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Aza, Truth unravels Empty Aza, Truth unravels

Post by Z!FF on Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:25 pm

How does one make the most efficient, self-learning and diverse artificial intelligence at the lowest cost on the market? Simply put, one doesn't. The secret of the well beloved Anidroid's "personality chips" is a frightening one to say the least. An extremist's solution to a worldwide problem we all face. A way, for a man, to get rid of his competitors in the most profitable way mankind has ever seen.

The Earth is in shambles and it has been for the past hundred years. As we all know, the human population on the planet has reached a dangerous level. We are too many, eating too much and taking too much space on our beloved planet. The world's gouvernements saw to the issue twenty years ago with the instalment of new laws aiming to penalized any parent. From raised taxes to some prohibited public services, many routes were taken to insure the masses would stop growing, or at least slow them down.

Despite the cost many would see as overwhelming, the child birth's rate barely slowed down. Yes, in this time of ours, it has never been harder for parents to educate their children and support them, but it clearly isn't enough to stop men and women from following their desires. In addition, death penalties were installed or stricken in many regions of the world, in hopes of having the same effect. However, accusing someone with death worthy charges is a costly process requiring a long of time. To put it short, it isn't profitable and we all know money runs the world. While many are left scratching their heads trying to figure out a solution to the matter, one man had a vision. One that would allow him to hold a steady flow of income while reducing the Earth's population by small groups.

Oiram Repus, CEO of Active Upgrade and former direction of Sparks Tech, was a young boy like every other. He was born and raised here, in Lamoisel and never stood out of the crowds. While he was relatively good at school and in sports, it wasn't before his twentieth birthday that he'd start making a name for himself when he introduced the world to his first creation, the first nanites. In no time flat, the man was hired by Jozoko and moved from his work in his backyard to his new functions as research manager for the company. From that point on, he would accumulate successes and victories with his ever surprising discoveries and creations until he could afford shares from Active Upgrade. The rest is history.

For years, Oiram's name was almost forgotten, no, replaced by his company's until recently, when the secret to his latest achievement was discovered by a young man fiddling in his android's files. Many wondered how AU pulled off the Anidroid's success. Affordable and surprisingly efficient, these low budget synthetics somehow could rival against some top of the line product's. Experts first declared Active Upgrade were selling at lost and while it may be true, it didn't stop the company from rising above its competition.

The secret formula lied within the "Personality Chips". Those translucent balls holding the synthetic's characters; their behavior. Never before could buyers change their android's AI so easily. What could take days of work and thousands of dollars could now be done in the simple snap of a ball inside the head of their machines. But how do these "chips" work? We have yet to find out but one thing is for certain, they aren't completely mechanical but instead, part human in nature.

Oiram's genius was only equal to his insanity when he put together this new device. Seeing to reduce mankind's number in the fast growing synthetic market, the man sought out to implement his victims in his machines and the results would surpass anything he could have hoped for. A lot remains unknown as the sole creator of the personality chips as yet to be found, but, according to the Anidroid's decrypted source code, the "personalities" are nothing more than memory wiped remains of humans who's whatever is left is controlled by the machine's processors. Is the machine driving the human within or is the human controlling the machine? Only one man knows the answer and he has yet to be found...

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