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Post by Z!FF on Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:02 am

It might only have been luck,or sheer instinct, but moments before the ship's detonation, a grey-ish amphibious alien seek shelter in what soon turned out to be an improvised escape pod. Indeed, the primitive female, fearing the worst would come, sheltered herself in what appeared to be a small but safe cavern. As underdeveloped as the Av'duvian race was compared to all others aboard the spacecraft​, they managed to have a good understanding of their surroundings, even though everything was absurdly strange to them. A certain individual of this primal specie listened to her instincts and, as you now know, hid in a large, dense box. 

It proved itself to be quite the rewarding choice as moments later, a detonation occured and aside from those who left in an actual pod, perished. Due to the explosion's blast and quite a bit of luck, the Av'duvia's box managed to propulsed towards the Earth and in even greater luck, she found herself to crash into water. Unconscious, the female sank at the bottom of what could only be described to her as a puddle,while she truly was at the bottom of the sea. Once the primitive regain consciousness, she began working on freeing herself from the heavily damaged cargo holder. The lacerating claws and brutal strength made short work of the opening and, for a time, Avidah the Av'duvia swam, curious of this new type of water and its ecosystem. 

For the creature originating from a planet the size of Jupiter, with a gravity 30+ times stronger than of Earth, waters much less viscous than the thick "syrup" she had always known and love, the female primitive found this new planet to be very, very easy to move on. Her strength and speed, be it average on her homeworld, felt astonishing wherever she currently was. Speaking of clear water, Earth's was so easy to take in, the creature sea creature nearly drown of excitement on multiple occasions. 

On the surface, many aliens had encountered human life and vise versa, but this was all about to be a first for the blueish creature as she surfaced for the first time since her impromptu​ arrival. Though primal, Avidah's forst though of the planet's atmosphere were directed towards its clear visibility, remarquable as her home grounds held thick, constant fog, making it hard to see past 150 feet. 

Curious, excited and frightened, the alien swam to the nearby shores, unsure what to expect and unaware she was not the only "intelligent" though archaic life form on this newly discovered planet. She ventured on the beach for quite a while, being as it was what resembled home the most. Banks of sand for miles on end, though this sand was not red and was rather warm, hot even in some areas. Venturing a little further and Avidah had found civilization, though her undeveloped brain only saw it as an interesting mystery. A abandoned shack, standing weakly and waiting for her to enter and explore, cautionously, of course.

Oh, wait, are you saying you wish to know what happened to the ship? That the story is going too fast without answering too many questions? Alright, alright, time for some explanations.

While Earth and its populations may be advanced in the early 21st century, other races and species from other planets are far more advanced. On a distant planet, in a far away galaxy, many decades ago, a specie was bound to extinction by their system's star dying. Knowing their doom was soon to come, the beings gather themselves and pushed through their own technological advancements. Until then, space traveling was current and mondaine, but it wasn't developped enough to leave the 6 planet system. Seeing as time was working against them, the entirety of the race worked day and night to save themselves and, in the nick of time, managed to do so. 

At first, three ships were planned. Big enough to hold their numbers and fast enough to travel long distances in mere seconds, the people of the other system then decided to build a megaship. One gargantuesque behemoth of a ship, the size of some asteroids, to hold their people and all their most precious goods. Finally, when the construction was over, the people departed and, oddly enough, remarked the closest system to theirs was suffering the same fate. Searching the planets allowed them to find some other intelligent life forms and deciding it would be cruel to leave them to die, they embarqued them after gathering resources. 

Time flew and more individuals joined in on the spacetravels. Eventually, the first ship was no long large enough to support all its habitants and a second one was made. Both traveled alongside the other until the first was destroyed. A tragic accident, really, when a comet hit them from behind, critically damaging the propulsors and creating a massive fireless detonation. It was later found, the comet was actually a piece of gear..a made object. Upon further investigation, the source of its origin was found and a new course was set. 

The story repeated itself for the aliens when they approached Earth, unaware of all its satelites and wreckages orbiting the blue ball and when one of the junks hit the ship, its occupants were forced to leave to the closest area available, Earth. 

The rest... Well you know it. As for what is next to come, nobody knows for certain, we'll just have to wait to see.

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