Dewm Dies: The Return (Part Two)

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Dewm Dies: The Return (Part Two) Empty Dewm Dies: The Return (Part Two)

Post by DEWM NINJA on Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:24 pm

Dewm walked into a reception area, though there was only one desk, with one man sitting behind it. Dewm walked up to the man and looked at him. “Is this where the Ares gang is operated?” Dewm asked. The man looked up at Dewm, confused. “What? No, this is a police station.” The man replied. “Listen, the jig is up, we tracked you down. Just tell us where we can find the man in charge, or at least the next big thing.” Dewm said. “I have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about.” The man said. Dewm looked to his left and right. “I’ll be back.” He said, as he walked out of the police department. “Fucking weirdo.” The man said, before a car sporting green colors crashed through the doors and into the desk, and Dewm stepped out. The others walked in to see him. “Holy shit!” Magnus said. “I know, Terminator references never go wrong.” Dewm said. “Well I was more focused on the fact you drove a car into the place but… sure.” Magnus said. “Well now that we’ve made our entry, let’s get moving.” Shadow said. “Wait, uh… don’t we have guns, or… something?” Jason asked. The other four looked at him. “Who the fuck needs guns?” Magnus asked. “I do!” Jason yelled. “I think it might be best if you keep the RV ready for us.” Nova said. “Maybe. But if you guys aren’t back in a half an hour...” Jason said. “Keep that fucking RV ready regardless of time.” Dewm said. “Yeah… alright, sure thing.” Jason said, as he walked away. “Your son is a total pussy.” Magnus said. “Well I didn’t raise him.” Dewm responded. The four walked through a door for several investigators and police officers to take cover, though were surprised when no one fired a gun. One of them leaned out of cover in curiosity, only for Dewm to punch them in the face knocking them down. Another officer aimed a pistol, though Shadow pulled the pistol out of their hand and emptied the gun, before hitting the handle against their face. An officer swung their fist into Nova’s “head”, only for him to pull out his hand in agony, showing it to have been completely fried off of his arm. Magnus grabbed the wrist of an officer who was swinging a baton. He kneed him in the chest, causing him to fully rip the baton out of the officer’s grip, and hit the guard over the head with the baton. The four continued onwards, where a man wearing green aimed a pistol at Nova, shooting him through the head. The bullet traveled into his celestial head, and evaporated into gunpowder before it could go back out the other side. Magnus hit the man in the face, sending him back. Shadow picked up his pistol, and disarmed it, before throwing it at another incoming man dressed in green, knocking him out. “Looks like I’m right.” Nova said. “Didn’t doubt you for a second.” Dewm said. The four continued into an office, where they saw a man in green riot armor typing on a computer. The side of his helmet designated him as God, who immediately pulled out a revolver and fired it at Nova, once again surviving as the bullet disintegrated through his star. God was surprised, and Nova took the opportunity to rush forwards, ripping the revolver out of God’s hand, who put his hands up. Nova handed the revolver to Shadow, who opened the cylinder and let the bullets hit the floor. “You! Are you running this operation?!” Nova yelled. “No, though if you must know where my boss is, you can find him at NE 144th Place.” God responded, surprisingly calm, this was likely not his first interrogation. “You’re getting off lucky.” Dewm said, as he turned around to walk out. “Woah, wait, we’re not killing this guy?” Magnus asked. “We’re not murderers. Besides, we can handle anything he sends at us.” Dewm said. “Fair point.” Magnus said. The four left to return to the RV. God waited a few moments, before getting up out of his seat and picking up the revolver off of the floor, and reloading it. He took out his phone, and punched in a number. “You’ve got visitors on your way. Highly trained, four of them. I’m on my way, be sure to get the other three.” God said.

