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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:31 pm

How nice of you to provide me with your flesh! It's a pity there isn't more foolish humans to fill my hunger.


An abandoned and long time forgotten castle was found in Transylvania. It is believed to have been built near the top of a mountain, but a slide must have occurred, forcing the once majestic structure to fall at the bottom of a rocky plain. Rumors were told it was held by a certain count Dracula, though it had nothing to do with the vampiric horror stories of old ages. Sir Edward Evidson Dracula was a rich doctor in the late 1730's who disappeared while on a trip to a patient. Historically, the doctor's faith was sealed long before the castle was built, its construction beginning in the early 1800's, ruling the rumors for any who made the researches.

Information concerning the establishment were scarce, to say the least. It was built by a rich man, had only one owner and suddenly faced a brutal ending on a stormy cold night of December. Because so few knew of the castle existence, even fewer noticed its disappearance until centuries later when archeologist searching the area for a monument to Arkmur found a suspicious pile of gravels over the footing of the broken statue. Following the bricks and stones, a collapsed tower was quickly found and deeper researches were launched. Weeks later, miles further down the abrupt hill, the rests of the medieval chef d'oeuvre were found.

No sooner then the same week, an expedition team was formed to enter the delicate remains to vestige the remnants of the past with care. The rooms were obviously ancient, large with well noticeable arcs dividing each of them. The ceiling was very high and a plethora of hanging cellars were still fixed in place, candlesticks still burning.

Of course, this mystery send chills down some spines and raised questions for the others but all of them kept pressing forward. A large ballroom was the first recognizable part of the remains, though half of it collapsed on itself. A thick layer of dust surrounded the cold stone floor and the air was just as thick with fog. The luxurious space ended with a double staircase, leading to what was next discovered as the dining room. Three sets of never-ending long tables were filling up the massive area followed by endless broken chairs and two, mysterious and intriguing thrones.

The researches continued for hours, the archeologists and historicist all eager to find more and more about the astonishing castle. Near the end of the day, at the top of the main construct, the Master bedroom was found. Carpets and hanging scrolls filled the walls and floor with nothing else but an immense fireplace and a white stone coffin.

One most eager man approached the large item and slide his hands across the partially open lid. A quick glare underneath revealed something was inside and, curiosity could not hold the others to follow and push open the coffin. A deafening flat sbam echoed through the entire mansion when the three inches thick centuries old lid hit the floor. The loud noise was second in surprise to only the most exciting discovery mankind ever made.

She was so pretty, exquisite. So well preserved it felt as if she was still alive and sleeping. Her skin was pale and so was her hair. Long and white, but rich and soft. Her body was sensual in everyway, her curves were right, balanced, even, soft. She must have been no older then thirty and her last night alive must have been very very exciting.

Dressed in nothing but lingerie from centuries ago, only accenting her curves even more. Her breasts were partially covered with the thin, soft fabric and so was the rest of her chest. Only a skinny pair of underwear covered her womanhood and a set of boofing garment covered her waist and back end. Her long smooth legs were hidden under same tissue as her top and long, skinny heels covered her feet.

Oh how sensual she was. Oh how well preserved she was. Oh how tempting she was. Oh how mysterious... She would have been perfect, a goddess of beauty, but mysterious horns were noticed, atop her head and under one of the pillows. What was first believed to be a sort of lizard skin blanket revealed itself to be of far darker nature. Wings. Red and black demonic wings seemingly as old as time itself and, just as the men began discussing the meaning of all this, a hand slipped out of the white stone resting furniture. Instantly followed by a head with an open mouth and two sharp fangs.

A scream was heard, soon muffled by death and flapping wings as the utterly beautiful woman rose from her sleep and stepped from her bed . Every other individuals watched in fear, unable to run away while their friend and college was quickly being drained of his blood, his skin turning grey and his eyes fading away.

How nice of you to provide me with your flesh! It's a pity there isn't more foolish humans to fill my hunger. She first said. The looks on your faces. I suppose you were expecting an elderly man. Fear not, my father awakes from his slumber soon, he too will feast on you!


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