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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:50 pm

If only she could tell herself to stop. That little voice of reason in her head should tell her ‘’Stop, don’t do it! It will only get worse!’’, but it was silent. She no longer had second thoughts and was now mindlessly doing what her new friends were telling her to do. She never saw those people before, she knew that much, but she wasn’t able to resist them. They could ask anything of her and she would comply happily. She first gave them all her money and IDs when they asked for them. They told her they needed it more than she did and she agreed. She also agreed to telling them her address and giving them her keys. She knew they would go rob the place. She knew it because they told her. ‘’Give us the keys so we can rob you’’ they said, and she reached for her pocket, soon pulling out the chromed key and hanging it over with a little smile. ‘’Of course’’ she said. Then, one of the men had an idea and shared it with the loving gang.

’’Drive us there. You’ll help us put everything in our van after.’’
He said, looking at her glassy eyes. Once again, she agreed and took off.

She had first came in with her sister in plans to have a relaxing good time at the bar, chat all night and get a few drinks. Her sister who just turned twenty one, while she was rocking her twenty-forth year. They both agreed for  well-known dance club and were surprised by the lack of queue in the entrance. The night was young, very young actually. The sun had just set off, but both women worked the next day, so it had to be an early celebration if they wanted get plenty of rest for the next day.

They had a few drinks already and were about to leave. The younger sister had to go to the bathroom before taking off. She left her elder by the bar and walked down the small corridor on the far left. That is when the three men arrived, seemingly out of nowhere. Of course, the girls had noticed them before, but didn’t think much. Just a few guys enjoying a good drink of a Thursday night. Creeping from behind, one of them tapped her shoulder, excusing himself and asking for her attention, for a second. All she had to do, was turn over and it was done. She was theirs. She was first greeted by some dust in her face before her vision fogged out. The next instant, everything was clear and the first man, the one who tapped her shoulder in the first place, a tall, handsome with long, flouring brown hair whispered to her ear. ‘’You listen to us only.’’

A minute later they were all gone. She had been robbed and was about to help the theft steal more from her, if only she knew what they really wanted. Oh but she was about to find out, not that it was going to matter, she wanted to help them. She had no objections to their saying. ‘’No’’ had vanished from her vocabulary.

They soon reached her home, a cozy little apartment on the five-hundredth-thirty floor, and hovered the back of the van right to the front door. Inside was nothing unusual. Holopod, some consoles, respectable couch a various middle class items. No theft would bother with those items, but since it was being handed over so easily, who could say no? The entire gang began their dirty work, not without the help of the lovely, oh so useful lady and emptied most of the rooms in record time. When all was loaded, when she knew she had lost everything but couldn’t find a single emotion about it, not a single regret, she was asked to undress. Surely they were about to do what she thought, but again she couldn’t complain about it, she knew what was to come and was fine with it. More than that, she was almost happy for it. Almost. The beautiful glassy eyes looked down, where her hands met, on the zipper of her vest when she was told to stop.

’’I almost forgot how easy you are. Right. First know this, while undressing, put on a show will ya? We want some action.’’

So she did, dancing sensually as she undressed before their lurking eyes. Not even she knew she could be sensual, though she had the body for it. Before her top was off, the band had closed the outside door behind them and tinted the windows to their darkest levels. Before her panties slide off, they already had prepared replacements. Fully naked and exposed to their evil smiles, the handsome man applauded and threw a bag at her feet.

’’Wonderful, wonderful! You’re talented, we could use someone with talent. Put this on then get in the van’’

The woman knelt down, opened the bag and reached inside. She pulled out a black suit. Clearly it was too small, but the fabric would adjust to fit her curves, like all clothes would. * It was a one piece, covering her sex and torso, much like a beach wear. Other parts were in the bag, noticeably the pants, tightly covering both legs all the way down to the ankles, while the top was a fine line keeping both arm pieces together, covering her to the very end of her fingers. At the bottom of the hard plastic bag was a plastron, a hard and flexible chest plate, a pair of gloves, boots and an helmet. The helmet was nothing but elegant and it reminded the woman she saw it before. She remembered seeing it being wearied by woman of the lower levels of the city. She used to consider buying one, as they were quite fashionable, though it was automatically linked to poverty by the general public since it was only found on people living on the lowest levels. Not wanting to be seen as poor, she never actually went further in her little temptation, though it was about to change today.