Magnus kicked open a set of double doors to their location. A man with a double barrel shotgun was knocked back from the opening of the doors. Magnus kicked his foot down into his face, knocking him unconscious. Dewm picked up the double barrel shotgun, looking at it. “Pass it here, I’ll unload it.” Shadow said. “I know how to unload this thing.” Dewm said, as he went for the break-action release, before he spotted two men rushing the group with knives. He shot them both, then opened the shotgun, letting the shells fly through the air, smoking. “That’s how you unload it.” Dewm tossed the shotgun aside, and the four piled into an elevator, pressing the button for the top floor. “Why the top floor?” Nova asked. “The big guy’s always at the top.” Magnus said. “He’s not wrong. Plus I don’t really feel like searching every floor yet. We’ll check the top, then we’ll look everywhere else.” Dewm said. Suddenly, the elevator stopped. “What the hell?” Shadow asked in surprise. “They must be redirecting us.” Nova said. “They can do that?” Dewm asked. “A better question is ‘they can take over most of Miami without police interference’.” Nova responded. The Elevator opened up, revealing a woman wearing green riot armor, revving up a chainsaw. She pointed her finger at Shadow. “You! Me! Fight!” Chains yelled. The four began to leave the elevator, before Chains screamed in anger. “No! Just one! You!” She yelled, pointing at Shadow once again. “She asked for it.” Shadow said as she cracked her knuckles. The Elevator made a ding, and attempted to close, though the three standing between the doors caused them to stop closing. “Go on, go, they’re probably just trying to test us. I can handle her.” Shadow said. The three reluctantly backed up into the elevator, finally allowing it to close. Dewm looked up at dial indicator at the top of the elevator, which turner slowly rightwards from 15 to 17. It opened up to reveal Brix loading shotgun shells into a magazine. He looked over at Magnus. “The boss wants me to fight one of you. See if you are ‘worthy’ of seeing him. I hope you’ve said your prayers, then.” Brix said, as he loaded the magazine into his riot shotgun. Magnus pushed his way past Dewm and Nova. “Are you black?” Magnus asked. “Yeah.” Brix responded. “I hate black people!” Magnus yelled at him. “Aw hell no! C’mon bitch, bring it!” Brix said. The elevator closed, and continued upwards. “Think Magnus took it to far with that?” Nova asked. “What? Hell no, it’s not gonna matter, Magnus will probably feed that guy his own shells.” Dewm said. “Hm… alright, if you say so.” Nova said. The elevator opened to reveal God, activating and deactivating his mounted tasers. “You...” Nova started. “Yeah, it’s me. You messed with my people, why wouldn’t I be here? Maybe this time things’ll play out differently this time.” God said. “Maybe.” Nova said. “Right, li-... wait, did you say ‘maybe’?” God asked. “Yeah, I did. What does it matter?” Nova asked. “I expected you to say something overconfident, and self-centered.” God said. “And… ?” Nova asked. “Unlike the others, perhaps we can find an alternative to combat. Would you say that you’re intelligent?” God asked. “I’m the one who figured out that your base of operations lie within police stations. Or at least, you frequent them as HQs.” Nova said. “Impressive. Our enemies have been searching for our HQs for years and here you are, a Miami newcomer, and it hits you instantly. Perhaps we can play some mind games instead of fighting.” God said. “Fine.” Nova said. “Good luck.” Dewm said, as he let the elevator doors slide closed. The elevator finally rode upwards to the next floor, 19, and he stepped out to be faced against Incisor. “You’re the last one. Hm. The fabled Dewm. Don’t look like much.” Incisor said. “You know me?” Dewm asked. “Of course. I’m from the Island.” Incisor said. “Really?” Dewm asked. “Yeah, me and the others that you’ve probably seen thus far.. We were the only four to break our way through the Blockade. That’s where we got our riot armor.” Incisor said. “Well, I guess that means you’re going to be a bit tougher than the other dickheads we had to go through to get here.” Dewm said. “Don’t underestimate me.” Incisor said. “Don’t underestimate me.” Dewm said.
Shadow dodged Chains’ swings of her chainsaw a couple times before backing away. She had no weapons, making it pointless to even try to attack with her fists. He backed up into a wall, noticing just next to her was a wall-mounted glass case containing a fire axe. She busted it open and took the axe out, just barely parrying Chains’ next attack. Shadow swung the axe at Chains, who swung back, and the two weapons met for a short second. Shadow sung the axe again, getting it to jam the Chainsaw’s chain by getting the edge of the axe between two of the chain’s teeth. The saw tugged harder and harder in an attempt to pull the chain back, before the pressure was too much, and the chain broke, causing the chain to go flying off the guide bar and unpredictably through the air. Shadow narrowly dodged the chain as it went flying, just barely causing it to miss her forehead and shave a small amount of her hair off. Chains made a sort of growling noise as she took a chain off from her shoulder and quickly began wrapping it around the guide bar, before Shadow swung the axe at Chains’ face, not penetrating the visor to her riot helmet, but still breaking the visor off. She screamed as she grabbed another, smaller chainsaw from her side and revved it up, swinging it at Shadow, who attempted to block the attack, though the chainsaw went past the axe’s blade and ripped through the wooden handle of the axe, forcing Shadow to wield the weapon one-handed. Shadow swung the axe at the chainsaw blade, causing Chains to be open for an attack, though instead, Shadow grabbed another smaller chainsaw from Chains’ side, wielding the axe and the smaller chainsaw together. The two developed a distance, and watched each other outside of an attack range. Chains yelled as she threw her chainsaw across the room at Shadow, who barely stepped away from the throw. While Shadow was dodging, Chains picked up the full-sized chainsaw and finished wrapping up the chain around the guide bar. Shadow threw her fire axe at Chains, who blocked the flying object with her saw. Shadow picked up the other chainsaw, dual wielding the saw. The two ran in to attack, with Chains swinging her saw downwards at Shadow’s head, while Shadow blocked it with both saws. She kicked Chains in the groin, causing her to back away, dropping the saw to her side with one hand. While Chains was open, Shadow jabbed one of the chainsaws into Chains’ stomach, as it slowly ripped through her armor and into her abdomen. Chains screamed in agony, before Shadow ripped the full chainsaw out of Chains’ hand, and threw it across the room. Shadow prepared to swing the remaining chainsaw into Chains’ face, bringing it down, but Chains blocked it with her arm, and it cut halfway through her forearm before jamming. Shadow walked over to grab the fire axe, picking it up. She kicked Chains’ helmet all the way off, before lifting her up by grabbing chains’ remaining hand, and pushing her down to her stomach, so Chains couldn’t block as Shadow swung the fire axe into the back of Chains’ head, turning her blonde hair to red. Shadow flicked some of the blood off of her hands, before stepping back into the elevator.
Magnus swung his fist and Brix, who rolled out of the way and aimed his shotgun, though Magnus grabbed the barrel and quickly pushed it up just as Brix fired three shots. Magnus grabbed the shotgun with both hands and pushed with all his might throwing Brix against the wall before taking aim with the shotgun, and firing into Brix’s stomach, most of the pellets only dented Brix’s armor, though a couple penetrated. Brix got up, and his Magnus in the face twice, though Magnus simply looked at Brix afterwards, showing no pain. Magnus grabbed Brix by the throat, before chokeslamming Brix into the ground. Magnus aimed the shotgun at Brix’s head, before Brix put his hands up. “Wait, wait, I’m not even black!” Brix yelled, dropping the accent. Magnus still aimed the shotgun, but he lowered it slightly in confusion. Brix quickly took off his helmet, revealing his statement to be true. “There, see? Spare me!” Brix said. “Why?” Magnus asked. “Because I’m not black, like, you said you hate black people and whatnot, but I’m not-” Brix was cut off. “I just said that to make you angry, I don’t give a shit if you’re black or white, I’m still going to shoot you in the fucking face.” Magnus said. “Alright, look, if you spare me, I can get you into this place’s vault, take all the money, I don’t care, just don’t kill me!” Brix said. “How do I get into the vault?” Magnus asked. “There’s a computer, type in the code 73646237-73224!” Brix said. “You really think I’m gonna remember that shit?” Magnus asked. “Here, hold on, just trust me...” Brix said as he got up from the floor, and grabbed a nearby notebook and a pen, and wrote the code down, before tearing out the page and handing it to Magnus, who pushed it into his pocket, crumbling it a little. “Alright, can I go now?” Brix asked. “Of course, you can go to hell.” Magnus said, before blasting Brix backwards with the riot shotgun. He made a screaming noise as he looked down to see his stomach, more pellets penetrated his armor than the last blast. Magnus fired again, and again, until Brix’s was almost completely opened. Magnus turned to see Shadow standing in the elevator behind him. “Need a ride?” Shadow asked. “Sure.” Magnus said, as he stepped into the elevator.
Nova and God looked at one another, a fair distance away. “So, I will begin. Until I am measured, I am not known, yet how you miss me when I have flown. What am I?” God said. “Easy, time.” Nova said. “Hm, very good. Your turn.” God said. “If you break me, I do not stop working, if you touch me, I may be snared, if you lose me, nothing will matter.” Nova said. “Hm… Interesting. I would assume it’s your heart.” God said. “Good job.” Nova said. “Alright… I never was, yet always will be. I am never seen, yet always come. I can carry nothing, yet hold much for some. What am I?” God asked. Nova took a deep breath. “... Tomorrow.” Nova said. “Impressive. Your turn, then.” God said. “What has roots as nobody sees, is taller than trees, up, up it goes, and yet it never grows.” Nova said. “Huh. I believe… it’s a mountain, right?” God said. “Bingo.” Nova said. “Very clever.” God said, before he cleared his throat. “Who makes it has no need of it. Who buys it has no use for it. Who uses it has no knowledge of it.” God said. “Well, that’s gotta be a grave.” Nova said. “You’re dangerously good at this. Fine, go on, what’s your next one?” God asked. “You require me to live, but you can be without me shortly. I am as important as your brain, yet as replaceable as hair. What am I?” Nova said. “Blood, clearly.” God said. “Wrong, it’s air.” Nova said. “Damn! I should’ve known. Fine, you win. You can continue on, I’ll leave. Good luck.” God said, as he turned and walked away. “It was still a good bit of fun. I praise you for your sportsmanship.” Nova said, honorably. “Sure.” God said, somewhat dismissive, as he walked through a door on the opposite end of the room from the elevator. Nova turned and was about to press the elevator button, before the elevator doors opened to reveal Shadow and Magnus. “Well. How’d it go?” Magnus asked. “I’m all clear. How about you guys?” Nova asked. “Targets eliminated.” Shadow said. “Huh. Alright.” Nova replied.
Dewm kicked back a charging Incisor, before his breathing got heavy. Incisor swung for a punch, though Dewm blocked the blow, and punched Incisor back in the face. Dewm’s chest tightened, and suddenly everything along his torso ached. He grabbed his chest as he attempted to fight back against the oncoming heart attack. “Are you for real? For once I’d like to fight someone who stands a chance, this is just pathetic.” Incisor said, before raising his fist to hit Dewm. Incisor swung, though Dewm caught his fist before it could land, and squeezed his grip, causing Incisor to make a pained growling sound. Dewm’s chest still ached, though he got up regardless. “You want your fucking fight, you’ve got it!” Dewm yelled, as he ran up to Incisor, swinging his fist. Incisor put his arms up to block, though Dewm punched the block and still damaged, Incisor, who screamed in pain. Dewm punched Incisor in the gut, causing him to throw up. Dewm grabbed Incisor with almost no effort, and threw him into the next room over, where two green-clad guards aimed pistols and shot Dewm several times. He stood in agonizing pain, before tightened his muscles, and let out a roar as he rushed one of the armed guards, hitting them in the head, cleanly decapitating the opponent, and their head went flying across the room. The other guard began backing away, reloading their pistol, though Dewm caught up to them, grabbing the pistol’s barrel and tugging back as hard as he could, ripping the guard’s hand off as he disarmed the guard. Dewm smashed the handle of the pistol into the guard’s jaw, removing it completely. The guard screamed in agony, and Dewm responded by grabbing both of the guard’s arms, and kicking his foot into the guard’s chest, ripping both arms out of their sockets. The guard fell to the floor, screaming and bleeding out. Incisor began to back away, running, though he tripped over the first guard’s decapitated head. Incisor began crawling away from Dewm, who approached slowly. Incisor reached into his pocket, pulling out a .44 magnum. “Don’t take another goddamn step or I blow your fucking head off!” Incisor said, spitting a little blood onto the visor of his helmet. Dewm took exactly one step and stopped, and Incisor fired a round into Dewm’s head, shattering his visor. Dewm returned a menacing glance as he opened his mouth, allowing the bullet to fall from his teeth where he caught it. Incisor fired another two round into Dewm’s chest as he continued walking towards him, though as Dewm got into range, he smashed his heel down into Incisor’s groin, splattering blood and seminal fluid around his crotch. Incisor screamed, before Dewm took the revolver from Incisor’s grip, and fired a bullet into his eye, killing him. Dewm threw the magnum aside, before he fell to his knees and began breathing heavily. The tightening of his chest relieved itself, and Dewm continued, bleeding from the numerous bullet holes he had in him. He returned to the elevator, where the other three waited. Dewm silently stepped in, breathing heavily. “You look like hell.” Nova said. “I got shot a few times.” Dewm said. The elevator was silent for a moment. “Cool.” Magnus said. The doors opened, and the four walked forwards towards a desk, where a figure sat behind the desk, accompanied by several women wearing revealing clothes that surrounded him. The central figure eyed the four as they approached. “Well goddamn. Here they are. I was waiting for you guys to show up.” 3 said. Dewm inspected 3’s unique helmet, finding it to be familiar. “John… ?” Dewm asked. “Obviously. Who else do you think could get this much pussy?” John asked. Nova and Shadow pointed at Dewm, while Magnus pointed at himself. “Whatever. I’ve been keeping as much of an eye on you guys as you have my gang, and I gotta say, I find the whole ‘get the band back together’ thing a good idea.” John said. “Obviously.” Dewm said. “Anyway, I’m on board.” John said. “Well, that was easy.” Dewm said. “You just killed a my top guys, and the rest of my gang is composed of incompetent fools. So I might as well. Besides, you guys are hitting the Blockade, right?” John asked. Dewm and Shadow said yes, while Magnus and Nova said no. “Well, I’ll be the deciding vote, I say yes.” John said. “Great, you wanna head out now?” Dewm asked. “Obviously.” John said, as he got up from his seat, wearing his normal armor, though the colors were faded and it was badly damaged. “New York here we come.” Shadow said, as the group of five walked back to the elevator.

