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Idea to reality. Empty Idea to reality.

Post by Z!FF on Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:21 pm

Sometimes, you struggle. Sometimes those struggles aren't even obvious.

For many years i struggled to make a character that would define me, what i enjoy and one that would thrive me without shame or regret. I didn't know what i wanted and i didn't what i didn't like about my other characters until i finally decided to take some time and think it through. It was a long process which took me longer than i thought. Eventually though, i came up with ideas, many ideas.

I made a list and i scratched down many of them. All those which i believed weren't 100% me. And this got down to a drawing.

For a time i was proud of it, happy with it, but it didn't take too long before i started noticing all the little details. Things that were bugging me, that were... Outdated or would quickly be outdated. Knowing what my talent allowed and forbidden me to draw, i got it commissioned, including everything i wanted to be changed.

But a two dimensional picture remains ... Inconsistent. It lacks detailing and while you can always draw it from multiple angles and points of views, it remains none the less inconsistent. So, with that in mind and in hope to have more precised drawings in the future, i went and got it commissioned in 3d.

But to have something in 3d in a 2d space is a thing. It still is an intangible thing which you cannot completely wrap your head around. Although it is definitely better, as everything fits in perfectly from all angles, it remains none the less just a thing behind a screen. Something that only comes to life when the light turns on. In order to break that mold, that ideology, what you truly need is to add an other sense than your sight, be it touch, smell or others.

And with this, the long waited vision i had came reality. It hit me with a bang and shattered the line between digital and real world. No longer a simple thought but an actual thing i can use, move and enjoy. One could only ask, where does it stops? What is too much? Where is too far? Frankly, i don't know. I only know i am still not fully satisfied. What will the next step be? I have some ideas, of course. Either a costume or a life size statue, maybe something else entirely.

Sometimes, when you believe you have something truly unique, something that is a part of you, you just want it to come to life. In my case, it could potentially happen. Robots are very real. If i have a chance to own a real Aza, i will. But until then, i'll be happy to make her live through my stories!

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