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Post by Z!FF on Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:23 pm

ALOT was my second attempt at writing a book. It was my first in english and i thought it would be best for me to write it in first person. Looking back, it clearly wasn't the best way to go, but it is done and i don't intend to change anything. I wrote the entire thing in a few weeks, searching for my words more often than actually writing anything, but it did helped me learn english in some way so i am glad i done it.

The main character is a furry, an anthropomorphic animal, and if you are not into that,i can not blame you. Personally, back when i was writing ALOT, i was into that stuff a whole lot, but as i write this now, four years later, i am no longer into it. Reading the first chapter back bring me good memories but the other four were cringe worthy.

Still, as far as i am concerned, for a first attempt at writing in a still learning language, it wasn't that bad at all. However i will never continue or finish it as i have moved on from most of what i enjoyed when writing those lines. My goal was to make an adventure and emphase on character development but i have no interest in that character anymore.

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