The five exited to the parking lot, with Magnus carrying a large box filled with money from the vault, the five walked up to the RV, before they spotted God attempting to hotwire a nearby car. “Oh shit, he’s still alive?” John asked. “Yeah. We had a riddle contest, I won and he walked off.” Nova said. God looked there way, and attempted to hotwire faster. The five approached, and he opened the glove box, grabbing a pistol. “Hey look, I’m just trying to leave. Just leave me alone.” God said. “We let this guy live last time, and he called reinforcements. Are we really going to let him live this time?” Shadow asked. “I say we kill him.” Dewm said. “Ditto.” Magnus said. “Now hold on, hold on, what happened to we’re not killers?” Nova asked. “I already said he crossed us last time, is that not a good enough reason?” Dewm asked. “Let’s hear John out on it, he knows the guy, John-” Nova started, before John yelled as he swung a golf club into the side of God’s head, piercing the helmet and splattering brains around the inside of the car. “Holy shit!” Nova yelled, as he backed away. “He was weak. He failed me. And Dewm has a point. So let’s get moving. We don’t have time for this.” John said. “There’s nothing else to do now, might as well.” Magnus said. The five continued into the RV, where Jason sat in the back, snoring. “Who’s this?” John asked. “He’s my son. Inspired me to regroup everyone.” Dewm said. “Is he gay?” John asked. The other four looked at John in confusion. “Look the last thing I need is Dewm AND his kid starting up a sex competition with me, we’ve already been through that before.” John said. “Ten quid on he’s gay.” Magnus said. “Twenty, he’s not!” Nova said. Shadow took out a wallet and began counting her cash. “Are you guys serious?!” Dewm yelled, causing them all to stop. Jason looked over at the scene. “Bi!” He yelled out to them. “That’s gay enough for me, I’ll take that twenty.” Magnus said. Dewm sighed as he sat down in the driver’s seat and started the RV up.
The RV shakingly reached a halt as the group stepped out to look south east off the coast of Staten Island, where a massive dam-sized wall was sat in the middle of a bridge. Several heavily armed men wearing familiar riot armor aimed their weapons out of the barbed-wire fences that kept swimmers from getting access to the rest of New York. The group walked away and across the bridge, nearing the Blockade wall. A group of four riot police approached the group. “You! All six of you, identification papers, IDs, you know the drill!” The officer said, as the other three closely held military-grade weapons, prepared to fire. “Don’t worry, I’ve got my stuff right here.” John said, as he slowly reached into his pocket, before pulling out a revolver and shooting all six bullets into one of the officer’s helmets, eventually piercing the visor and killing the officer. Dewm tackled another one, repetitively smashing the back of their head into the pavement until blood splattered out. Shadow grabbed one of the officer’s shotguns, unloading the weapon into the officer’s chest. Magnus, Nova and Jason all grabbed the last officer, restraining him, while Dewm approached the officer, and kick them in the head, knocking their helmet off. John and Shadow both approached with the other officers’ weapons, and fired into the remaining officer until they stopped squirming. “Let’s get going!” John said, as the six quickly looted the carcasses and ran straight for the Blockade wall. Two snipers on top of the wall aimed down, firing upon the group, though missing all their shots. The group quickly reached a security door that looked like it came from a submarine, though the door was quickly shut and locked. “Shit, anyone got a plan?” Dewm asked. “Stand back.” John said, as he ignited a green lightsaber. “Holy shit, where’d you get that?” Jason asked. “E-Bay.” John said, as he cut into the door and carved out a chunk of it, allowing the group to jump through the opening. John immediately cut down two nearby guards with the saber. “Alright. Battle plan?” John asked. “Shit, I forgot about a plan...” Dewm said. “Improv’s more fun anyway!” Magnus said as he took out a lead pipe and hammered it into a charging officer’s head, knocking the helmet off and knocking the officer out. Magnus bashed the pipe into the officer’s exposed head three times, before he looked around to see Shadow disarming an officer and putting them into a headlock, before snapping their neck. “First, we secure the Blockade, then we blow it to hell!” Dewm yelled over the combat. “With what?!” Shadow yelled back, as she kicked one of the officers in the groin. “Whatever explodes around here!” Dewm yelled, as he grabbed an officer by the shoulders and threw them into John, who turned around to decapitate them in a single swing. “If we can’t find anything, I’m pretty sure the military will arrive soon with backup, and they’ll have something that can explode real nice!” Magnus yelled. Dewm threw an officer down a flight of stairs, at the end of their ride, the officer was screaming and crawling around without the use of his legs. “I’m heading downstairs!” Dewm yelled. Shadow impaled an officer’s face on start of the stair railing. “I’m with you.” Shadow said. The two ran down the set of stairs, one the way down, Dewm smashed his foot into the still-living officer’s head, crushing it against the floor and finishing him off. The two stopped at another reinforced door. Shadow sighed, “Wouldn’t be the Blockade without locked doors every 15 feet. So, should we go get John and have hi-” Dewm grabbed the large,locked handle on the door and pushed it with all his might, until something snapped inside the door and Dewm ripped the entire handle out. He pushed the door open, and two officers rushed him with batons. Dewm swung the handle into one’s face, knocking them down with a painfully loud metal bang filling the room. Shadow grabbed the other one, putting them into an arm lock, and rotating her grip to dislocate the officer’s shoulder. Dewm lifted their helmet off and smashed the door handle into their face, splattering blood. The two moved on to another locked door, and Dewm repeated the process of breaking the lock and opening the door, only to find themselves in a large under construction area, looking over the ledge of the suspended platform showed a long fall until there was water. An officer at the end fired an RPG at the two, who both rolled into cover behind parallel columns suspending the platform. “Are these guys serious?!” Shadow yelled. “I’m about to get a whole lot more serious, stay here, keep any flankers from getting to me, I’ve got the rocketeer up there.” Dewm said. “How so?” Shadow asked. “I’m going to catch one of his rockets and throw it back at him.” Dewm said. “Do you have any idea how insane that sounds?” Shadow asked. “Do you have any idea how insanely serious I am right now?” Dewm asked, before exiting his cover and running straight towards the officer, who by now had another rocket loaded, and fired it. Dewm reached his grip out to grab the rocket mid-flight, which was a force powerful enough to knock him back a couple steps. He flipped the rocket around, and threw it as hard as he could, eventually hitting the officer directly in the face with it, blowing him up. He turned to see Shadow kicking an officer off the edge of the platform, and eventually, turning to face another officer, this one female. Shadow hit her in the face twice, before disarming the officer of her baton and bashing it into her head. Shadow turned to see Dewm with his arms crossed, as Shadow approached him. “Oh I’m sorry, did I miss your display?” Shadow asked. “Yeah, it was pretty cool.” Dewm said. “Well, I’m assuming you saw that back there. You’re welcome.” Shadow said. “Hey, I never said there was anything wrong with a little girl on girl.” Dewm replied. The two continued on to the next room, where they found an armory. Two officers were there loading rifles, and quickly turned to fire at the intruders. Dewm grabbed one of their rifles, ripping it from their grip, before smashing the barrel into their face, before turning to the other, who shot Dewm in the chest, twice, though it didn’t stop Dewm from smashing the pointed end of the rifle’s stock into the officer’s eye, killing him. “Alright, looks like we found the jackpot.” Dewm said, and the two began loading weapons and stocking ammo.
Magnus climbed up the hatch to an elevator, and into the shaft. “Hey, a little help!” Jason yelled, still inside the elevator. Magnus sighed and reached his arm down, and Jason jumped up and grabbed it. Magnus pulled him up. “Why did I get stuck with you?” Magnus asked. “A better question is where do we go from here?” Jason asked. “The sky may not always be bright, but she can bring some answers.” Magnus said, as he looked up the shaft to see two officers reeling themselves downwards with grappling hooks. “These guys have everything!” Jason said. Magnus grabbed one by their leg and pulled them down, smashing them head-first into some machinery in the wall. Jason tapped Magnus on the shoulder to show the other officer had, by then, reached their level, and aimed a pistol. “Goddammit.” Magnus said, before punching the officer in the face and grabbing their pistol. He fired into the officer’s chest several times until their blood splattered across the elevator shaft. Magnus put the pistol in his pocket, before grabbing one of the ropes and putting his feet against the wall, climbing up. Jason took a deep breath and cracked his knuckles, before jumping up and grabbing the other rope, replicating Magnus’ movements. After a short while, Magnus tilted himself upwards, and stood in a very narrow spot, pressed against the door to the top floor. He pressed his fingers between the doors, before opening them, and slipping in, keeping one of the doors open for him to look at Jason. “Alright, c’mon, I’ve got this door open!” Magnus said, as he kept out of the way for Jason to jump. Jason made a weak jump from the rope, but managed to grab the ledge, and pull himself up to safety. Jason nodded in surprise of how well it went, before an officer aimed a rifle at the two. Jason put his hands up. “We surrender!” He said. Magnus shook his head, before taking out the pistol and shooting the officer in the neck. The officer fell over, basically dead, with his spine severed. Magnus and Jason rushed to the end of the hall, before reaching a much more normal door than that of the other reinforced doors in the Blockade. Magnus tried the handle, but it was locked. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his credit card, and moved it between the door and the doorframe, until the door opened, and Magnus walked in with his pistol ready. He shot two guards, both in the neck, before aiming his pistol at a man wearing a uniform akin to a normal police officer, though it was much more prestigious than a normal uniform. “You! Do you run this place?!” Magnus shouted at the man. “Yes, I’m assuming you’re the intruders. I’m not sure what you’re attempting to gain here.” The man responded, somewhat calmly, while Jason picked up a rifle from one of the dead officers. “It doesn’t matter what we want. What we need is for you to obey what we tell you.” Magnus said. “What are your demands?” The man asked. “All doors, unlocked, power re-routed to the elevators, and uh… hm… not sure what else. You got anything that explodes?” Magnus asked. “Where’s the cafeteria?!” Jason yelled, aiming his rifle at the man. “Goddammit, I’ve got this, you go watch my back.” Magnus said. “Oh. Alright. Well… still, I want to know where these guys eat, I’m hungry.” Jason said, before leaving the room and standing in the hall outside. “Anyway, get to it.” Magnus said.
John bisected an officer, and turned to slice another’s hand off, before jabbing the saber into their head. “You almost done?!” John yelled to Nova, who was messing with wires to a massive vault door, with some cut marks that appear to have come from John’s lightsaber. “Almost, I still need more time!” Nova yelled back. John decapitated another officer, before kicking another in the stomach, and shooting them in the chest several times with an MA37, and putting it away by clipping it on his back. “Alright, I’ve got it!” Nova yelled, before opening the door, revealing a room filled with mines, grenades and a variety of other explosives. In the center was the holy grail of it all, a missile. “By the power of Grayskull...” Nova said. “What, what is-... Damn.” John said, as he laid his eyes upon it all. “Let’s get some of this stuff set up in the area, and report back to the others.” John said. The two picked up one explosive after the other, laying them around the rooms they had been to thus far. John looked up after planting a mine to see two officers rushing him. He activated his saber, and cut them both down, while Nova also engaged another officer rushing him from the opposite direction. Nova hit them in the chest several times, before uppercutting them, effectively knocking them out. The two finished setting up explosives, and picked up a few more, before returning to the spot where the six all split up into groups of twos. A group of about ten officers were there, weapons raised. “Put the explosives down and your arms up, or we will shoot.” The officers said, a safe distance from any explosion that would erupt if they were shot. John sighed, before setting down a bomb he was carrying in his arms, and Nova similarly put down a box full of mines, before the group of guards were all gunned down from behind. As the guards all dropped to the floor, it revealed Dewm and Shadow, weapons raised, with Dewm carrying a minigun. “Goddamn!” Nova said, at the sight of Dewm’s new weapon. “Goddamn!” Dewm said, at the sight of John’s bomb. “Well it looks like we both struck gold.” Shadow said. “You guys know where Magnus and Jason are?” John asked. “We’re up in the control room… place.” Magnus said over an intercom. The four looked around, before they all focused on a security camera. “Alright, give us a hand with setting up these explosives around the place, we found a missile, figured if we launched it at the base after throwing some other explosives around, it would ignite a chain reaction of explosions and effectively drop this place into the water below.” John said. “I’m not exactly available to help right now, but I’ll send Jason down.” Magnus said into a microphone, while aiming a pistol at the man he interrogated earlier. “That’d be fine. Is there anything you can do to help from there?” Dewm asked. “All doors are unlocked, and I can give you guys some directions.” Magnus said. “Alright, nice work.” John said. “No problem.” Magnus said. “So, hold on… how exactly do you plan to launch a missile?” Dewm asked. “Well I was gonna rip the warhead out of it and throw it. Figure that’d work.” John said. “Hm. Alright.” Dewm said, before swinging the minigun around and clipping the base of the barrel on a backpack filled with the minigun’s ammo belt.
After setting up the explosives around the base, John and Dewm both carried the missile outside, while Shadow, Nova and Jason waited for Magnus to arrive. As he did, he held the man in charge at gunpoint. “Who’s that?” Nova asked. “My name is Admini-” Magnus hit him in the face with the pistol’s grip to silence him. “The cunt that runs this place.” Magnus said. “Why’s he still alive?” Shadow asked. “Because, I’ve got plans for him.” Mangus said. “Can one of you search that guy’s body and see if there’s handcuffs on them?” Magnus asked, motioning towards one of the bodies. Shadow reached into their pocket, and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. “You gonna use him as a way to tell off the military?” Shadow asked as she handed the cuffs to Magnus. “No, I made damn sure that the military doesn’t know we’re here. Sure, after the boom, they’ll know, but we’ll be long gone after that.” Magnus said, as he cuffed one part onto the man’s wrist, and the other to a nearby pipe. “I just want him to have a nice front row seat for the explosions.” Magnus said. “Are you mad?!” The administrator yelled. “Me? Nah.” Magnus said, before walked out with the other three, to see Dewm and John at both ends of the missile, pulling back, before the warhead came out, and the rest of the missile was discarded by Dewm. “You sure you don’t want the honors?” John asked as he turned to face Dewm. “Nah, I already threw a rocket not too long ago.” Dewm said. John shrugged, before yelling as he threw the warhead with all his might. It hit the Blockade not too far from the front door, erupting in a large explosion, that soon grew into a mass of explosions that absorbed the entire wall. As the smoke dissipated, the other side was revealed. “Alright. Now for the last step… Getting over the gap in the bridge.” Shadow said. Dewm looked upwards, where the bridge was still connected through its suspenders. “I’ve got an idea.” Dewm said.

