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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:42 pm

Day 1

First audio report. Survived launch, that's good! And here is the beginning of a new adventure. We are off to Zele-3. The trip should be a year long. Its currently five after noon and i am feeling well. I can't wait to set foot on Zele and the trip just started... then again, i have been preparing for months. Well i was told to keep the records short, so that's it for now.

Day 2

Oh boy, i'm so thrill i didn't sleep last night. Everything is fine though. Nothing much to report.


Day 7

Already a week spent floating in the black abyss. I find it relaxing. I much enjoy the shuffle over the over populated cities. Food is good. As well as printed food can be. I downloaded some 50's rock before exiting the Earth's satelite's reach. Dancing and singing my time off.

Day 14

Second week already. Time passes so fast. Getting a little tired of the printed food, but it could be worst. Plenty of energy for the travels. I got bored of music already, i should have downloaded more.

Day 31

Found out i wasn't using the full potential of the food distributor. Plenty of food now, i ate pancakes this morning, so much better then damn eggs. I heard some noises earlier, i have no idea what it could be but it didn't seem menacing.

Day 35

Went outside today. Nothing to mention about shuffle's integrity. Starting to feel alone a bit though. I been playing footage of.. Well, everything i could find. Someone should have put a popcorn option in that thing..

Day 56

The reactors stalled. They cough smoke for a while. A debris found its way into the injectors' pump somehow. I'm working on fixing this as quickly as i can, i'm still on track, but i rather not take any chances.

Day 58

I finally fixed the pump. My trajectory changed from 0.16 to 0.15 988. The auto-pilot can fix this though, nothing to worry about. The suit is starting to itch.

Day 62

I'm ill. Is it possible to catch a cold in space? I'll run out of tissues soon enough..

Day 67

This suit is driving me nuts. Its so itchy. I'm not ill anymore. It wasn't a cold, i never cough, nor did my eyes burned or anything. Listening to music again, it kills time.

Day 86

Propulsors stopped working. Working on it.

Day 87

Found some kind of goo inside the chambers. White, thick but not sticky. I saved a sample in a bottle and left it on the counter. Everything is running fine now.

Day 89

Got pissed and cut the suit. Its looking much better now, and the itchings are gone.

Day 100

Woohoo! 100th day! Nothing to celebrate though. No one to celebrate with. I been analysing the goo from time to time. It doesn't look like anything i've seen before. It's like... molasse but..different. It smells surprisingly good.

Day 101

How to be in space 101.. Almost a funny joke there. Anyway, from what i can see, that goop is not poisonous. Is it safe to eat? Probably not, but for science i dipped the tip of my pinky in it. It tasted like.. Liquid cookie dough.. More or less.

Day 153

I lost the journal since last entry. I just now found it. I dropped the liquid on the floor and cleaned it up. Its now floating in space where it came from.. Trapped in some cloths. -

Day 163

I must be going insane, i could have swear i heard some voices earlier, but its dead silent here. Maybe i should watch some videos, movies and what not.

Day 179

Not feeling well

Day 184

Propulsion system has some failures again, i'm not feeling well. Stomachache, headaches.. I have ants in my legs.. I'm not going out to fix this in my state.

Day 189

Killing time by making a costume. Gathered gloves, boots, this and that to change my look.. Almost two hundred days with the same outfit is bothersome. I mean.. I wash it, but still. Still drifting in space. Still not feeling well.

Day 195

This might not be the right date. I slept for a really long time. I've lost power, the space craft is running on minimal capacity... My skin is pale. Must be the lack of sunshine.

Day 205

Woke up in pain. Still in pain. So much pain. My head, my back.. My skin is burning. I found some more of that goo laying around under the cabinet, i thought i cleaned it all but looks like i missed a spot. Don't want to clean it anymore.

Day 212

I swear i heard some voices. The same as last time this happened.. My skin is so pale.. I'm not in pain anymore. The voices eases the pain i think. I can't understand them.. But they speak to me.

Day 231

I looked in the mirror. Something is happening to me. My face changed. My skin changed. My eyes are turning black. The voices are getting louder, but they're calming. Still don't understand them. Will listen to music to chase them away.

Day 233

They're telling me not to worry. Everything is fine. Everything is well. My eyes turned black. My vision changed. I'm seeing in... Horror vision. I'm colorblind. Everything is black, grey and white. There are no shades. Its horrifying.

Day 256

The voices helped me through. My new vision isn't so bad. Its some weird.. Really weird high definition. Its easier to distinct objects. I'm feeling good now. Really good. My suit will need some more modifications.. I don't like it anymore.

Day 289

Entered the Kosy system. Zele is close.. Kinda. I drank whatever was left of that liquid. The voices told me it was safe.

Day 290

I just realised i been drifting for a while now without engines and i still made it to the right system.. Odd. Also, my body is heavy. Really heavy. I'm tired too.

Day X

I am not controlling my body. It moves on its own. I must have been sleeping for a long time because the shuffle landed on Zele.

Day X2

Good thing those reports are audio recordings.. I got up against my will, my head is foggy and my body doesn't response.

Day X3

I let some kind of insect crawl inside me. I can feel it, still alive. It doesn't feel bad. I don't know what is happening. I can't focus on anything anymore.

New beginning

I am in control of my body again. More of those insects approached me. I could have done something against them, but i let them enter the shuffle. They sleep with me now. I'm working on fixing the engines. I can't stay on Zele any longer. I don't know why but i can't.


I can feel stuff inside of me from time to time. I know its that insect.. But what is it doing? I surprisingly don't care.


I can communicate with the insects. They're not insects. They're my people. They need me and i need them. Now i understand. I'm one of them. The one who slid inside of me.. That's me now. I am it. I'm feeling some.. soft spikes forming on my back. Its relaxing to know i won't be traveling alone.


I forgot to mention, the shuffle is fixed. I'm on my way back to Earth. We need to expand. We need to evolve. I don't want to evolve beyond this point. This body suits me well. I can do so many things with it. Its so warm and.. Fun.


My brothers and sisters made cocoons for the trip. I'm alone again for the journey.


I can see Earth! Finally! Time to spread the joy!


We. Fucking. Crashed. In the ocean. They all died. Died in the cold water. I'm waiting for rescues to get me. I guess i'll have to do all the work myself.


That's all there is to it Sir. That's all we have about Jemesie.

Where is she now?

We're holding here in a dark cell. She craves the dark Sir. We are keeping an eye on her as well, she killed three of our men and quite a few civilians.

Any researches being done?

We have someone on his way to examine her, Sir.

Good. We need to know what she is. If there is a way to turn her back to normal.


Sir, there is no turning back from that. Her blood is black and thick, her skin is three times ticker then it should, her eyes are closer to an animal.. Her dna is like nothing we've seen before. Her bod

Enough. Put her down. That's enough.

But Sir, we could.. Rehabilitate her.

You'll die trying doctor. Suit yourself. You have a week.


Shit! Where is she? How did this happened? Who was in charge?

The woman was already far gone. Far from trouble. Slipping back into society leaving behind her a trail of blood. Blood of whoever tried to stop her.

Sorry, but i got things to do. She said with a voice resembling a woman yet sounding... Odd. Off. High even.. Like an insect would? Oh boy.

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