eyes. Blindfolded in the storm of ages, I keep going forward. Demons are here, taking over me. Every drop of water cuts me like thorns of the devils. I know I have to keep on walking, but will I escape the fate of my sacrifice? I won't hold long at this rate.

A few steps further, thunder shakes the world under me. Dirt, roots and rock trembles under the power of the infernal rage of mother nature. I see it, I see it now. Its standing in front of me. Its smiling. Death is smiling. A lighting breaks the sky world and blighters underneath it. Fire bursts from the under as I hear the wood cracking. The tree crumbles quickly, flames devouring it as well as the wind throws it on the insect nearby it . Wind forces me to fall on my knees and wait for it to get me. Now on my four paws, looking up with hair in my eye, I see it coming. Lightning strikes again to the demon world, showing me the face of my slaughterer. Killed by a tree, never though of such end for me.

-No. No you will not get me like that.

I try to move aside but this dark hell have something else in mind. A massive thunder strikes over me, twisting the ground around. It doesn't take more before the devils themselves tears it apart and throw it down a hill straight to the center of the earth. I keep hitting rocks, tides, spikes, and more. Each feet I fall I'm getting hit and cut. I try my best to hold myself on something, but everything I grab falls with me. All I have time to see is this big boulder down their... and I’m falling right for it. Oh my. This is gonna hurt. I try to roll on my side, but nothing works. I keep falling right for it. I try my best to jump up but its no use. I stretch my arms and hit the ground with my claws. My fingers being cut a million times per seconds. I scream my heart out, like it would change anything. Here it comes!

I can not move. I feel tied up, but I don't seem to be touching anything else. I open my eyes slowly, hurt from the bright light. When I get used to the sun in my face, I realize I’m really tied up, a few feet above the ground. All my muscles hurts me. I can't see myself, but my guess is I’m bleeding a lot, or at least, I was until recently. I give a try to find the boulder that knocked me unconscious. I am surprisingly far from it. My body must have been thrown up and I crashed in those vines; those stinky and slimy vines. I try to get down of here, but moving just a little hurts me a lot. It might be better for me to rest and save my energy for a while.

I close my eyes and try to sleep a bit. After a while, I get tired of trying. I suppose I should free myself first, and see how hurt I really am. Regardless the hurt I won't stop fighting. I need to get out of here. I start jumping on the vines, stretching them a bit each time I bounce back. I don't stop until one breaks. Right after that, each vine surrender like a zipper and I fall to the muddy ground. I did it, super! Water and moist rush on my cuts and get me moving faster then I was thinking. I crawl out of the mud pit and rubs my fur where it hurts the most; arms, legs, left side and shoulder.

It seams to me like I was unconscious for a long while. My shadow is stretched aside me, its around seven or six in the morning. Everything around me is ravaged by the storm, but at least the wind stopped blowing today. I lost where I came from and where I was going. I don't see anything to help me locate myself. I only have that boulder, but was it on my left, or my right when I was falling? I can't recall. I don't have much choice, I’ll pick an other route. Hopefully, I won't end up where I started. If I remember right, sunsets were warming my back all along. Sunrise will wake me up for now on. Now that I got my plan ready, I scout around to find my backpack. Its all I have, I can not loose it.

I see a bump in the sludge close to me. I rush to it, digging in the mud with my paws until I feel the straps around my fingers. A smile on my face, I clean the most off of it and I tap it a few times. Nothing seams broken, but I want to be sure. Once unzipped, I look inside quickly.

-You really are a surprisingly tough bag, you know?

Everything is just fine. Even my bottle didn't broke in pieces. I have to admit that was really lucky, but now it's time to keep on going. I quickly throw my pack on my shoulders before I start walking, looking everywhere. That storm really ruined this place, I bet it was just as nice as Paradise. While I get to think about it, I wonder if Kaline and the others are doing alright. Nah, I’m pretty sure they are doing good. There’s no need to worry.