Shadow looked straight down as she attempted to balance on the top of the bridge, slowly walking downwards. “I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Shadow said. Behind her, Nova said, “I agree. Plus, telling a person not to look down only gets them to look down.”. In front of the two were Dewm and John, both carrying the RV. “I never told you not to look down! Besides, that’s your own fault!” Dewm said. “Anyway, are you two sure you don’t want to be in the sled?” John asked. “You mean the death machine? I’ll pass.” Shadow said. “Your loss, alright, John, I’m putting her down and getting in!” Dewm said as he set down the front of the RV. “Make it quick.” John said. Dewm got into the RV, as it hung over the peak of the bridge’s top, faced down a slope. “3, 2-” John starting saying. “Y’know what, on second though, I think I’d rather lose control inside the RV than inside nothing. It’s like choosing almost certain death or even more almost certain death.” Nova said. “I don’t want to be the only walking down here, so fine...” Shadow said, as the two walked around John and into the RV. John sighed, before clearing his throat. “Alright, now we’re counting down! 3, 2, 1, go!” John said, as he let go of the RV, and it began sliding down the bridge’s suspender. It slid down completely normally, and slowed down as it reached the bottom. “That was nowhere as awesome as I thought it was going to be.” Magnus said, from inside the RV. John smashed into the ground a few feet away from the RV, and got up, recovering from the fall almost instantly. “It looks like he had more fun than us.” Nova said, observing as John put his fists up into the air and let out a “Woooooo!”, before walking into the RV. “Alright, let’s go.” Nova said, as he started up the RV. “So, quick question… do we have to do that again if we want to get back to the States?” Shadow asked. The group was silent for a moment. “Yeah.” Dewm said.

