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Post by Z!FF on Sun Dec 18, 2016 10:04 pm

I dreamed once. It's such a long time ago, i can barely remember anything. Back then, i remember, i was afraid. I can't quite tell what i was afraid of, but it scared me. It scarred me. That dream, it happened not. Not as you'd expect it to. Not as i expected it to. I dreamed, of life. Everything was a blur and i wasn't able to focus on anything in particular. Voices. I remember voices. Children playing, laughing. They seemed to be having a good time but i couldn't see it. The shadows standing before my eyes looked nothing like children. Tall, skinny and frightening, no, nothing like children.

Eventually, i suppose, the voices, the sounds stopped. I didn't realised it at first. I'm not quite sure how long it took me to realise it either. Everything was still a blur, but a silent one.

Once i woke up, in my bed wrapedin my lovely warm blankets, i looked around, searching for the children. There wasn't any, all i could see were the last two walls still forming what once was my bedroom. The manoir had fallen, i knew that much. A victim of war i could guess. There i was, alone, laying in bed with no roof upon my head, half of my room rotten out, the other fallen down. I was just happy partsof it were still there. It seemed no one was coming, nobody was searching, so i stayed there.

I remained in bed, watching time fly by, season after season. The walls crumbled down, what was left of the manoir soon disapeared, my bed collapsed and rot away. Plants took over, everything. Yet there i was, on my back, looking around. Where were those children? Then it hit me; i hate, children. I dislike kids. I vow my existance to pure hate and anger towards those childs. All childs. Everyone! But what was the point? After a few decades, i was still there, alone and cold. What little i had, i lost it with rage, so what was it good for?

A long time ago, i remembered something. Something i had lost. Truly, if we ever lose something, it's because it wasn't meant for us.

One day, i was on still on my back, under my blankets. My feet were cold, so i curled in a ball, that's when i heard the children again.

A long time ago,i remember i lived.


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