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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:02 pm

Why would they buy something so sexy for medics? Asks a young woman facing a white and red exo suit. Its curves were soft its finish was glossy, shiny even. The product was standing on the ground, arms open as well as the chest and helmet exposing the red, molded insides. The suit's feet were molded heels and the overall shape looked very feminine, appealing even.

Oh i don't know.. I don't bother with the whys to be honest. Hey, do you want to try it on? Asked an older man. He wasn't visibly older, but only had a year or two over the woman. He was dressed in a black suit with a white tie and seemed rather happy and relaxed.

Are you kidding? Of course i want to! Added the woman, excited while eyeing the suit up and down some more before she was helped inside of it. The woman had removed her socks, all of her accessories such as watch, braces and so on before entering the device. She was quite literally wearing nothing more then a shirt and her underwear as no metals were allowed in the exo skeleton and her pants had a zipper.

Once she stepped in, the woman noticed the technological device was smaller then she first realized and was a pretty tight fit on her body. She had a ray pressed between her butt cheeks and the chest plate was lowered against her breasts. While the arms and legs were slightly loose, the hands and feet suited her like gloves. The helmet strapped her head rather tightly, not allowing any free movement inside.

After all the panels were closed, a screen turned on before the woman's blue eyes, displaying what the single eye'd android was facing in high definition.

Oh wow! This is so amazing! It feels just like Iron Man! she exclaimed, looking at herself using the built-in camera to see outside the enclosed and sealed helmet.

Ah yeah. I can't deny the resemblance. So.. Can you see? Is everything alright? asked the red haired man, seeing how the suit had began moving.

Its.. Really tight in here. Whoever its for, i hope they're smaller then me, but everything else is a-ok. Replied the woman through the communication devices.

That's normal, the inside was built to be really tight in the first place. It stretches for bigger bodies. He said out loud before adding to himself ...but you really fill that back end i bet.

Oh really? How does it stretch? She asked only now starting to walk.

The suit's high-heels feet forced the woman inside to stand on her toes much like normal heels with one major advantage. The exo skeleton had many devices and systems to keep it on balance, which meant walking with such heels were as easy as walking barefoot on a flat surface.

Don't worry about the hows, just enjoy it for now. added the man, a smirk on his face as he began walking in circles around the woman. He kept checking her, up and down, making sure everything was perfect while she was moving. He then gave her a glass bottle and watched as she took it in her shiny white hand without shattering the fragile bottle.

You're right. Never mind that. This is so cool! she added as she became used to it.

The suit was not the first of its kind. There had been many over the years and they had always been improving. The particularity with this one was that anyone could print it, plus it was lighter then most. It held a red cross only to show a design as it held no true purposes yet. This was but a base model, yet an expensive one, with a neat paint finish to sell better. In the very short list of minor improvements was the camera and screen in the helmet, reaching the peek of technological enhancement. Its quality was remarkable.

It had all been built and designed by the young suited man, claiming it was the first exo suit people could by. Previous entries were so expensive only corporations could afford them, but this one's price tag was, while still being very high, affordable.

A few minutes had passed where the woman had walked around the man's atelier, looking around and grabbing a few things. She was enjoying herself and even if the suit was tight on her, she was getting comfortable, but she had to go. The woman stopped walking and turned around, she then looked at the man and asked him how could she get out. The man smiled and nodded.

Oh that's easy. Let me get behind you. He replied casually before disappearing from her sight. A mere second later, the woman gasped for air as she felt an intense pain in her back, four needles now planting through her skin and running short tubes into her body. Panicked, she turned around and yelled;

Ow! What the hell is that? There's something hurting my back!

The man stepped back and held his hands ahead of him. He looked panicked at first then chuckled.

Okay okay. I can't keep this act anymore its so funny. What you're feeling is needles injecting a little something in your body. It comes from the four obvious cylinders on your back. They will constantly supply you with a dose of everything you need to stay alive, plus a healthy dose of submission.

Of what? Submission? To what? Why? Look.. This hurts, get it off of me i have to go, you'll explain all later okay?

Oh but you're not going anywhere. You're mine now. You do as i say. The pain will go away soon enough. I'm just going to cut your voice for some time if you don't mind. Oh, in case you haven't figured it out yet, this is your permanent new body. Don't follow my order and you will die.

The woman, not believing the man, stepped forward in a menacing pose before her knees felt to the ground. She was unable to control herself at that point and all she could do was listen while feeling a little.. Foggy.

Every time you try anything against me, the suit will kneel down automatically and spread a dose of.. Well. Lets call it Loyalty. Now get back up and follow me. I want people to see my product.


Ah. Thank you dear. Mister Herve, i have to say, this drone of yours.. It reads my thoughts, i swear. Bringing my cocktail before i asked for it, what sort of programing did you use?

While a tall man in a black suit spoke, a red and white android was walking around a big crowded room, serving people drinks. Though, inside the android was a woman locked within, unable to move on her own. Her thoughts were suppressed but an intense lustful need as the two phallic object inside her were vibrating. She moaned every now and then, gasped for air and hated herself for enjoying the treatment, all happening before everyone eye's yet nobody could see it.