The RV stopped outside of John’s house, and the group got out. John’s windows were all shattered, and the door kicked in. “You gotta be kidding me.” John said. “I bet this was Marc’s doing.” Dewm said. “You!” A man yelled from behind the group, aiming a SPNKR at the group. The man wore MJOLNIR armor, but instead of a techsuit underneath, he wore white robes, and instead of a helmet, they wore a mask. “Who the fuck is that?” Shadow asked. “My identity matters not. I lead the Legion here. We are the dominant group of the Island. We are the best hope for bringing unity back to this place. But you, Dewm… you have some nerve coming back here.” The man said. The group was silent. “You take yourself very seriously, don’t you?” Shadow asked. “Can we at least get a name from you so you’re not identified as “the man”? I think we’ve had enough of that shit in this chapter.” Nova said. Dewm hit Nova lightly on the shoulder. “What’d I tell you about the 4th wall?” Dewm asked. “Call me The Legion.” The man said. “So your name’s Legion… and you lead the Legion.” Dewm said. “Shut up, I didn’t have much time to think of a good name. Regardless, you’re surrounded. Come peacefully and we will explain everything.” Legion said, as more men wearing similar MJOLNIR with white robes appeared around them, aiming weapons. “This is exactly what we need.” Dewm said, before raising his hands. “We’re actually surrendering to them?” Shadow asked. “Oh, relax. We can break ourselves out. I’m interested in where this is going.” Dewm said. “I agree. We could use a briefing.” John said, before raising his hands. “Let it be known we’re not surrendering. We’re… asking please for the information in a more gesture-filled manner. If that makes sense.” Magnus said, before raising his hands. Shadow, Nova and Jason eventually complied silently, as well.