My paws are sticking into the thick mud which slows me down. I better get out of this soon, or I’ll need to eat my few snack-bars to soon. Once again, the boulder seems to be the only thing that can help me. Who would have guessed that something so normal could help in such a way? First it was an obstacle and now I need it. Life is a funny thing. A grin on my face I walk in its direction, until I touch dry ground. Once out of that sticky situation, I shove my paws in my pocket and nods to the big rock. It's kind of creepy here. Everything looks dead, no bushes, no leafs in the trees, no animal sounds. Nothing.

I look up ahead and can only smile to what I see. Far in front of me, almost at the horizon, I see greenery. I bet my tail I’ll be their before noon if I hurry up a bit. Its not like I need to, but, it don't see any reasons to stay in such area. Walking further in only increases my resolve as I see an animal corpse laying in a stream. I think it once was a deer... As sad as I am to say it, it's a good thing that it died here. I wouldn't have noticed that stream otherwise.

I give my respect to death before I lay down, drinking a few mouthfuls of water. Now that I’m refreshed, I stretch myself, yelling to the world;


This is such a good feeling to know I am on my own. At last I can walk around and be happy. It was a great idea to come on land. I couldn't be happier and I'm being surrounded by an apocalyptic scenery. What a twist! Maybe I finally realized I’m living my dream. I start to roam happily, humming a song I heard once in bar. Good thing my folk always loved drinking, I wouldn't know so many songs. Maybe someday I’ll have a friend to drink with. But for now, I think I’ll drink alone. Still walking, I take my bag's strap and pull it over my left shoulder. Once my loyal companion in my arms, I take my newest bottle out of it. I try to open it and place my backpack behind me at the same. Before anything slips from my pads, I choose to take care of my pack first, only then I open my bottle and drink joyfully. This is going to be a good day again. Blue sky, fine bottle of whiskey and all the space I can wish for only gets my smiling. The water flowing at my feet feels just great. It keeps me fresh and I might even find something further.

Up in the sky, some birds are singing to remind me I’m not alone. Of course I’m not alone! Even if this area looks empty of life, deep inside, hiding everywhere, it couldn't be more alive. It's nature after all! Soon, it will all be back to normal. Animals will run everywhere, foxes, wolves, hares, birds, all sorts of animals. Life is amazing, at every point, it truly amaze me.

I look over my shoulder, smiling to the progress I did already. Turning my head back upfront, I realize a small stream of water ahead. Where there is water, there is civilization, right? Then I might just have found my next stop. Could be in a few hours, or some weeks. Time, you tricky bastard. Making my way to it, I throw my bag in it, after taking my stuff from it. Once there, I take some time to clean it before washing my fur quickly. Since I’m all wet, why would I get out of this? It feels cool, its soft under my pads, and I now have something to follow for a while. It could be fun.

Jumping only on the biggest rocks, I try not to slip and hurt myself … again. Wind blowing pearls of water on me and the Sun now fully looking above my head, even if its a cloudy day, makes me happy. This is a calm day, while I think of it. No one on sight, no animals either. Just me and the living green. Well... I’m green myself.. I fit in just well, no? Its true I’m lighter then leaves, but oh well. I stretch my arms before shoving my paws in my pockets. My mind lost in the clouds, I keep on walking deeper in the river. Wait a second there... River? It wasn't a river earlier. Water over my knees, I look far away in front but still no sign of anything but leaves and trees. This forest is really dense in this part of the world. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a town nearby. Seeing how clear the water gets, I decide to walk on the side of the brook... its a brook actually. Its not large enough to be a river.

Bigger trees with bigger and longer roots twisted out-ground are slowly taking over the others. Where there was only bushes are replaced by mature trees. Where were trees, this is now bigger trees. Rocks and boulders can be seen everywhere, incrusted withing vegetation. Colorful plants with dozens or news aromas on the ground, under my paws, over the pulps, everywhere it can grow. The brook now falling into lots of very small falls, I follow it, descending a few feet only. Just a few steps away, the stream makes a ninety degree turn on my left. The forest seams to be getting lighter from there. Carefully, I wet my paws again, looking through the clear water, not to walk on moist and fall down. This wouldn’t be the place for a broken ankle. Slowly, the day falls into gray, clouds now hiding the sun shines.

