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Post by Z!FF on Sun Apr 30, 2017 11:25 am

In a vast and ever expending world where adventures always led to discoveries, most was still unknown. From lustful green plains to arid deserts, from sky high mountains to impractical swamps, this world never ceased to awe. Mostly unexplored, dangerous and unpredictable, it was filled with animals and creatures all stronger than the next.

Such displays of raw powers, mixed with the elements mother nature loved to stir have proven to a challenge for any to build a civilization, but despite de odds, some settlements were made. As time passed, the settlement grew, wider, stronger, more equiped and better protected. From settlements to towns, to cities and finally nations, things were going well for many civilizations. Following this, the parts of the land left untouched and mysterious quickly diminished to only the ones in the harshest of conditions.

While the deserts held on an easier path to building new nations, the odorous, infectious swamps kept resources to themselves. This hidden potential eventually became a target for the growing needs of the populations and when all hopes were up, something shook them down.

The first explorations were done in small groups, on short terms, though most never came back from the unforgiving area. Later followed large scale invasions, commanded by armies and legions of many kinds and while the losses were important, so were the gains. But, unlike most of the world, the inhabitants of the Mudlands, as they were rightfully named, were not fond of trespassers on their lands.

Insectoids, arachnids and exotoids of every kind rose against the invaders and, in a collective effort, pushed back the forces of greed. A war soon began between all nations in the face of this new and powerful enemy known as Pecus. The creatures were hostile, terrifying and cruel, but their lands had much to offer and their strength was unmatched. Something every nations of all races desired.

Once the epic war was over, the remaining nations worked in hand to take over the Mudlands but their soldiers were no match for the rough and unforgivable Pecus and their land. A second war errupted and died out the same year once all nation's numbers were down to critical levels.

Fifty years later, the dream of conquering the swamps had been abandonned alongside the thought of the Pecus. This extraordinary race quickly fell into the ranks of legends and unknown, something debatable. Were they the products of broken minds and spirits or actual living creatures? No one knew for sure and less dared to tried finding out. The swamps were unforgiving and all were best away from them, but, in a time where running water and agriculture was poor, new needs were rising and a new goal was set. Something that would prove the insect's existence once and for all, for the better or worst.

This particular story begins in a settlement of travels, venturing near the swamp. They had traveled far from the kingdome and were preparing for the night with the green ooze of the muddy land at eye sight. The next day they would penetrate the land fortress and gather supply, but as the sun set, a first wave of attack surprised them all.

Further away, in a second housing, in route to the mudlands, a town was on the verge of being built in satisfaction of the King. At least... Until a monster came in sight. Nearly eight feet tall, five feet wide and a haunting image to scare most men and women, a black and purple female approached, slowly, arms in hands though unprovoking. At her side, a large insect the size of a human, crawling and twizling its antennas and fangs. Was this the begining of a new war? Were any parties ready for such depravity?

"You are not welcomed here. Leave at once or prepare to face the consequences." Shouted the lady, fire in her eyes with the help of her screaching friend.


I did not come up with the name of the areas and the species. I only tried to make a short story in hopes to get some attention. If you read this far, i apologize but it is merely to introduce you to a community which has about nothing to do with what you read.

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