“Well this sucks.” Shadow said, while the group, excluding Dewm, sat in a prison cell. “Anyone got any plans?” Nova asked. “I could push open the bars so we could slip through.” John said. “Won’t there be guards?” Jason asked. “That’s the whole point.” John said. “Why do you think they’re talking to Dewm in private?” Nova asked. “Probably just more people he pissed off.” Magnus said. “That’s a wide array of people, you know.” Shadow said. “Exactly.” Magnus replied.

“You should’ve stayed gone.” Legion said to Dewm in an office, keeping Dewm at gunpoint with several guards, their rifles all trained on Dewm. “I guess. What’s your beef with me, anyway?” Dewm said. “83, you killed my two allies and left me to die.” Legion said. “I don’t remember that.” Dewm said. “Maybe you’d remember it if I told you those two allies were Forthright and Good Times.” Legion said. “What? Marc?” Dewm asked in surprise. “Marc? No I’m not fucking Marc, it’s me, Senpai.” Legion said, as he removed his mask. “I don’t remember that.” Dewm said. Legion growled. “You knocked me out, locked me in a room with nothing but a noose and a forged letter to attempt to get me to kill myself!” Legion yelled. Dewm was silent. “You’re stupid. You don’t remember your battle with Forthright?” Legion asked. “Oh, of course I remember that. I just don’t remember you, maybe you’re that forgettable.” Dewm said. “Fuck you.” Legion said, before he got up from his chair and turned to look at one of the guards. “Haul him off to his cell.” Legion said, the guard nodded, and gestured for Dewm to follow the guard, to which Dewm reluctantly replied.

Dewm was placed in his cell, but the guard didn’t go away as he watched two guards walk into the cell. “Well… This is a pretty sight.” One of the guards said, before they both took off their masks, revealing them to be Bjorn and Axy. “We heard about your arrival, figured we may as well help you kill Legion, that fucking fraud.” Bjorn said. “Well this is quite the rescue mission.” Magnus said, enthusiastically. “Well, I’m not sure what we’re waiting for, let’s go.” Dewm said. “Hold on, we’re waiting for this.” Magnus said, before he fist-bumped Bjorn, and the two appeared in black leather jackets wearing sunglasses, wielding lever-action shotguns. “Where’s the car?” Bjorn asked. The two were silent for a while, before the car went flying through the roof, the windows shattering, and the alarm going off. “I don’t think we can still drive that.” Magnus said. The group walked onwards, though the other guard also followed the group. “What the hell are they doing?” Dewm asked. “You think these are disguises? We’re really a part of the Legion. Almost everyone on this Island is. But we’re sick of this fuckhead running it. Everyone’s in on this assassination.” Axy said. The group walked into the office, and Legion sat at the desk, before getting out of his seat. “I didn’t ask for you… What’s going on here?!” Legion shouted. Dewm walked up to the desk, and Legion backed away a couple steps. “Guards, shoot him!” Legion yelled, looking back at his bodyguards, though they also aimed their weapons at Legion. Dewm walked up to Legion and grabbed him by the throat, before smashing his face into the desk, splattering blood across it. Dewm began walking away, before Legion lifted his face up. “Fuck… ahh!” He yelled, his pain almost getting stuck in his throat. “Here, you guys can take this one.” Dewm said to Axy. “All together now… ” Axy said. All of the guards unloaded into Legion until he was a disfigured pulp. “Now he should stay dead.” Dewm said. “Who’s gonna be the new leader?” Nova asked. “No one. We’re gonna be democratic about it.” Axy said. “That reminds me, how did you guys get here?” Bjorn asked. “We blew the shit out of the Blockade and walked across the bridge’s suspenders.” Magnus said. “Damn. Good riddance.” Bjorn said. “That means war, unless we’re going to sit back and let them build another Blockade.” Axy said. “You mean we’re gonna take on the entirety of the United States?” Dewm asked. “Hell yeah we are.” Bjorn said. “And who better to do it than us?” Axy said. “Alright. Then what’s the plan?” Dewm asked. “The goal isn’t to take over the US, it’s to fight for our right to exist. We go down to DC, kill the president and the vice president, and let America know that we’re not fucking around.” Bjorn said. “We’ve had this strategy planned out for months, it wasn’t until you guys came in and destroyed the Blockade that we’d do it. So we better be ready.” Axy said. “Then let’s get to it.” Dewm said. “Could we perhaps burn down the White House while we’re at it?” Magnus asked. “You could have the honors.” Dewm said. Magnus smiled.