Oh, its nothing special Mister James. After all, when i am done with the programing, it should act on its own, yet follow orders like a pet. The perfect tool for doctors and medics.. But until then, it serves me. It serves me well, doesn't it?


Its been a few days since she had began serving her self proclaimed Master. Since then, the woman had tried many ways to free herself, run away and tell people about her situation. Each time, she knelt down and felt a tingling sensation throughout her body. Each time, her will to break free diminished. The last attempt, once she was on her knees, the Master walked to her and sat before her.

You don't seem to understand where your place is at. I thought i was very clear.. Maybe all you need is something to occupy that mind of yours. I'll give you a present. I think you'll enjoy it. I'll only take it back if you tell me you don't want it.. That is... When you earned me to let you speak.

That was right, she could scream as loud as possible, nobody could hear her. The suit was soundproof, which had proven to be such a challenge when she tried to tell people about her situation. Each times, the men and women she tried to talk to brushed it off and told her Master about a glitch with his prized drone, which he replied with a... Reboot, forcing it on its knees.

Though this time, things would be different. Way different. While she was laying in a submissive pose, the woman could feel the usual "loyalty" dose rushing into her, but also felt the tip of two phallic objects pressing against her bottom. A minute later, both penetrated her and had began vibrating. The woman's mind was already breaking up bits by bits thanks to the serum injected to her. She had evolved from fiercely demanding to live her life to thinking she could never get free in a matter of days, but the new function her suit held had changed the game completely.

First, she slowly crumbled on the floor, rolling herself up in fetus position and laid there for a very long time. She tried all her might to resist the burning sensations at her bottom, but as time passed, her resistance failed. From hating the Master for this, to enjoying it, to finally craving it, the toys had done there work. They had changed her, broke her spirit.

The man eventually came back, seeing his personal "drone" still on the floor moving slowly as it enjoyed its ... upgrade.

I see you can't move on your own. Mmh. I might need to let the suit control itself for tonight while you... enjoy the ride. Unless you want me to stop this. Do you want me to remove your new tools? He asked while leaning down towards her. I'll take your silence as a no. Very well then.

The suit got up by herself, which forced the woman inside to move against her will. While standing, she could feel the phallic objects being pushed deeper into her anatomy, filling her a bit more. Tongue out and gasping for air, from the outside, everything looked normal and the bot began walking, following its Master. Each step, each movement making the woman incredibly horny. This was going to be a long evening, but she was already enjoying it.

´╗┐The hours passed, slowly. The bot served many guests, one after the other. It was the night's entertainment, after all. Men and women gathered around to analyze it and its forms a few times. Everyone was talking about the drone, how useful it was and its appealing design. But as time passed, hours after hours, so did the orgasms inside the white and red servant. The vibrating toys had ran the woman on the edge of climax and pushed her over it more then once, each time leaving her craving the next one even more as she was panting and even drooling.

Eventually, in the middle of the night, guests began leaving and the android was seen at the door, greeting them silently before they exited. Once the last guest had left, the bot closed the door and walked back to its Master before standing still, perfectly straight. The woman inside was about to climax once again, but, as she was awaiting the perfect sensation, everything stopped, leaving her in need.

The Master approached, a glass of whiskey in his right hand and a remote in the left. As he walked towards her, the woman noticed her insides were still tingling, regardless of the lack of vibration by the two toys pressed against her inner walls. The toys had did there job better then expected and left the woman with a permanent tingling sensation, which would always drive her nuts, drive her on the edge of climax but would not be enough for her to let it go, to release herself.

I'm allowing you to speak from now on. You are to address me as Master. Break any rules, any given order and you will be punished severely. Be good and i may grant you some sexual relief.

As he spoke, a cleverly hidden panel slide open, exposing two rubbery cavities waiting to be filled. Both toys inside the woman were actually made to allow other something else to penetrate them. From anyone's eye, all was leading to assume this was but a simple sexbot, its soul purpose to be filled over and over without thoughts or will, while it held a woman craving to be filled. Craving to climax one more time, over and over again.

You are not to fail me. I will take good care of you and you will do as i say. Never let anyone know who and what you are. Now tell me, what are you and what is your purpose?

The man emptied his glass of alcohol as he waited for answer. The woman, still standing in a perfectly straight pose, had listened to her Master with much care, but her thoughts were only for her holes in need to be filled. Her mind was set, her thoughts were vague. She was now willing to do everything she could to obtain a sweet relief. She could only dream to obtain it from her Master himself.

I am Master's drone. I exist only to serve his desires. What can i do for you, Master? She replied, in full control of her body yet keeping her pose like the obedient bot she had become.

Splendid. Now, this is unusual, but you have done such progress since your... activation, i will allow you some relief. Don't take it as granted.

Both toys resumed vibrating, leading the woman to gasp for air once again as she could finally climax, her tongue sliding out of her mouth. Her holes were drooling once more as she thanked her Master for his generosity. According to his order, to woman spoke without any vibration in her voice, completely hiding the orgasms she was having.

Good girl. He replied, leaving her to stand, alone in the room as she was reaching an other climax. The man closed the lights, his day was done, his drone was ready, the programing was a success. Tomorrow, she would serve him well, on her own will and maybe, just maybe, he would use her himself.

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