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Post by Z!FF on Sat Jan 28, 2017 7:30 am

She sits on a steel chair in a small, cramped and dark room. The air is cold, though it doesn’t affect her in any way. Out of all four neon lights build into the ceiling in various shapes, only one is working. Before her stands a desk, or rather, a table with added side walls. She is alone and bored, arms crossed, her back pressing against the back of the furniture. There is another chair on the other side of the counter, vacant. Those three items aside, the room is empty. White walls surround the  by 7 room as well as a dark grey wooden-like floor.
The door of the interrogation room swings open and an agent hurries in, closing the only entrance rapidly behind him. His scruffy beard hides most of his face, but his eyes give an impression of seriousness. What his look gives in, his apparel takes from his professionalism. Track jacket and running pants as well as the faint smell of sweat gives in on his past hour until he was called upon in extremis. A healthy man it would seems. Brown eyes fires down the person waiting sit, only receiving a mild ‘’What?’’ as response.
‘’You and I both know I could sit down, ask you where you were, what you were doing and why. Of course you could reply to me honestly, but you could also lie and I would have no way to tell. I’d have to believe you until proven otherwise and base my actions of what you’d tell me. Luckily for us both, this is twenty-one fifty-seven and I have access to better ways to do this.’’
His voice is loud, and tone deep. Under other circumstances it would be easy to enjoy a conversation with this man but at the moment, neither of them are enjoying it. She sights and crosses a leg over another, waiting for him to continue his thoughts. He sights as well, finally taking his striking eyes away from her to face his hands, both on the table. She looks at him in wonders, she always was curious. Humans, so interesting. It takes a few seconds of silence,  good opportunity he takes to get rid of his vest, revealing a white t-shirt. Done, he next sits before her and rubs his chin, a faint smile hidden under his facial hair.
‘’Personally,’’ He continues ‘’I prefer asking questions and getting answers. I’m old fashion I guess we could say, but nothing is stopping me from downloading your memories of the seventeenth and watching it all. I’d get all the answers I want and more, but watching twenty four hours of video is not exactly what I plan for the rest of my day, as you can see.’’
She uncrosses her legs and arms, leaning forward, closer to him. She is calm and remains composed, all four of her yellow eyes fixed on him since he first came in. She taps the aluminum tale with the tip of her claw, waiting for the rest of it, knowing all too well what he was going to say. So predictable, so cliché, yet enjoyable.
‘’So what will it be, machine?’’ He asks, crossing his arms and laying in his chair.
‘’I have a name and I ask that you use it, human.’’ She retorts.
‘’Olaro. Yours?’’ He answers quickly.
‘’Aza. To reply to your previous question, I have no interest in lying. I’m sure you’ve only explained all of this for the reader, as we both knew this. Still, if you seek answers, I will provide them… if you ask to right questions.’’
Pleased of her behavior, he reaches to a pocket inside his running pants and pulls out a glowing pad. He eyes the thing for a second and leaves it on the desk, between both of them. Curious, she looks at it, her head tilted a few degrees to her left. Seeing her reaction he smiles, thinking he wish he could own such a thing himself, an android but more specifically, that model. He would have someone waiting for him at home, someone to spend time with on his days off, someone to take care of things while he would be at work… the blue glowing pad unfolds itself on the table morphing into a small pyramid, the upper section floating and slowly flashing white.
‘’I bet you did not know about this little thing. They’re kept in secrecy while undergoing tests. If I’m telling you this, It’s with hope you will keep this to yourself.’’ He explains, reaching out for the device. He presses the tip of the pyramid and it stops flashing. Suddenly, no light is coming out and he begins.
‘’May second, twenty-one fifty-seven, time three O’ two. I am an android named Aza-‘’
‘’Anidroid’’ She cuts to specify.
‘’S-sure. State your numbers and answer my questions please. According to our information, you a cat looking synth, happen to have seen Endrié Onnes being murdered on the twenty-eighth of last month. Can you tell me more about this?’’
‘’You are correct, I saw a man die before my optics that day, at precisely one in the morning. I was doing errands for my owner when I saw a shady figure approaching a young man near an alleyway.’’
‘’Where were you and what did you see exactly?’’ Asks the man, stretching his back waiting for her answer.
She replies to him, in good and co-operative pet that she is. This continues on for an hour and although the name of the man is still unknown, a very detailed image of the suspect is resolued by the small device, according to her description. She remains surprised of the object’s capacities until the end of the questionnaire. Once all is over and the object returns to its previous form, one of a glowing note block, she asks him why he used the device in the first place. Clearly this was not something someone of the ‘’old school’’ would use. The most logical reason would be to test the machine against another machine, but just to be sure, she asks anyway.  He answers honestly, explaining its normal use will be with humans, whom memory isn’t as impressive as machines. It will make portraits according to their description, of course, but also deduce the missing information in order to give images as clear as possible.
Aza nods in agreement, understanding completely. She is thanked for her time and leaves, unaware she had been played and the events soon to come. Sadly for her, she would never realize any of it either. Not even fifty feet away from the building she just left, the three weeks old synthetic stops walking. She pauses, posing dead in her tracks, wondering where she was going. Her home is behind her, yet she left without purpose, could she have forgotten the reason of her action? The seller inside, Olaro, may want to check on her.
Meanwhile, inside, that very same man is already searching for a buyer for the synthetic. Of course, if he can’t find any, he’d have to keep her for himself, what a shame. Who would have thought, this type of machine, though brand new on the market, comes with an age old problem; insufficient malware protection and inexistent wireless malware detection, making them all too easy to format… with some changed details of course and a new price tag.

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