The group flew in three separate Helicopters over DC, with Dewm leaning out of the chopper, eying the many monuments. He turned around, only to be faced with Spook. “You’ve made it very far, but you’re about to take a bite too big to chew. Turn back.” Spook said. “Damn you, where were you ten years ago?” Dewm asked. “Busy setting everything up to plan, before you went and fucked it all up.” Spook answered. “What do you mean?” Dewm asked. “The Blockade, the Ares Gang, the breaking up of your precious group and you finally living your life in shit, it was all to torment you. There’s no hell worse than knowing what you’ve lost, and forever living on never getting it back. But I suppose I should give it up to the famed demon slayer to thwart my own realities. I’ll let you have the victory thus far, but this is too much for you. Turn. Back.” Spook said. “Not a chance.” Dewm said. “You may have ruined things thus far but don’t expect to beat me again. I can tear down this reality if I so wish!” Spook said, angrily. Dewm hit Spook across the face, effectively unpausing reality once again. “Alright, you all ready to jump?” Nova asked over a headset. “Sure am.” Dewm said. “Affirmative.” John said.“Fuck yeah!” Magnus said. “Yeah.” Shadow said. “Uh… I guess.” Jason said. “Alright, we’re all ready. You guys are gonna give us air support, right?” Nova asked. “Yeah.” Bjorn and Axy both said, the two of them flying separate helicopters. “Alright… let us know when we’re clear.” Nova said. The choppers continued flying for a moment, before Axy yelled “Go, go!”, causing Nova and John to jump out of their choppers, then afterwards, Bjorn yelled “Your turn, guys, get out there!”, and Magnus and Jason both jumped out. Finally, Dewm saw the chopper fly past the White House’s fence, and heard his pilot say “You two are clear, good luck!”, and Dewm and Shadow jumped out of their chopper. Nova and John hit the ground, and Jason and Magnus afterwards both pulled open their parachutes. Suddenly, Dewm’s vision grayed, and time slowed down to a crawl. “Love it or leave it, she with the deadly bite, quick as the blue tongue, forked as a lightning strike...” Spook sang, before everything turned to normal, and Dewm shook his head to get his bearings. “The chute, pull the chute!” Shadow yelled over the mic at the top of her lungs, and at that moment, Dewm hit the ground, and everything went black. Dewm slowly opened his eyes, before taking in a sudden deep breath. He groaned as he slowly got up to see a chopper in ruins, and the pilot running around, covered in flames, screaming. “Look out, on your left!” Nova yelled as a rocket hit Axy’s chopper, completely ripping off the tail of it. “Ah fuck. Gimme a second, I’ll be right with you guys.” Axy said, as he steered what was left of the chopper directly into the side of the White House behind Dewm, before a large chunk of the wing exploded. “You sonova bitch, if you’re not alive I’m gonna kill you.” Magnus said. Axy coughed into the mic a little. “Damn it’s smoky in here... I don’t think I’m gonna reach you guys… try to kick some ass for me...” Axy said. Dewm struggled to get up, and unclipped his minigun, preparing the weapon as he walked onwards. “We gotta get rid of that anti-air turret if there’s any chance of Bjorn staying up there!” John said. “I’m on it!” Shadow said. “I’m heading up there with you!” Dewm said. “Good, you’re back. Look, Shadow can do that on her own, help me out with getting into the Oval Office.” Nova said. “Fine, fine.” Dewm said. From outside the fence was an army of Legion soldiers combating SWAT and the Military. He continued inside, and fired the minigun at several SWAT officers, killing them. He continued down the hallway and turned right, seeing Nova finish off a guard with a pistol, before turning around with a rifle prepared, and kicking open a set of double doors. He unloaded the rifle, though the room was filled with several heavily armed secret service agents instead of the president. The agents fired on Nova, hitting him several times, before Dewm tackled Nova to get him out of the way. He got up to look down at Nova, who was filled full of holes. “That smarts a bit...” Nova said. “Hey, can you hear me?!” Dewm said. Nova simply reached his hand out, and Dewm grabbed it, attempting to pull Nova up, though he simply responded in pain, and fell back down. “Some lights have to fade… Just… keep going… I’ll keep them off you...” Nova said, as he pulled out two pistols. Dewm simply stared at Nova, teeth gritted. He turned around and walked back a few steps, facing the opened double doors, as the agents ran out, firing their weapons. Dewm and Nova both gunned them all down, one by one. “If anyone can, get Nova, he’s outside the Oval Office. I’m after the President!” Dewm yelled. “I’ll get him after I’m done with this turret!” Shadow said, before an explosion went off on the roof of the building. “Shadow, you hear me?!” Dewm asked, instantly afterwards. All he got was static. He cursed under his breath, before moving onwards. “Dewm, I’m in the basement, the president and his VP have locked themselves down here!” John said. “A-... Alright, I’m on my way.” Dewm said, reluctantly, before running down one flight of stairs to the next, before seeing John slowly moving his Saber around a massive metal door, before occasionally turning to combat agents or SWAT officers. Dewm approached him from behind, killing several SWAT officers on his way. “Alright, you’re here. If we could just get Magnus...” John said. “Uh, I can’t exactly get to you, I started the fire, but it’s kinda blocking my access to most areas around the place. I’ll figure something out.” Magnus said. “Don’t get killed.” John said, before continuing to slice open the door. “Just keep me covered while I do this!” John said. Dewm continuously fired the minigun at all oncomers, before the barrel turned into a glowing yellow. He stabbed the barrel into incoming enemies that got too close. “We’re getting overwhelmed, I need some help!” Dewm said. John left the saber in the door, the job about three quarters done, and began firing back-to-back with Dewm, before he ran out of ammo, and opted for hitting his enemies with his fists. Dewm threw the minigun aside as it overheated, and also went in for punches. Several SWAT officers fired at the two, and they both had to take cover as they had no means of fighting back. John sat down on the floor, breathing heavily, as his shields sparked. “This is some shit...” John said. A SWAT officer rushed into the room with a shotgun, and shot Dewm in the chest causing him to fall backwards. The officer turned to shoot John, which he successfully did twice at point blank, before John ripped the shotgun out of the officer’s hands and swung the stock across his face, decapitating him. John fell to his knees, and looked down at the overwhelming bullet holes in him. Dewm got up, significantly less hurt, and looked at John. “I’ll live… I just hope you don’t mind if you have to carry me out.” John said, before he reached back and grabbed a weapon mounted on his back. “Here… finish this.” John said as he handed Dewm a spartan laser. Dewm mounted the weapon over his shoulder. “Hang in there.” Dewm said, as he aimed down a hallway and fired the weapon, obliterating everything in sight down the hall. He turned to face down another hall, and fired again, repeating the same effect. He turned to face the metal door, and fired the last two shots in the weapon, finally piercing through the door and blowing it back. He threw the weapon aside and stepped into the room, to see the bodies of everyone inside, including the president and the vice president, completely mutilated, and Spook standing in the center of it all. “I told you to turn back. Alas, it’s too late, Now.” Spook said, before laughing and pressing a button on a device he held, causing a nuclear bomb to detonate from within the room, and to obliterate everything nearby.