Naked, facing the bag and its content, Miora hesitated. She could guess what was going to happen. She would be sent down below to live with the homeless and the poor, or worst. She would probably be left on her own, with nothing and no means to contact anyone to help her. She just realized, she knew not who those men were. She knew not their names and, for once in the last hour or so, her home felt empty. Was her judgment coming back? Her thoughts seemed to be hers again and just as she was about to question the man as to why, why was she doing this, why were they doing this, why was her home so empty, the shortest of the trio yelled at her.

’’Come on! Get dressed, we don’t have all night.’’

This time, it was different. She knew. She knew she shouldn’t obey. Miora knew what to do, revoke it, go against it. It made her feel even worst when her body started moving on its own, regardless.

’’Looks like you’re regaining consciousness, be quick and put on the helmet. We don’t need you to start thinking.’’ Said the tall man as he walked to the front door, opening it in a ‘woosh’. His colleagues jumped in the van and took off immediately, while he stayed behind, thinking how much he could resale the blue sporty hover car. Behind him, the woman started getting dressed. Her skin touched the cold fabric and she shivered without slowing down. Moments later, her soft pale skin was completely covered up by an attractive, black suit. Only the helmet remained to be put on. Miora picked it up from the ground and looked at it. She knew not what it was for. A symbol of poverty? It had to be more than that. Was the air down below toxic? She eventually pulled her eyes away from the glass in her hands and looked around. This was her home, where she lived. She had good and bad memories of this place and she wished not to leave. She thought of her sister, who she left up at the bar. She was feeling guilty for doing so had had regrets. She regretted helping those evil doers, letting them take advantage of her. In an ultimate effort, she managed to speak up.

’’Why?’’ She simply asked, gathering all of her inner strength.

’’What do you mean, why? Really? So soon? You’re full of surprises… mmh.. Well, do it because it’ll please me.’’

She asked again, afraid looking at him might throw her back in trance or whatever she was fighting against.

’’Put the helmet on and I’ll be happy’’
He said.

He still hadn’t respond to her, but his words touched her still drugged self. ''I’ll be happy’’ He just said. She kept thinking those words over and over again. She bowed down. Her hands, with a mind of their own, raised the glass bubble over and, with a tear running down her cheek, she placed it over her. A locking sound was heard and the respiratory system kicked in. A familiar dust first filled the headgear before clearing of. A distinct smell of flower automatically followed. There was no doubt of the entire attire’s functions now and just like that, she had no doubts. All her problems drifted away. Gone and for good this time. The next minute, she was well seated, in her car, on the passenger side as they were flying. Elevating down was more like it, as the hovering blue car was going down for only direction. As they were approaching the ground, the light of the higher city soon began to dim away, before they completely vanished into darkness. The sportster eventually slowed down and stopped, six stories from the very ground. A garage door was open and a well-known van was inside. There was barely enough space to fit the woman’s car, but even if it was to be scratched, no one would care. No one. Not even the woman sitting on the right side who used to spend most of her Sundays cleaning and waxing it.

As they exited the vehicle, a man dressed in black fashion, topped with a blue scarf and a golden cane.

’’Gorgeous gorgeous car. Love the color. I think I’ll keep this one. And the girl is pretty too. Oh, speaking of which, welcome home dear. Get your lovely body inside, there’s people waiting for you.’’


It’s crazy what a bit of knowledge can do to you. Here is the scary part, a drug like this already exist. It’s no fiction, but I figured it is so unreal, I could do something with it. I have to say, I love how my writing flows this time, but I’m not enjoying the subject as much. Probably because it’s a thing that.. sadly, happens. Of course, no such suits exist, but the whole ‘drugged and help the bad people’ thing does. By the way, would you like to know more? Follow this link.

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