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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:16 pm

Life is what you took.. life is what you had to give.

A young woman, a teenager to be precise, was crouched over the dead body of a man. Her clothes were drenched in his blood and her weapon was completely painted in red. The heavy chainsaw was planted into the hard stones forming the street. The liquid was filling every cracks with gore while the mercenary began her escape through the night. Next morning, people would know she had strike back. Next morning it would be too late.

Running as fast as she could, the brown haired woman began panting. Her physic was well, her stamina was astonishing, but her weapon was so heavy, nearly too heavy. She knew using it brought attention to the scene. If there was any guards around, they had heard the engine revolutionizing up. They certainly heard the screams as well. Quick, she had to hide and hide she did.

Zele was young. Nineteen of age to be precise, though she was talented. The young woman with cat ears was born in an eastern village, far from the capital where hunting was the only was of survival. She was short and weak but extremely fast and agile. Hunting monsters and creatures quickly turned into a hobby, then a passion.

A certain day, the village's chief found an artifact, a weapon of old age. Not a single man could lift it. From the strongest hunter to the simple seller, no one in the village could get it to work and only a handful could lift it for a very short period of time. The strange little girl gave it a shot, seeing the weapon as the most beautiful thing her eyes led upon.

To everyone's surprise, the 16 years old girl that she was at the time, lifted the massive object with relative ease and even managed to turn it on. It was beautiful, it was heavy, it was big and it was loud. The engine roared, tearing the silence of the night apart, echoing too the distant mountains. From that moment, she knew, it was meant for her. Zele smiled. A thing which ever so rarely happened before. She smiled, the weapon in hand, shaking from every inch and pieces like a death canon about to explode.

Barely a month later, the teenager vanished. She had made her way to the capital and began her life as a mercenary. She never loved the corrupted city, and making profits while bringing justice to it seemed the best of options. She began with easy, quick contracts and moved her way up the killing list to higher, harder targets.. like tonight.

The murderer rapidly found an alley, ducted into it and entered a house. From there, she was safe. From there she could relax. No one would bother checking inside houses yet. She had time. Time to figure a plan for her next target. Her job was done well. She found her target by a fountain and decided to risk it all. She rushed forward and teared him to pieces before running away. It happened so fast, even she was surprised. Just as she thought she could relax, Zele heard footsteps, outside.

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