Dewm woke up in a bright white room, and saw Spook appear in front of him. “So here we are again. Except, this time, this is your hell. Think of everything you lost. And it’s all your fault.” Spook said, before fading away. Dewm sat for a moment, before looking around. He walked towards one of the bright white walls, and knocked on it, before hitting it. It didn’t even make a noise either time. He sat down, looking around. Nothing. He still wore his armor, though, so comfortable in it that he didn’t even notice he was wearing it until he looked down. Then, he thought for a moment. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a BFG. “Spook, you’re stupid.” Dewm thought to himself, before he fired the weapon and completely shattered the room he was in, revealing an infinite blackness. Dewm stepped through, to see Spook appear before him. “Well, would you look at that. You escaped nothing to find nothing. Cong-” Dewm fired the BFG at Spook, blasting him backwards from the splash damage. He got up to see Spook’s armor plating spread about the area, and his jack-o-lantern head sitting on the ground. Dewm walked over to the pumpkin, and lifted his foot up. “Don’t do that!” Spook yelled. Dewm slowly put his foot down on top of the pumpkin and let it rest. “Why not?” Dewm asked. “Because, you destroy me, and you guarantee yourself to be in limbo. Not until the next Devil comes in to rule Hell. And they might not have as generous an offer as I do.” Spook said. “And what’s the offer. I’m not exactly in the mood to sell my soul.” Dewm said. “Oh no, it’s not your deal to make.” Spook said, before several vines grew from under his pumpkin, and Spook pushed himself out from under Dewm’s boot, and the vines wrapped around themselves to give Spook a humanoid shape. Spook snapped with the vines, and Jason appeared. “Woah, where am I?!” Jason yelled. “Relax, boy. I have a deal for you. See, I’m a generous man. So you can make a decision on your father’s life. Either you sell me your soul, and I’ll restore everything back. Way, WAY back. OR, your father can remain here in hell, and I’ll give you paradise.” Spook said. Jason sighed, before looking over at Dewm. “C’mon, what did he ever do for you, huh?” Spook asked. Jason looked over at Spook, angrily. “Me made me exist in the first place. I’ll go with option number one.” Jason said. “What?!” Spook exclaimed. Dewm was also shocked. “You heard me.” Jason said, fearlessly. Spook grumbled. “Fine. But beware, boy… I will break you.” Spook said. “Or maybe I’ll break you. I’m the offspring of hell’s most wanted, after all.” Jason said. Spook growled. “That will not happen, I have powers beyond your father. Besides, I’ll make damn sure that talent skips a generation.” Spook said, before the two vanished in fire, and Dewm’s vision went black.

He woke up in a bed inside a mess of a room, beside some woman he didn’t even recognize. He got out of the bed and stretched, before looking out his window to see Magnus sitting at the driver’s wheel of a car, honking the horn. “C’mon man, these women aren’t going to fuck themselves!” Magnus yelled up to Dewm, who spotted two women in the backseat. He smiled, and walked downstairs to see Shadow breathing out smoke, holding a bong. “Your jerkoff friend is outside, asshole.” Shadow said. “Nice to see you, too.” Dewm said. Dewm walked out the front door to see John holding out a lightsaber hilt, showing it to Nova and Alex, the latter of whom put a gold star on it, and John swiftly backhanded Alex. Dewm got into the car with Magnus. “I’m amazed you’re not sharing these girls with Axy.” Dewm said. “Hey, that’s a good idea. Get the fuck out of my car, cunt.” Magnus said, and Dewm got out, before Magnus drove away at top speed. Dewm looked around the area further, everything seemed completely normal. John and Nova walked up to Dewm. “Hey… did we blow up a giant wall yesterday?” Nova asked. “And did I also run a gang?” John asked. “Yeah, you did!” Dewm said. The two cheered slightly. “It’s about time you got back! Every time we asked you about it for the last week you had no clue what we were talking about even though the rest of us seemed to remember.” John said. “Well, it’s damn good to be back.” Dewm said. “What about Jason?” Nova asked. “Oh… shit, yeah. After everything went to shit, I went to hell, where the devil offered me a chance after I almost killed him. Jason was taken in, and the devil gave him two options, to save me and take us back at the cost of his soul, or to live in paradise and keep me in hell. He picked the first option.” Dewm said. “Very noble of him. What little of him we knew, he seemed like a good kid.” John said. “Agreed. I just hope he’s all good.” Nova said.

In Hell, an army of Demons all knelt to a throne, where a single figure stood directly over the throne, wearing similar armor to Dewm’s, though it was much more demonic in appearance. He smashed a jack-o-lantern without its light, and unsheathed a sword, pointing it up to the roof of a massive cave, and the Demons began chanting, before ending their chant with “Hallowed be the name of Jason!”, before the Jason laughed. “So, was it worth the wait?” Jason asked.

Dewm, basically everything
Jason, written by DEWM NINJA
God, written by DEWM NINJA
Brix, written by DEWM NINJA
Incisor, written by DEWM NINJA
Chains, written by DEWM NINJA
Super Nova, for appearing as a character and assisting behind the scenes
Tom, written by DEWM NINJA
Shadow Wolf, for appearing as a character and assisting behind the scenes
Wheezus Christ/Magnus, for appearing as a character and assisting behind the scenes
John-A222, for appearing as a character and assisting behind the scenes
Carolus The Conqueror/Axy, for appearing as a character
Bjorn Sanders/Bjorn, for appearing as a character
Spook, written by DEWM NINJA
Steve Hildebert/Alex, for liking this post at some point in the future. Oh, and for being a character
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