As the leaves and branches opens up in front of me, I face quite a large pipe., mounted by a wall of gravel and rocks. This is clearly not natural. Climbing it seams like the only idea to know what it is. Judging by the angle it has, It wasn’t meant to stop people or animals to go on the other side. My right paw in my pants, my left close to the ground, I climb it easely, only to realize what it is.

-A road? What a wall that is haha.

Both sides of me, an endless curve or grey. Leaves all over the surface, I’m guessing its not the most used of the roads. Left or right? Right or left? If I go right, I’ll keep going in the same direction as I was before the brook turned. I guess I’ll keep on going in the same direction. My pack on my back, I step on the side of the road and keep on walking, looking at my paws. Asphalt isn't the what i've walked on more. Hot, hard, grey road. Some loves them. Maybe I will too, someday, but right now, I don't. Enough complaining, if I want get somewhere, I better walk. Looking upfront again, looking at the never ending road, I keep on walking.

I can hear some far distant noise behind me. Some rain starts falling down, but I could not mind less, it just feels good. Its not even enough rain to get me wet. I think I like rain as much as I love when snow falls down from the sky. It may not be as majestic, but I like the feeling it gives. I hear it louder now, its definitely a car. As it shows its highlights, it slows down, maybe the driver finds the road slippy, or he does not want me soaked, as there is lots of holes in this old route. Surprisingly, the car stops aside me, and the window rolls down.

-Hey, nice day huh? Says a young man.
-Well yes it is; for me to reply.
-I was being sarcastic actually...
-I wasn't. I love rain.
-Would you like a ride; asked the man, a fox of what I can see.
-I don't want to take space, plus I’d wet your seat.
-Oh please, just hop in before you catch a cold.

Its true it has become much colder in a matter of minutes. I've seen this kind of weather before, on sea, but never on land.

-Alright, if you insist, still I would like to give you something for...
-No no no, its a pleasure, he says before I can finish my sentence.

I open the right door and sit tight, making sure to touch as less things as I can. I’d hate to wet everything and leave a stinky smell. I roll the window back up and smile kindly to the driver, thanking him. The car starts moving while I buckle my seat bell.

-I'm Shawn. Weird name for a fox... Shawn the sheep would fit more; he says before holding a laugh.
-My name's Dakes. I have to say, Shawn is a lovely name who ever has it.

He doesn't seam to believe me, so I look on my right, into the still dark forest. The day is just starting, yet this scenery wouldn't be this dark and gloomy without the clouds hiding the sun.

-What cha doing around here alone? Where you from?
-Oh I’m a simple traveler, I’m from the other side of earth. I came here for freedom and adventures. I used to sail seas.
-Oh I see, so you came here for family; he asks, his voice, light. The atmosphere changed right here, right now. He seams to have gotten interest in me.
-Not really. My father is still at sea on his ship he built himself with me. My mother died years ago. I left everything I had when I jumped off my father's pride. I’m only here to make friends and see the world.

I hear him mumbling something, but I don't give much attention to it. He turns on the radio, soft music comes to my hears. I look at the sky, my maw shut, enjoying the view.

~The rest of the ride was made in silence, he seamed lost in thoughts, and I enjoyed the music. I thought he would have dropped me at the entrance of the city, but we kept riding deeper and deeper in. I saw more people then I ever did before in my life.

We arrive in front of a gate, underground, where lots of other cars are parked. I wouldn't call this a parking.. they all seam, abandoned. The more I look around, the more this whole place seams abandoned. I stuck my head on the glass and look everywhere; cracked cement, rusty and twisted metal, junk everywhere.. what is this place?

-Hey... ; I hear before turning my head around slowly, about to ask him why we are here until I get a punch on the nuzzle. No need to say I’m shocked, surprised and lost, I receive an other hit in the face before I can do anything, this one putting me down. Everything spins and slowly turns black. I try to hold on something, but I fall unconscious before that.

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