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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:42 pm

I've been living on my own for a year now. I found myself a nice apartment close to my job and have been living there ever since. I met the neighbors a few times, talked with them and held a good relation from the beginning. Its funny, but in the entire year i have been living here, i never even noticed the cat living next door. No, not a pet cat, a girl cat. I thought i met everyone and they all knew me, i guess she slipped past my fingers.. I only noticed her a few days back, when i was going to work. I just had closed the door and was about to walk down the hallway when i noticed someone with green hair walking inside the door next to mine. It was short, but i had time to see the tail flopping behind her before the door closed.

I wanted to knock on her door and present myself, but i had to go to work. That day was one of the longest, i kept looking at the time with for only envy to leave and go back home, meet her and talk to her. Sadly, she wasn't even there after work and i was left to ask the others about her. Nobody could give me an answer, they never noticed her before as well. It seemed a little strange, that a cat with green hair would go unnoticed for so long. It is true cats always held odd, unique colors both for their eyes and hair, so a green one wasn't all that abnormal, but the fact that no one saw her before certainly was.

I took it on me to meet her at all cost, leaving my own door open, in case i'd see her walk by, but i didn't see her that night. Maybe she passed while i was busy or maybe she never went back home, or even simply arrived much later in the night... Cats always were like that, unpredictable.

The next day, after work, i decided to try something new. I made some food in a hurry and grabbed a chair in the kitchen before making my way to her door. I sat there, eating my boring meal while waiting for a green puff of hair to arrive. Just when i was about to give up, hours later, there she was, leaving her home. I was expecting her to arrive home, not leave it, but it didn't really matter. At least i was seeing her.

She was pretty short, just above five foot tall i'd say. I didn't noticed it at first but her hair wasn't completely green, only the one covering her face. The rest was more of a light brown, with two big pointy ears of the same color on top. Her big round eyes were the same green as her hair and i could have stared at them for hours if i wasn't so shy.

She was uniquely dressed, like most cats, with a black pretty short skirt and stockings, added to a short sleeve green top and longer green half skirts. It almost looked like a uniform for a job if it wasn't so... Unique. It took me some time to realize it, but she was also wearing big black gloves and they looked fitted with claws of their own.. Or maybe it was her claws pushing through. I don't really know.

I presented myself quickly since i thought she had to leave, but she surprisingly stopped there and ran her fingers through her long hair. Gosh she was pretty like that.

She took the time to present herself and told me her name. I guess i should have known, cats are not so original when it comes to names. Miaa Moto, she told me. Half the cats i ever met were name Miaa.. At least the girls. It seems almost all their names starts with Mii.. Then again, cats meows.. That's what they do, so a name in Miis is only natural for them, or something like that.

We spoke for a bit before she invited me inside her small home, which i happily accepted. From there, i learned cats aren't that different from us. I could barely tell it was a cat's home with for only exceptions the perfume in the rooms, the incredible amount of pillows and the overall small furniture. At over five feet tall, Miaa was pretty tall for a cat and she fitted perfectly in her decor. Me on the other hand, i was feeling like a giant.

We sat by the table, me slowly to make sure i wasn't going to break the chair, and we began chatting about this and that. I learned quite a lot about her. She was recording her first album and was hoping to make a career as a singer. She moved in her apartment two years ago and only ever so rarely left it to get some grocery and things she needed, which explained why i never saw her. She told me she loved nights more then days and rather sleep through the day and be active at night, like most of her kind i could tell. We chatted some more before she kicked me out to go downstairs and get her mail. I was hoping she'd come back up quickly so we could continue our conversation, but she never came back and i had to rest for the night.

I haven't seen her today, i really want to talk with her some more. I think we could be good friends... Maybe more.

\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\

Oddly enough, stealing from a vacant apartment is harder then it seems. First i needed to find something, anything worth stealing and reselling. I had some luck when i was eating some sushis in my favorite restaurant, the Ramaj Nas. I heard someone talking about her apartment she left full of belongings in a hurry. The woman had to leave for a contract.. Something about singing and finally starting a career. It took me some time, but i learned her name and searched for her on the social media. I got her address and thought a soon-to-be superstar must had some valuables worth my time and efforts. Not even an hour later, i was heading to her home, imagining the goodies i could find there.

The next day, i was there, in front of the door. I even made it early. I reached in just as some were going out for work. I hoped i didn't get caught just yet and locked the door behind me. Inside, i was left unsatisfied. At first glance, there was nothing valuable in there, that only meant i had to search.

My quest began in the closet, where i found a really nice black and green dress which fitted my hair. I decided to try it on and surprisingly enough, it fit me, so i made it mine, right away. I looked closely for more interesting clothes, but sadly there wasn't much but dresses and miniskirts.. Oh and some lingerie. I kept searching until i found a suitcase, which i quickly emptied to fill with the goods i'd soon find. In a separate closet i laid my hands on some swimsuits and bikinis. They weren't worth much, but they were almost new and stealing them meant i wouldn't have to buy new ones for myself. I threw a few sets in the box and kept my search.

It took me a full day of hard research before i could find some jewelry and some items worth selling. A recorder, a music player and plenty of CDs. It wasn't as good as i was hoping it would be, but i could make some money with the recorder, plus i had plenty of clothes for myself.

My next step was to place everything back the way it was, which took me an other full day. I was getting pretty tired of this apartment but i was finally getting ready to leave. All i needed to do was finding a way to get the stolen goods down without anyone to notice, get down and run away. I looked down the window and saw a trash container. I figured i could throw it down there and pick it up in some, so i dropped it and walked to the door. That's where things got complicated, when a guy approached me wanting to chat.

It felt like he was new around, which meant i could tell him just about anything and it would be fine, as long as it made sense. I could have told him i was busy and needed to go, but i figured i could chat a bit, make him think i was an innocent young woman just going with my life. We chat for a while, much longer then expected to be honest. I told him all he wanted to know... I tried my best to make a story that'd fit the owner of the apartment so he'd mistake me for the real one and leave me alone.

Quite some time later, i heard a trash truck coming by. I panicked and kicked the guy out, pretending i had mail to get, while in truth i had a container to check, crossing my fingers the garbage truck didn't get it before i did...

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