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Post by Z!FF on Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:20 am

‘’What if you were human?’’


‘’What do you mean?’’


‘’Well, do you think you would like it more to be alive?’’


‘’Honestly? No.’’


Sitting in a dinner, a young woman is holding a conversation at a table. She rests comfortably in the back of a wide, leathered bench while looking at the droplets in the wide window. Outside, the darkness of the night envelop the city and the moody rain calms down the busy streets, leaving them nearly empty, aside from a few brightly colored neon. Back inside, the café is only slightly more alive. A few folks are sitting at the counter and the only table occupied is being used by the woman and an android. The duo has been at it for hours seemingly without even noticing it.


‘’Why not? Being alive is pretty cool.’’


‘’For you, maybe, but you don’t see the world as I do. You don’t think as fast as I do. I wouldn’t enjoy to be limited like you humans.’’


The red head smirks, caressing a streak of her near perfect hair, watching the sky fall down, drop after drop. On the other side of the pristine white table, the mechanical cheetah does the same, though she actually tries to count every one of them. No matter the differences, it seemed both man and machine enjoyed the little pleasures of life, such as gazing before rain and watching the sun sets over the distance, far way from the sky scrapers and their concrete jungles.


‘’…but you would be free to do what ever you please. That has to be tempting, no?’’


‘’Free? You humans are free to work hard for a few digits you call pay and spend those hard earn goods getting things you need… it’s a never ending circle I would not call freedom.’’


The waitress comes by to pick up the empty cup of coffee and swipes the white surface to stunning cleanliness. She gently giggles the porcelain mug and is answered with a silent no. As she turns back behind the counter, to face off other customers, the red head flashes a glance at her mechanical friend only to be caught by the yellow glowing dots.


‘’I guess you have a point there, I guess it would be nice not to have to work.’’


‘’You misunderstood me. I didn’t say I don’t work. In fact, I work twenty-four seven.’’


In the far back of the large open room, bright white lights are being turned off one after the other until just a few remains on. The counter and its closest tables are now the only ones blessed by light, forcing the remaining customers to leave, slowly.


‘’So, what now, Aza?’’ Asks the young woman, getting a hold of her dark blue hooded shirt laying next to her while keeping her mesmerizing green eyes to the window.


‘’Now? Same as always, I’ll go back home, prep things up for tomorrow morning for Mister Dallaire and keep working on some other things. Do you have something in mind?’’


With her friend is getting ready to leave, her things all packed up, the feline stretches her back up. Of course, there’s no use to it, she has nothing to stretch, no muscles in need of moving, but it makes her seem more human, more friendly. The woman pulls up her wristband and slides her fingers across the touch pad, paying her bill. The android yawns, again without use, and gets up as well, following her organic companion.


‘’The night is still young, how about we go for a walk?’’ she lets out, still glancing at the window and the cold world outside.


The two friends quickly wave at the waitress, who’s hiding in the shadows close by, wiping a stool. They reach the door and make their exit into the dead, silent night.  




Thank you for reading, sorry for the bad ending, I was very tired and could not focus on my writing as I had actual F____ing robots to take care of… Even on my break mind you! Gah… anyway, I wanted to write a little something, to match my mood. I kind of achieved it, but I was hoping for an ending, not a cliff-hanger... oh well.


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